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Looking back at College Baseball Stirrups July 13 2017, 0 Comments

What are Old School Baseball Stirrups and Basketball Socks?

Old school basketball socks or baseball stirrups are uniform socks that were worn by players during a time when all the major league teams wore their pants around their ankles. This trend became extremely famous early on and by the start of the 1990's, almost every major league team was following this style.

Stirrups and basketball socks were an important part of the uniform and gave the players a very distinctive look. The stirrup socks became extremely popular and were customized according to the team’s needs and boasted their team logos and stripes. The Houston Astros had navy blue stirrups that had a white star on the sides. The Minnesota Twins wore stirrups that had navy blue stripes and a ‘TC’ sign that was on the side.  

How the Stirrups Were Worn  

The stirrups were worn on top of long socks that were known as sanitary socks. The socks were generally white in color because the dyes at that point were thought to cause health issues. In addition to this, it was a budget friendly method because the inners were less expensive and so could be changed more frequently. With time, the stirrup loop became longer and started exposing the undersock that created a really unique look.  

There was a change in the trend in the 1980s as the players started pulling their loops so high that only the loop and the white undersock were visible. In order to encourage uniformity, Leo Durocher, who was the manager of Chicago Cubs, used to carry a measure a measuring stick and encouraged the team members to have the same length of their stirrups and expose only a small part of the sanitary. The uniform codes by the Major League Baseball eventually made the players ignore the traditional look.

Changes in the Traditional Look  


According to the rules, the fact that some of the players were wearing the college baseball stirrups and other were not wearing it was a violation of the Rule 1.11(a)(1), according to which, “no player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.” Some of the teams continued the tradition, whereas others opted for the "2 in 1" combination sock that allowed them to wear knee high socks with knickers.  

Want to learn more about college baseball stirrups? If yes, please click here. 

Baseball Socks- A Brief Timeline June 19 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how teams got names like White Sox” and "Red Sox" if the socks aren’t even visible today? If you are a baseball fan you might have heard last year that the Major League Baseball has its own custom logo socks provider.  

Let’s have a look at the brief timeline of custom logo socks so that the next time you need to outfit your team with custom socks you will know how the socks have evolved over time: 

1840s and 1850s 

During this time the baseball teams used to wear long wool trousers that completely cover their socks.










The first knickers were introduced by the Cincinnati Club team that showed  the red socks of the players. It became so famous that the team changed their name to Cincinnati Red Stockings.



Late 1800s through early 1900s 

The knicker look became popular with the most successful teams. 

Circa 1910 

Colorfast dyes were not invented during this time and they had started resulting in infections and poisoning because of the wounds that the players had. The only solution at that point was to wear white under socks that were known as sanitary socks


1940s, 1950s and 1960s 

  During this time, players started pulling their stirrups higher that made the sanitary socks so visible that their ratio with colored socks was even.  





Late 1960s 

People started cutting the bottom of the stirrups and started sewing the fabric in. This caused an imbalance in the color-to-white ratio and caused the white to become more prominent.  

1970s and beyond 

Several custom logo socks were made during this era. Manufacturers responded to the demand and offered stirrups that had large openings that lead to the development of the ribbon stirrup, which was a solid color sock with contrasting strip of fabric down the side. The Ribbon Stirrups is still in high demand today.  


Coach Bill Wilhelm made all his players wear long pants that hid the socks. The style was known as "Clemson Cut" and was not noticed by fans or by many involved with baseball. 

1980s and 1990s


The socks changed from mostly colored to mostly white, so the players decided that moving their pants up was no longer needed. Trendsetters Ron Darling (Mets pitcher) and George Hendrick (Cardinals outfielder) were high profile players that implemented this style.



Long pants became the fashion as well as the rule except for the players that wanted to stand out and be unique. Knickers have made a tremendous comeback for the Major leagues all the way down to Little leagues you can see players embracing what is considered the true look of baseball.  


We have made it our mission to help outfit teams for the look they want to achieve. We offer the highest quality sock on the market that will last your team for years. Let us know how we can help your team. 

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Custom Baseball Stirrups Help Baseball Teams Win June 14 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball Stirrups help teams win

You should buy custom baseball stirrups because believe it or not, they CAN help your team win!

Baseball stirrups have been around for a long time and even though their primary reason is to offer your feet comfort while playing baseball and softball, they have become a style statement for several teams and players.

They are more than a  style statement, custom baseball stirrups help teams win! If you want your team to win, you can use our baseball stirrup custom service to increase your team’s chances to win at their next big game.

Baseball Team morale 

Here are some different ways to win a baseball game wearing stirrups:

Boost Team Morale 

You need to pitch the idea to create your own custom baseball stirrups to wear at games to your coach and your teammates. Why should you buy custom baseball stirrups in the first place? You need to buy custom baseball stirrups to wear at games to increase morale, self-confidence and provide cohesiveness of the team. Consider this example: when you feel good in what you are wearing, you automatically feel confident.

All the nerves you had before are GONE because you look like a million bucks! Baseball and softball players need to feel the same when they go out on the field. They need to feel confident, because when they feel confident, they will walk off the field as winners!

Increase the Hype of the Crowd

You want the crowd to yell and cheer you on. A good way to do that is to stun with your beautiful, striped, and colorful stirrups. When they see your team walking onto the field, they will cheer you on, especially your fans. It may also make the other team a little jealous and less confident about winning the game. Use our baseball stirrup custom service to make the other team envy your style!

Improve Team Visibility

You want to improve your team’s visibility on the field. When you order baseball stirrups by TCK you need to brand them with your team’s logo. Doing so will increase people’s ability to recall the name of your team, you may even get a few sponsors this way.

You can add your sponsor’s logo next to your own team’s logo when you hit the field. If you are tired of telling people the name of your team, do something about it! Give them a reason to remember your team’s name by buying baseball stirrups by TCK, the vibrant colors along with YOUR logo is sure to make your team one to remember.

Increase the Number of Fans

Do you want to increase the number of people that come out to support your team? You can do that by distributing branded socks to the crowd. A gesture such as this is bound to get you more fans. You can even host a competition where you ask your people — who will later become your fans — to suggest how you should create your custom socks. While you're at it, include a team cap and the fans will help promote your team increasing your fan base!

Moreover, you can send them a pair of socks or cap with your team’s logo, colors, and their name on it. The more people know about your team, the more chances you have to come out on the field with loud cheers from people emitting from the stands.

Increase the Team’s Chances to Stand Out from the Other Team

Another reason you need to order baseball stirrups by TCK is that is increases your team’s chance to stand out from the other team. For years, baseball and softball teams have been customizing socks using all sorts of different colors and logos to ensure they stand out from the team they are playing against. You need to do the same.

When you stand out, you will know you will win because everyone is staring at you and everyone has the same thought running through their mind — that team’s baseball stirrups are out of this world. We have given you different ways to win a baseball game and now, it is time to buy custom baseball stirrups.

Check out all of our gear to outfit your team and start to build a champion!

Baseball Stirrups: A Short History June 13 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball has always been one of America’s most beloved sports. The sport has been around for several years and one thing about the game, besides the players, that grabs your attention immediately is the baseball players’ uniform. A lot of emphasis goes into creating and designing the uniform of baseball players.

Their uniforms are unique at best. They wear shirts with buttons and pants with belts. They wear a hat to keep the sun from getting into their eyes. If you think this is unique, let us tell you that we haven’t even arrived at the most unique part of the baseball uniform.

The baseball stirrups, available in different cuts, are by far, the most unique part their uniform. If we have sparked your interested in baseball stirrups, you will probably want to know its history. Even though the history of stirrups is extremely long, we are going to present you a condensed and short history of the origins of baseball stirrups.

The Beginnings of Baseball Stirrup Socks

Baseball stirrup socks date back all the way to 1886 when baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, exposed their socks. Why would they make such a bold and daring fashion choice? According to baseball historians, the team wanted to increase the number of people who attended their baseball games.

A cheeky reason for exposing their socks and pulling their pants up was to display their claves, which the ladies loved. However, those were just regular socks. The stirrups caught people’s attention in 1905 and it was a bad kind of attention.

Name Change — The Grim Beginnings of Stirrups

A baseball player died from blood poisoning when he received a cut on his leg in 1905. The clothing dyes, which were not as safe as they are now, seeped into his wound and caused his death. To prevent this from happening again to another player, baseball players were instructed to wear sanitary sock, which exposed the ankle so players could easily wear their cleats. Nowadays, you have the choice to wear old school baseball stirrups or modern baseball stirrups with stripes.

The Stripes Era of Baseball Stirrups

In the 1920s, striped stirrups started making the rounds when the New York Giants debuted their striped stirrups. Soon after, other teams followed suit. The St. Louis Cardinals debuted striped old school baseball stirrups with candy cane colors in 1923.

 Other teams would alternate between  uniforms and matching stirrups.  Another example of a team that wore  old school striped socks is the  Brooklyn Dodgers. The players wore  great old school  tube socks in 1931.  Out of all the  teams, Red Sox won,  wearing  stunning stirrups with broad  stripes.

The Colors Make Their Debut

We did not see any color until the 1960s when the Kansas City Athletics wore colored stirrups in 1966. The stunning gold stripped stirrups complemented the gold line on the team’s uniform. In 1970s, the “pull your baseball pants” higher tread came to be. You saw baseball players pulling their pants higher to show off their stirrups. The higher the stirrups’ cut, the cooler you’d look — the mantra of that year and now, a personal choice.

The Different Cuts

You can select a 12-inch baseball stirrups cut, 7-inch baseball stirrups cut, or a 9-inch stirrups cut. The cut of the stirrups determines how much of the sanitary socks you want on display. The 7-inch stirrups’ cut will remind you of the stirrups available in the old era. The 7-inch stirrups come up to your shins, the backs of your legs, and show only a little part of your sanitary socks.

The 12-inch stirrups and 9-inch stirrups have similar cuts. The 9-inch and 12-inch stirrups display the sanitary socks underneath up to halfway up to your shins. If you want to expose your shins, you can wear a higher cut. High cuts have been popular since the 1970s. If you play baseball, you can opt for a higher or shorter cut.

Best Place to Buy Baseball Stirrups Online June 12 2017, 0 Comments

Do you want to wear colorful and expertly stitched baseball stirrups? If you want to buy a pair of baseball stirrups, you need to find an online store that can deliver on the promise to provide you with high quality youth baseball sanitary socks.

You may have come across online stores in the past that have boasted about the quality and the material used to create their socks and you have bought into their false and hyped up claims, only to be left disappointed when you received the baseball stirrups in the mail a few weeks later. What you need to do is to find the best place to buy youth baseball sanitary socks online.

Where Can You Buy Baseball Stirrups Online?

When you search “where can you buy baseball stirrups online,” you will receive several results. You will need to sift through the results to find the best place you can buy youth baseball sanitary socks, custom baseball stirrups, and adult baseball stirrups. In order to find the best place to buy youth baseball socks, you need to select a few sites, visit them, and explore each one in detail to discover which site is the best one to find twin city socks and youth baseball socks.

The Ingredients that Makes a Site the Best Place to Buy Baseball and Softball Stirrups Online

You have to look at several factors before you make the choice to go forward with the purchase of baseball and softball stirrups from the site. Some factors you need to consider include:

  • Do they offer options to customize stirrups? (color and cuts)
  • Do they offer different styles? (Northwestern, Packers, Cardinals, Twin City socks, etc)
  • Do they offer additional accessories such as belts and hats?
  • Do they offer high quality products at affordable prices?
  • Do they offer a prompt delivery services?
  • Do they offer information on the types of yarns and fabrics they use to design their stirrups?
  • Do they offer a color chart to help people decide on the color they want?
  • Do they offer more than one way to communicate to their customer service department?

Your Answer to Where You Can Buy Baseball Stirrups Online?

You are on the search to find the perfect baseball and softball stirrups online, but you need to ensure the company you choose to place your order with is a genuine company that answers all the questions we previously posed. Since we do not want you to go through all of the hassle to find the perfect company that meets all of your requirements, we are going to help you out and tell you about Socks Rock.

Socks Rock supplies superior quality stirrups online. We use an advanced manufacturing procedure that ensures the quality of the socks remains high. We use superior technologies such as antimicrobial, blister control, climate control, compression,  and ProDRI to design all of  our baseball and softball  stirrups in our collection.

Socks Rock’s Baseball and Softball Stirrups Offer Your Feet the Ultimate Protection from Moisture

Socks Rock utilizes technology and fabric that improves breathability of the socks. When you out on the field, your feet will naturally become sweaty, but the sweat will not stay trapped within the socks, but will be released due to the fabric’s quick drying action. You will be able to play your favorite sport with ease and without worry.

You Want Comfort, Quality, and Durability! You Want the Best! You Want Socks Rock!

If you are looking for the best place to buy baseball and softball stirrups online, you have found it. At Socks Rock, you get several different color options, combinations, custom sizes, and cuts. You can even place your team or your favorite team’s logo on your baseball and softball stirrups. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via phone or text.


Custom Socks Branding 101 - Creative Ways to Market Your Company and Create Brand Awareness June 03 2017, 0 Comments

Do you want to promote your company effectively? Do you want to create brand awareness? Most probably, you have tried several different techniques to create brand awareness and market your company, but have you tried using custom socks as a marketing technique?

If you have yet to try this effective marketing technique to create awareness for your company and brand, you need visit Socks Rock, a custom sock shop, to design custom socks. Here are some creative ways you can use custom socks to create brand awareness:

Does Your Company Have a Sports Team?

Companies that have a baseball team or companies that endorse local baseball and softball teams in their area can create brand awareness by designing socks. If they are using our custom sock shop to create custom sports socks for their own company sports team, they can add company colors and company logo to the socks.

If they are endorsing a local sports team, they can add the team’s colors and their own company logo to the socks. When they or the players of the local sports team play, their logo will be on full display, thus creating increased visibility for their company. If you are sponsoring an event, ask the organizers and the participants to wear your branded socks.

Does Your Company Deal with Several Corporate Clients?

Companies that sell their services to other businesses or make major deals with corporate businesses can further their relationship with them by giving them a custom socks corporate gift. Your clients may wear your socks out of courtesy at least once. If they are a high-profile client, you can expect to receive a lot of publicity and coverage.

Do You Want to Create Loyalty Amongst Employees?

You want your employees to be loyal to your company. One effective way to create loyalty amongst employees is to present with custom logo socks. You employees will be likely to show off their brand new custom logo socks they received from their company.

A good time to present them customized socks is during winter when the need to cover one’s feet are great. In fact, you can make gifting customized socks a tradition or come Christmas time, you can give them a custom sock with logo as a stocking, which they can hang up on the fireplace in their home.

Do You Want to Hand Out Gifts to Customers?

You can hand out gifts to customers. You can wrap a pair of beautiful and colorful socks to your customers. Your customers will like their high quality and branded socks and will be more likely to wear them when out and about.

When customers come to your store to buy something, you can put a pair of free branded socks with your company’s logo and colors in their bag. You can set up a promotional offer where you give out branded socks to each customer that walks into your store.

Even if a customer has no intention to buy anything from your store, they may still come in to get a free pair of branded socks. You can even combine socks with chocolates. You can put chocolates inside the socks.

Do You Want to Customize Your Own Socks?

If you are the owner of the company, you can customize your own socks. When you customize your own socks, you create brand awareness. You can wear the socks to events hosted by your company.

If you are invited to an event where you know several prospective clients will attend and cameras will be there, wear your branded socks to promote your company and create brand awareness. You can even get a pair of customized socks for your friends and family to wear. Your aim is to create brand awareness and customized socks is a wonderful way to catch people’s attention. When you are customizing socks, you have the option to choose from a variety of different cuts, styles, and sizes.

Best Place to Buy Custom Hats Online June 03 2017, 0 Comments

The best place to buy custom hats cheap is at Socks Rock! You do not only want to buy custom hats cheap, but also want to have the ability to make the hat your own! Socks Rock gives you the ability and the tools to design your own personalized baseball caps.

Our custom hat maker service is not limited to just baseball and softball, but you can create a hat or a visor using the colors of your favorite team. You can also design the hat using colors of your school, university, or team.

If you want to buy custom hats online, it will be a gamble because you are unsure what you may be receiving in the mail. For this reason, it is important you go with a company like Socks Rock. We know what best is because we have been defining what best is for several years. Here are some reasons why we have earned the title of one of the best places to buy personalized caps:

When It Comes to Color, The Options Are Endless!

Do you want to design custom visor hats? You can choose from several colors. You can select the color for the visor, crown, eyelets, button, and piping. If you want to make them all different colors, you can. You can select Columbia blue, cardinal, pink, Vegas gold, neon green, and more! You can even add the logo, the name, or the initials of your team on the front, back, and side of the hat.

Your Creation Will Appear in Front of Your Eyes

Have you ever bought personalized caps, choosing the colors and the text, only to receive a hat that looked completely different than you imagined it would? If you have, we have a simple reason of why that happened to you. The company you bought the hats from did not have an efficient hat customize service.

Unlike the pervious company that you bought the personalized caps from, we have an efficient hat customize service. Our hat customize service allows you to see your creation as you design it. When you select the color for the visor, the picture of the hat will change. It is the same for when you change the color of crown, piping, eyelets, and button.

Suggestions Galore — Helping You Pick the Right Hat

Not everyone is an expert at selecting the right hat to buy and wear. Some people need help and that is where we come in. If you are one of the people who require help, you will soon find out why we are the best place to buy custom hats online.

We can offer your suggestions on different types of hat. We carry hats with a flat and curved visor design. We also carry wool hats and hats made from breathable fabric to ensure sweat lines do not show.

High Quality and Affordable Hats

There are several companies offering a custom hat maker service at an affordable price. In order to make the hats affordable, they tend to compromise on the quality. You do not want to own and wear a hat that starts to fade and tear within a few short months. Socks Rock can assure you that you will not receive low quality hats. All the hats in our collection are made from high quality material with prices you will be pleased with.

Prompt Delivery Service

Have you waited more than a month just to receive a hat you ordered online? If you have, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. With Socks Rocks, you will not have to wait too long to get your hat.

You have the option to select a hat we already have available in our collection or customize your own hat. If you are choosing to customize your hat, it will take a minimum of three weeks to deliver them to your location.

Baseball Stirrups Making a Major Comeback in 2017 January 24 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball Stirrups Making a Major Comeback in 2017


Players may come and go, but there’s this one thing that remains constant — the uniform. It not only has an influence on the comfort and performance of a player, but it’s also drives attention and loyalty from sports fans. This is the reason behind the major stir that George Ellard caused when he decided to sock it to the fins with kinckerbocker-style pants that stopped just below the knee and were combined with a high, red sock. This is how baseball stirrups were born.

The Birth of Baseball Stirrups

Contrary to popular assumption, baseball stirrups are not just a fashion accessory. Instead, they were introduced in 1860’s to prevent the exposure of wounds to toxic dyes leached from stockings. So, someone had this unique idea to wear a white undersock, protected by a stirrup on the top.

The trend of wearing this distinctive baseball accessory was picked by all minor and amateur leagues, and soon, stirrups became an integral part of the traditional baseball uniform. However, stirrups began to decline in 1990s when George Hendrick and Barry Bonds, key players of St. Louis Cardinals and the Pirates, started wearing their pants down to his shoe tips, negating the need for stirrups. But like all fashion trends fade away to return later, the return to more visible socks and stirrups is imminent. In fact, it’s almost happening!

Baseball Stirrup - FeatherEdge | Socks RockPacker Stirrup | Socks RockTriple Strip Softball Stirrup | Socks RockCardinals Baseball Stirrup | Socks Rock

Baseball Stirrups — The Great Fashion Debate of 2017

The comeback of baseball stirrups is one of the most pressing fashion debates of 2017 among baseball fans who are particularly judgmental about how a player should look on the field. There are fans who believe that long pants are disgraceful to the rich hosiery heritage of baseball and make players look like they are wearing pajamas. Therefore, these must be replaced by stirrups that are an integral component of the classic baseball uniform.

Here are a few reasons more and more baseball players have started boasting the old-school, high-socks look on the field.

  • Comfort and Support — When you’re a professional baseball player, you must take good care of your feet in order to give your best on the pitch. So, whether you’re hitting the gym or tearing around the bases, a pair of good-quality baseball stirrups will keep your feet protected and comfortable, allowing you to focus on the game.
  • Practical Value — Stirrups today offer greater functionality to players than ever before. Advanced features like breathable mesh vents, moisture-wicking fibers, odor-control technology, and antimicrobial protection not only keep the feet dry and cool, but also fight foot fatigue and soreness.
  • Visual Appeal — Apart from the practical value associated with baseball stirrups, there’s an allure to stirrup socks that draws style-conscious baseball observers to the players who show off the classic solid-color stirrups on the field.
  • Unique Look — In addition to drawing the eyes of baseball fans, stirrups also fulfill the players’ desire of individuality. Since baseball uniforms are subject to a variety of regulations that require players to wear uniforms of a certain color, trim, and style, baseball stirrups offer them the room to customize their look and put their own stamp on the game.
  • Team Solidarity — Baseball stirrups signify solidarity. The sight of nine baseball players wearing solid-color stirrups with unique pattern and a team logo looks magnificent and promotes unity and harmony among the team members.

Free Shipping on Baseball Stirrups and Custom Socks

High Socks vs. No Visible Socks — Our Take on the Matter

The old-school, classic look that famous baseball players like Brad Miller and Chris Archer have boasted proudly on the field for years now is likely to become one of the hottest sports fashion trend in 2017. With more customization options available today, baseball stirrups can be personalized in unique colors, patterns, and team logos, to fulfill the players’ need for exclusivity, as well as to showcase a unique team identity.

Here’s how Joe Zee, a fashion stylist, journalist, and the creative director of Elle puts it: “Seeing the hemlines grow longer and looser over the years, I am left scratching my head. I can see that loose, dropped-waist look working in the rap community, but chasing cool on the baseball field? Not so much. They should be chasing the ball.”

So, if you’re a professional baseball player, you want to give up long pants and join players like Brad Miller Bryce Harper in the glory of a striped or solid-color baseball stirrup sock!

Shop Custom Stirrups Now

A Brief History of the Stirrup December 13 2016, 0 Comments


Current StirrupsCurrent players wearing stirrups clockwise from top left: Jonathan Sanchez/Giants (EPA/Scott Rovak), Juan Pierre/Dodgers (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian), Jamie Moyer/Phillies (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images), Barry Zito/Giants (Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) and Greg Maddux/Padres (Greg Trott/Getty Images).

Last Sunday the A’s and Rangers played in throwback uniforms and baseball purists (at least those that obsess over fashion) rejoiced. It was not the sight of Oakland players wearing vests or even butter cream yellow batting helmetsthat caused the celebration. Rather, it was the sight of seeing two teams of major leaguers wearing classic stirrup socks.

Aside from a few players like Barry ZitoJonathan SanchezJuan Pierre andJamie Moyer, the sight of stirrups in the major leagues is rare. (Greg Maddux wears socks with stirrups sewn on, which only half counts.) The most popular look today seems to be having your pants pulled down around the tops of the shoes, which is actually how the early baseball players of the 1840’s and 50’s wore their pants. According to the Baseball Hall of Fame,

it was not until the1868 Cincinnati Red Stockings decided to don knickers and expose their colored socks that this style changed. Strange to think of Manny Ramirez’s long baggy pants being a throwback, but that actually seems to be the case. 

The stirrup actually came about to provide players a measure of safety as well as comfort in the days before colorfast dyes. In those days a player who got spiked by an opponent could get blood poisoning if the dye were to run into the cut. As a result players wore white socks under their colored stockings, which are still today called “sanitary socks”.

Then the problem of fitting this double wrapped foot into a pair of spikes came up and thus the stirrup was born. With its double arched opening, it allowed the foot to fit into the spike while also allowing the player to wear two pairs of socks. Originally players did not expose much of their white under socks, but as the century progressed stirrups were stretched tighter and tighter until in the 1980’s players were actually cutting their stirrups and adding fabric to make for a longer and thinner look.


Then very suddenly players like George Hendrick of the Cardinals and Barry Bonds – then with the Pirates — began to wear their pants lower and a new trend was born. But the real trend that came about was one of individuality.

“What’s happening now, especially since the 1980s is that the uniforms are not worn uniformly,” said Tom Shieber, the senior curator at the Baseball Hall of Fame. “It used to be that the differences were fairly subtle with minor exceptions, but now everybody is interested in differentiating themselves from everyone else.”

Today we have players wearing everything from low pants almost to the bottom of the shoe to high socks that go up to the knee and everything in between. So while many bemoan the loss of stirrup socks and the trend of long pants, they should instead revel in the wide array of hosiery styles currently on display across Major League Baseball and appreciate the fact that in today’s era there is a little bit of everything.

(A quick thanks to the Baseball Hall of Fame and their incredible “Dressed to the Nines” website and exhibit as well as to Paul Lukas, who is one of the great proponents of classic baseball hosiery as well as the proprietor of the Uni Watch Blog. I think it’s safe to say that those are the two foremost stirrup experts around.)