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How to Unite Your Baseball Team February 20 2018, 0 Comments

No matter how great individual names your baseball team might have, the truth is, baseball is a team sport. And that means there’s a great need for you to instill unity into your team. Here’s how you can do that:

Differentiated Gear

One of the best ways of instilling unity into your players is to make them proud to bear the name of the team. While a lot of factors are at play, having custom gears will certainly help your lads stand out. You may notice that most teams prefer stirrups. Well, why don’t you consider getting blue stirrups for your own then? From t-shirts to baseball FeatherEdge Stirrups—every detail matters when it comes to standing out!

Allow Flexibility for Personalization

You know what the ultimate wish of a coach is? It is that the players will bring their best individual plays into the game. Also, when it comes to expressing themselves, nothing does it quite like the attire, right? From their t-shirts to their blue stirrups—give your players the flexibility with their gears. Allowing them to write their names on it, for example, will go a long way towards boosting their  gameplay.

Off the Field Chemistry

Team chemistry is one of the important and finer things when we talk about a team sport like baseball. However, the truth is that team chemistry is developed off the pitch and not on it. With that being said, it’s important for your team to spend time together after games as well. What this means is that you should organize team building activities for your team that’s able to improve their chemistry. The more that the team is comfortable with each other, the better chemistry they will showcase during the games.

Promote Equality

Yes, it is nice that we personalize their gears, like them getting baseball FeatherEdge Stirrups. Some players may perform better than the other. However, it’s important to ensure that everyone is treated equally. Preferential treatments and favoritism will do nothing but eat into the spirit of your team. Let those superstars know that they CANNOT win on their own! They are called a team for a reason.

If you’re looking for customizable socks to improve the performance and unity of your team, then SOCKS ROCK has got just what you need!

Why Customized Baseball Gears Will Boost Your Players’ Performance February 16 2018, 0 Comments

Customized baseball gears can be an added expense to the team management. However, we all have to agree that this can surely boost the performance of your players. Here’s why:

Additional Comfort

One of the primary reasons why it is recommended for your players to have customized gears, lies on how it can be designed to accommodate the players’ unique needs. Some team managements will only get regular gears  for their team. However, what if a player doesn’t feel comfortable in the regular socks? You can be sure that this discomfort will hamper the players’ performance. Giving your players the opportunity to get customized USA In-Stock baseball socks, for example, will ensure that all of them are on the top of their game!

Winning the Hearts

Regardless of the importance of the match being played, it’s a fact that all of your players wish to win the hearts of the spectators. Victory and recognition are the two main reasons for their hard work. Winning is down to their performances but it would be incorrect to think that this alone brings recognition. A player’s gears also play an important role when it comes to ensuring that they are seen, noticed and remembered by the audience. Like sporting USA In-Stock baseball socks, it is a great way for your players to win the crowd.

Boosted Confidence

We all know how our confidence goes up a notch when we are proud of how we look. The same goes for the game of baseball. If your players know that they look good, then it’d only be natural for them to be more comfortable and play the game with boosted confidence. It’s recommended, therefore, for you to allow your players to build their own hat and get other custom gears so that they will go into the game with the winning confidence.

Keeping all things into perspective, the need for customized baseball gears appear to be essential. Regardless of whether you’re looking for USA In-Stock baseball socks or you are to build your own hat, you can count on SOCKS ROCK to have your back!

How to Standout on the Field of Baseball February 13 2018, 0 Comments

Sometimes, we wonder how the baseball players become successful. They stand out from the rest and are remembered long after the games have concluded, but how? Here are a few qualities that are needed for you, as a player to stand out:

It’s all in the Attitude

The first thing that you need to be prominent on the pitch is the right, positive attitude. Fans and baseball enthusiasts look up to players with strong, competitive spirit. If you wish to stand out, you’ll need to set your way of thinking geared towards winning the game. This will be remembered by the crowd even after the game has ended. Play with a competitive attitude and dominate the field!

Performance is Vital

Your attitude in the game is important, no doubt, but combine it with good performance and you get a win! You won’t be remembered if you’re all show and no game. When it comes to performance, what most people forget is that it is not just dependent on gears alone, but on a number of factors. Be it the crowd support or getting gears like custom baseball stirrups, know that you’ll need all that you can get. If the players wear custom baseball stirrups expect an enhanced performance from them.

The Attire is Important

We’ve concluded that attitude and performances are key factors for standing out in the game of baseball. Now, let’s talk about how your attire plays its role. As a player, if you look good, you feel confident. If you feel confident, you’ll want to perform! So, why not customize your own hat and other accessories to empower yourself as a player? This also ensures that there’s something for the crowd to physically remember you on and off the field.

Now, if you’re looking for custom baseball stirrups or you’d want to customize your own hat,  SOCKS ROCK is the place for you!

Trucker Fashion Secrets February 09 2018, 0 Comments

Fashion can be anything. It can be a style, the clothes, the accessories. For truckers, they have recently resurfaced as an iconic fashion figure. Let me tell you a few things about fashion trucker secrets that you should know about:

The Kind of Clothes

When we talk about truckers, the first image that comes into our minds is a man dressed in a casual shirt, jeans and baseball cap. Well, everything is not as simple as it seems. They are also like us- they are also conscious of what they wear. For example, if a trucker is travelling far, you’ll find him wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Mind you, they also get custom trucker hats for themselves, to look more fashionable. Who wouldn’t?

Having Something in Reserve

Truckers’ aren’t always on the road. They also have their days off so they can go somewhere to relax. Also, if their truck breaks down and no one is close enough to rescue them, they’ll need to park it for the night. If this happens, they have two alternatives; either they grab a beer and spend the night in the truck or to go out and have fun somewhere else. This is the reason why it’s recommended for truckers to always have some cool, casual clothing at their disposal, so that they don’t have to go out dressed in their work clothes. No wonder most of the truckers would have a good outfit combination of cool jackets and custom trucker hats.

Model Trucks

Apart from fashionable jeans and custom trucker hats, one of the things that truckers would take seriously are their trucks. Why? The truck is the trucker’s second home. This is the reason why they go to great lengths of ensuring that their trucks are not only comfortable and ergonomic from the inside but should also look damn appealing on the outside. It’s like the truckers are defined based on the looks of their trucks.

If you too, wish to be a fashionable trucker, or simply sport their outfit, then SOCKS ROCK has got the option for you to customize your own hat. Drive your truck and look cool at the same time. Regardless of the kind of hat you might need, you can always customize your own hat with SOCKS ROCK!

Getting Ready for a Game of Softball February 06 2018, 0 Comments

While your performance in a softball game depends a whole lot on your abilities, it also has to do with your preparation before the game. When you talk about preparations, there’s nothing that requires a more special mention than having the right kind of gears on. Here are the considerations that you should make:

Give Importance to Your Socks

Whether they are boys’ or girls’ softball socks, it is totally different from our everyday kind of socks.

Softball socks are longer compared to the ordinary length of socks, owing to the need for added player protection. The top of a pair of girls’ softball socks, for example, should come to your upper shins when you pull them on. This will ensure that the bottom of your legs are protected from burns and scratches.

Consider Custom Stirrups for Softball

In case you’re in need of an added support for your ankles and legs, you should consider getting custom stirrups for softball, instead of opting for the usual footwear. Why is this important? Well, let’s just say that you’ll benefit from the support that stirrups offer. These serve to display team colors, stripes, also team logos.

And, on top of that, they can easily be customized to meet your individual specifications, requirements and needs!

Choose Quality Cleats

You’ll obviously need to wear cleats before going into the game. It should be of good quality to help boost your performance. Make sure to choose the ones that are made of  breathable fabric so that your feet will not get too hot while playing. Also, when tying the laces of your cleats, remember to ensure that you tuck in the loose ends on the sides so that you don’t accidentally trip over them. This is not only important for your performance but safety as well!

Too many a time, we see players not performing well on the pitch because they lacked preparation. Trust me when I say that having the right gear on is as important as your gameplay. So, if you’re looking for the best boys’ and girls’ softball socks, be sure that SOCKS ROCK has got exactly what you need!

Why Your Softball Team Needs Personalized Socks February 02 2018, 0 Comments


Whether it’s  baseball, softball or basketball—we have to agree that personalized socks have become an important part of the sports industry. Here are a few reasons why personalized socks are exactly what your softball team needs:

Plays to the Public

Custom sport socks, especially in the game of softball, can go a long way in selling your team to the crowd. Personalized socks will surely make your team standout. Gone are the days when a pair of gym socks that your players needed to play a game of softball is used. Now, with the emergence of sports as an industry, there’s a need to sell your team to the public. You don’t only need your players to perform well in the game but look good doing it as well— and that’s where affordable custom socks kick in. Investing on your team’s socks will ensure that it stands out in the run of play and garners support from the crowd.

Gives a Professional Look

Imagine a team that’s dressed in the plain, old gym socks, while their competitors are clad in custom sport socks with stripes in two colors, carrying the team’s logo. Which team, in your opinion looks better? Obviously, it’s the one with the personalized socks!

Having personalized socks for your team is a great way to let the opponent know that you’re is in it for the win. Your players need to be good at what they do to win, and what more can boost their gameplay than having pair of socks personalized for them. They are not just mere players— they are a professional team!

Improved Performance

Moreover, Custom sport socks aren’t just about style. You can have the socks personalized for high-performance, ensuring to provide protection in the key areas of the foot. Such a protection will give players the license to truly play out of their skins, without any concern for injury.

If you’re looking for such affordable, high quality custom socks, know that SOCKS ROCK got just what you need!

Why Your Baseball Team’s Gear Matters January 30 2018, 0 Comments



The importance of clothing for your baseball team cannot be stressed upon enough. They will be identified from the gears they have and the clothing they wear. Here are a few reasons why you should be investing on stirrups socks for your baseball team:

Helps the Performance

It’s essential for your baseball team to be dressed with the right gear, if they’re to be on the top of their game.

Consider a baseball team dressed in woolen t-shirts on a hot summer day. You wouldn’t expect them to confidently perform on the field, right? More so if the team is dressed in the plain, old socks rather than the specialized stirrup baseball socks. Stirrup baseball socks will be better for the performance of the players. If you look good, you feel good. Therefore, you play good.

Motivates the Crowd

Not only is the right, attractive attire good for the players, but it’s great for generating hype from the crowd as well. The fans are more likely to purchase team jerseys that they find attractive. Investing on your team’s clothing and making it top-draw will ensure that the stands are full of fans clad in your team jersey. Imagine how much that will help your team’s morale and performance!

Good for Promotion

Whether we like it or not, sports spells out business, with the games being only a “part” of the industry. Like every other business, there’s a need to make profits and that’s where the marketing and promotion kick in. When we talk about marketing, It’s easier to promote things that are easy on the eyes. Having such gear for your team that is catchy will automatically make your team easier to sell. There’s a reason why all big teams in every sport customize their clothing at the beginning of every season!

From the team jersey to the stirrup baseball socks—there should be no doubt in the fact that the attire of your baseball team is important. If you’re looking for stirrup baseball socks for sale, know that SOCKS ROCK has got all that you need!

How to Show Your Support to The School’s Softball Team January 26 2018, 0 Comments


Are you a fan of your school’s softball team? If yes, then you should know that you can do wonders in boosting their performance and morale. Here’s how:

Flood the Home Games

The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you’re present on all of the home games of your team. Having a full house in home games will ensure that the softball team knows that you are there to support them. It’s also advisable to create cheers and chants. These intimidate the opponent. The home ground becomes nothing short of a fortress for your softball team.

Remember to Dress Right

It is one thing to flood the stadium but it’s another to do it while dressed in the right attire. For example, if your team has pink softball socks as a part of their kit, wearing the same color can go a long way towards displaying true solidarity with your peers. Similarly, wearing the right t-shirts and customized jackets all ensure that the competitors have an entire army to deal with, if they wish to win! This is the reason why it’s advisable for school teams to have custom softball socks and jerseys for the crowd to wear with pride.

Be Proud of Your Team

Regardless of how good your team might be, the truth is, it’ll win some and lose some. When they lose, it’s important for them to know that you are still proud of their efforts. No one can possibly win them all and it’s important for you, as a fan, to understand that. Whenever your team loses, remember to give the players a pat on the back and tell them that they played well. Such a gesture can go a long way in  uplifting their morale.

If you’re looking to get custom softball socks made for the fans of your school’s softball team to wear with pride, then SOCKS ROCK is just what you need. Whether it’s the pink softball socks or the red ones—you can be sure that they got it all!

How to Instill Unity in Your Softball Team January 23 2018, 0 Comments


Your softball team may have the players with the best individual records, but we have to remember that softball is a TEAM SPORT. Only great team camaraderie and collaboration can win you games. The team performs at their best if they are united. Here are a few pointers for you to create team camaraderie:


Team Building Activities

One of the best ways to instill unity on the field is to promote it, even outside of the court. Nothing helps team chemistry more than team building activities that take place outside of practice. Encouraging your players to get to know each other off the pitch, is definitely bound to increase their trust in each other on the pitch. Making mistakes is part of the job. It is, therefore, in a team sport, such as softball, for the team mates to trust and encourage each other to move on from bad experiences and convert it into winning moments.


Personalize their Gear

Every player wishes to be recognized. This is why it is important to provide them with personalized gears. Regardless of whether it is their t-shirts, stirrups or their names printed on their gears, it goes a long way towards ensuring that the they take pride in representing their team.  If they are geared up, they are united!


A Shot at the Leadership Role

Are you considering having a single captain for the entire season? Well, you better think twice. Giving a chance for every player to be captain every once in a while will bring out the best in all of them. Have some sort of special gear, such as gold softball socks or red stirrups, for the team captain to wear. You can create a performance based criteria for a player who will take the captain role. Doing so will not only curb the in-team competition—which is usual—but will also improve the performance of the team manifold.


Unique Clothing

It’s important for them to be dressed so their presence will stand out from the rest. From unique t-shirts to gold softball socks and red stirrups, everything helps when it comes to ensuring that your team's presence is felt when they are in the game.

There is nothing more important than instilling unity in your team than getting customized socks from SOCKS ROCK. Remember: a united team is a WINNING team!

Building your fan base to support your Teams December 29 2017, 0 Comments

How to Get the Crowd Right behind Your School Team  

Regardless of whether you talk about baseball or any other sport, the fact of the matter is that the crowd plays an important role in the outcome of the contest. Having the home crowd at your back can go a long way towards ensuring that your baseball team makes the home ground a fortress. Here’s how it can be done:  

Get Your Season Schedule Out 

For the crowd to be behind your team, they’ll need to be there, right? This is why it’s important for you to get the season schedule out so that the team fans know exactly where to be on Friday nights! What this means is that people should have accurate and up-to-date information on where the games are and the times at which they start. In case there are any changes in schedule, it’s imperative that they’re conveyed to the fans!  

Have Customized Gear 

Having customized gear for your team—the kind that makes them truly standout—will go a long way towards encapsulating the support from the crowd. From t-shirts with unique designs to customized baseball socks, unique gear goes a long way towards generating the feeling of connectivity for the crowd. Trust me: Manchester United have stuck with red clothing for a long time before they came to be known as the red devils. With red and white striped socks, your team might come to be known as the red and white devils, who knows?  

Make Your Gear Easily Available 

You know what you need to truly instill fear into your opponents? You need the home crowd to be clad in your team’s clothing! Imagine being a player on the away team and facing a crowd that has got the home team’s gear on and are chanting nonstop. Wouldn’t it suck the breath out of you? This is the reason why it’s absolutely necessary for you to have customized baseball socks and unique t-shirts easily available your fans to buy.  

Promote Your Players and Clothing 

When it comes to school baseball teams, the fact of the matter is that your top players need to be promoted such that they’re known throughout the town. Get the details about your “stud” out in posters that feature the player clad in customized baseball socks. This is, perhaps, the best way of ensuring that the home crowd will show up, with their red and white striped socks on, to see your prodigy in action.  

If you’re looking for the best customized socks for any of your sports teams, know that SOCKS ROCK has got the answer to all of your concerns!  

Support the HOME Team! December 20 2017, 0 Comments

How to Show Your Support to The School’s Fast Pitch Team  

Are you a fan of your school’s fast pitch team? If the answer is yes, then did you know that you can do wonders to the players’ performance and morale? Here’s how: 

Flood the Home Games 

The best thing that you, as a fan, can do is ensure that you’re present for all of the home games of your team. Having a full house in home games will ensure that the team knows that their peers are right behind them. It’s also advisable to develop such cheers and chants to display that you’re right behind your team. Such chants also go a long way towards intimidating the competing team ensuring, in the process, that the home ground becomes nothing short of a fortress for your team.  

Remember to Dress Right 

It is one thing to flood the stadium but it’s another to do it while dressed in the right attire. For example, if your team has got pink softball socks as a part of its kit, then ensuring that you’re wearing the same pink socks can go a long way towards displaying true solidarity with your peers. Similarly, wearing the right t-shirts, hats and customized jackets all serve to ensure that the competitors have got an entire army to deal with, if they wish to win! This is the reason why it’s great for school teams to have custom softball socks and jerseys for the crowd to wear with pride. 

Be Proud of Your Team 

Regardless of how good your team might be, the fact of the matter is that it’ll win some and lose some. When they lose, however, it’s important for them to know that their peers are proud of their efforts. No one can possibly win them all and it’s important for you, as a fan, to understand this fact. Whenever your team loses, remember to give each player a pat on the back and tell them that you were amazed at how well they played. Such a gesture can go a long way towards uplifting their moods, spirits and morale.  

If you’re looking to get custom softball socks made for the fans of your school’s softball team to wear with pride, then SOCKS ROCK is just what you need. Regardless of whether it’s the pink softball socks that you need or the red ones—you can be sure that SOCKS ROCK has got it all! 

Let's hear it for the HOME TEAM!!! December 15 2017, 0 Comments

How to Get the Crowd Right behind Your School Team  

Regardless of whether you talk about baseball or any other sport the crowd plays an important role in the outcome of the contest. Having the home crowd at your back can go a long way towards ensuring that your baseball team makes the home ground a fortress. Here’s how it can be done:  

Get Your Season Schedule Out 

For the crowd to be behind your team they’ll need to be there, right? This is why it’s important for you to get the season schedule out so that the team fans know exactly where to be on game day! What this means is that people should have accurate and up-to-date information on where the games are and the times at which they start. Keep fans up to date on schedule changes!  

Have Customized Gear 

Having customized gear for your team—the kind that makes them truly standout—will go a long way towards capturing the support from the crowd. From t-shirts with unique designs to customized baseball socks, unique gear goes a long way towards generating the feeling of connectivity for the crowd. Trust me: Manchester United have stuck with red clothing for a long time before they came to be known as the red devils. With red and white striped socks, your team might come to be known as the red and white devils, who knows?  

Make Your Gear Easily Available 

You know what you need to truly instill fear into your opponents? You need the home crowd to be clad in your team’s clothing! Imagine being a player on the away team and facing a crowd that has got the home team’s gear on and are chanting nonstop. Wouldn’t it suck the breath out of you? This is the reason why it’s absolutely necessary for you to have customized baseball socks, hats and unique t-shirts easily available your fans to buy.  

Promote Your Players and Clothing 

When it comes to school baseball teams, the fact of the matter is that your top players need to be promoted such that they’re known throughout the town. Choose a spotlight player of the week and put out posters that feature the player clad in customized baseball socks. This is, perhaps, the best way of ensuring that the home crowd will show up with their red and white striped socks on to see your prodigy in action.  

If you’re looking for the best customized socks for any of your sports teams, know that SOCKS ROCK has got the best selection and excellent quality!

Custom socks.....it's a THING! December 12 2017, 0 Comments

How to get custom socks at a GREAT price! 

You cannot complete a uniform without custom socks! You can have matching shirts, pants, and even shoes, but the socks will stand out and make you look unprofessional. If you want your team to really look like a single unit, you need custom softball socks made perfectly according to your requirements. Many people don’t bother with custom socks because they are worried about price. We understand why they are worried – generally when you go out to get anything customized the price becomes unreasonably high. If you want to know how to get custom socks cheap, you have come to the right place. 

Get softball socks from a customization expert  

The simple solution to get custom socks at cheap rates is to get them from a company that specializes in customization, like Socks Rock. This matters because of how these companies charge for products. When you get something that is not a part of a company’s normal offerings you have to pay much more for it. If you go to a normal socks company and ask them to make some custom socks for you, they will charge you exorbitant prices for it. 

That’s because their whole business model is about selling readymade socks and the customization department is just one small department. They haven’t designed their company around customization and thus haven’t optimized production costs. All these extra costs get passed on to you and your softball socks end up costing you too much. 

Custom socks for any budget! 

Things work very differently when you are working with a company that is designed around customization. Socks Rock is one such company, and creating customized socks is their main business. Their whole company and its business processes are designed around customization. This allows them to lower their own production costs by a large margin. In turn they can pass these savings on to you. So you will be getting customized socks at rates lower than you can find anywhere else. You won’t have to worry about going beyond your budget just to make sure that all of your team is wearing the right colors on their feet. 

Quality at a lower price  

Another advantage of working with a company like Socks Rock is that the quality of the product is much higher than you would find anywhere else. Since customization is their main business they make sure that they buy the best plain socks to customize. Then they make sure that they get the perfect threads and dyes for long lasting colors on your socks. This is their main business which means all of their focus is on ensuring that their customized socks are of the highest quality possible. 

So not only do you play lower, you also get Major League level quality. Your teammates will be happy not just because their uniforms are finally complete, but also because these are some of the most comfortable socks they have work until now. Just make sure you choose the right colors and design and you are done. 

Personalize YOUR Style! December 08 2017, 0 Comments

Why You Need Personalized Socks This Winter  

With customized socks on to the scene, everything from expression to fashion has changed. If you haven’t yet had your socks personalized yet, here are a few reasons why you need personalized socks this winter: 

Meet “Your” Needs! 

As with everything else that is personalized, personalized socks are manufactured to meet your “specific” requirements. What it means is that you will be able to get the perfect size, material, comfort and design—all in one—with customized socks which will be enough to stay cozy throughout the winters. With a customized pair of stockings, you will not have to deal with the problems of the stockings’ sizes and colors anymore.  

Show” Yourself” Off 

Modesty is good and all; but it is imperative, nonetheless, to take off that robe of humility and express who you are! The importance of showing the world your real self, your preferences, your choices and everything that is unique about you, every once in a while, cannot be stressed upon enough. And you know the thing about expression, right? Every details helps! From poetic choices to customized socks—everything helps when you are showing the world who you really are. 

Socks for Different Occasions 

Are you planning to wear the same pair of socks that you wore to the skiing trip, last weekend, to the office every day? If yes then, well, I advise you to think twice because your feet will be, literally, wet with perspiration no matter how cold the outside world might be. This is where personalized socks come in. Customized socks give you the flexibility to be comfortable in all environments and circumstances. You can be sure that your feet will not be too hot or too cold ever again! So, do not force your kids to wear kids’ softball socks to school every day and have a pair, or two, customized just for them.  

Caring for the Kids 

Expression is important for everyone, no doubt, but for kids, it has a whole, new meaning. It is because expression makes kids confident. With this into consideration, customized socks can do wonders to a kid’s confidence owing to the fact that it will not only result into expression but will also result into the child receiving some praise from their peers. Regardless of whether it is a matter of kids’ soft ball socks or school socks, customized socks can do wonders for a kid’s confidence.  

Stay cozy, fashionable and expressive this winter season with personalized socks! 

The BEST way to wash a Baseball Cap and other useful tips! December 05 2017, 0 Comments

       Making your hat look NEW again!

 Whether you love to wear customized hats for your game or casually, they will get grubby eventually. However, before you take soap and water to it, check the tag inside. It should have washing instructions from the manufacturer. If not, or if the contents of the tag are illegible, then follow the given instructions to make your old customized hat look brand new:

How to clean custom caps:

Step 1–Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add the laundry detergent you have. You can also use dish soap if you don’t have this but it might take longer to get those stains out.

Step 2 – Spot clean the custom cap first. In other words, mark out the problem areas or where the stubborn stains are and dab them with the detergent first. After placing the now soapy customized hat in the bucket of water, take a toothbrush and scrub those spots first. This tip also works on sweat stains on the bill.

Step 3 – Rinse the cap in clean water and hang to dry. This can take a day at least.

Useful tips: Wool baseball caps should only be washed in cold water and with a mild detergent, the material is quite delicate and will get twisted otherwise. Once you have washed it, dry it with a towel gently. Then hang it up to air dry.

Test vintage hats for color fastness before a wash. These can typically be cleaned with a little detergent and cold water but use a cloth to do it rather than a soak. Test for color fastness on the inside of the band before soaking. If the color bleeds, then clean the hat manually to ensure it retains its sheen. However, the best thing to do in this is to leave the cap unwashed. That is much better than ruining a beautiful cap that is just a bit rough around the edges.

If you are in search of personalized baseball caps then Socks Rock should be your next destination! The online store has a range of hats on offer and they can be customized according to your team’s colors and logo. Contact them today and see what you have been missing out on. If you need baseball attire, you can order a set or sets for the entire team from there as well.

HATS.....the game changer for fashion November 28 2017, 0 Comments

Why You Should Buy Custom Embroidered Hats  

Whether it's for a game of baseball or for use on a sunny day, who doesn’t like wearing hats? Baseball hats, in particular, are perhaps one of the most routinely used hats around. From children to adults to elders—everyone appears to be joining in on the fun. However, it does not matter how effective your baseball hat might be because if it isn’t doing justice to your fashion appetite then it's not, truly, doing its job. But, the question arises, how can you get a hat that is bound to be in accordance with your taste in fashion? You can do it by ordering custom embroidered hats of course. Here are a few reasons why you should order a custom baseball hats right away:  

The Best Experience of the Game 

What does a baseball player need to have the best possible experience of the game? Being skillful at baseball is an obvious answer but is it, really, the only thing that matters? What about the swag, and looking good while making your opponent succumb to your awesomeness? This is where a player’s gear—especially the hat—comes in. The baseball hat, in particular, is a symbol of the game. So, wouldn’t it be convenient (read: awesome) to have that symbol personalized for yourself? You can do this with a custom embroidered hat or better yet, why not have custom baseball hats for your entire team?!  

Everyday Fashion 

If you believe that baseball hats are only for…well…baseball, then a lot of people might be tempted to laugh at your innocence. Why? Well, it is because baseball hats are used as frequently in everyday life as they are in the game of baseball, owing to their style and fashion. Hell, there might be some people whom you can’t even imagine without a baseball hat set on their heads! With custom embroidered hats, however, their utility increases manifold—now they are just a fashion statement but also embedded with your personality.  

So, if you are looking to buy custom baseball hats that are not only of the best quality, but reasonably priced as well, then Socks Rock is just the place for you. Become a fashion symbol by getting the best bang for your buck! 

Logo Socks-The Ultimate Custom Sock November 21 2017, 0 Comments

Making Your Own Baseball Team Logo Socks  

Do you play baseball? Do you have a small team where you play for fun? Or maybe your institute or company has a team. Whatever the roots of your team may be, you need some basketball team logo socks and a uniform as well. We know that amateur baseball is fun precisely because you can have the fun that you want, but having a uniform only makes things more fun for everyone involved. You can get cheap custom baseball stirrups easily through the Socks Rock website.  

Getting the colors right 

If you want to make the right impact then you need to choose the right colors. If this is the official team of a college, school, or company then you will already have a good idea about what colors to use. Look at the logo their use and see if you can use it for your baseball team logo socks.  When you go to the Socks Rock website, you will see that they have an option for cheap custom baseball stirrups. Click on it and you can begin designing your very own socks. 

The colors are the most important part and it isn’t necessary that your team’s colors will work right. You don’t just have to use the colors your team is known for; you have to use the colors that will look good on socks. 

When you are working on making baseball team logo socks, you will love the preview feature on the Socks Rock website. You don’t have to guess what different colors look like – there will be a stirrup displayed on the left side of the page, which will update every time you change a color from the options. 

This is important because you have to choose a combination of 4 colors. You have to choose the base color of the sock, then the color of the stirrup, then the colors of both the stripe patterns on the socks. Play around with these options a bit and you will realize which designs work and which do not.  

If your team’s colors aren’t working, then don’t fret. You don’t need to put in each and every color from your logo on the socks – you just have to make sure the principal color is there. So make sure that the main color in your logo is also the one that is the most prominent on your socks. 

Designing according to the uniform  

Another mistake which many people make is that they create fantastic socks with great color combinations which don’t go with their uniform at all. You won’t just be wearing the socks on the field; you will be wearing the full uniform. Thus, you need to make sure your socks look perfect with the pants.  

If you really want to make the whole thing work, then make sure your socks and pants are different colors otherwise your socks will just blend in adding a belt in a dominant color can tied the whole uniform together. Go to the Socks Rock website and keep playing with the custom socks tool! 

Every Team needs Krazisox! November 17 2017, 0 Comments


Know what your amateur baseball team needs? Weird socks!

We love amateur baseball for the exact opposite reasons that we love baseball. Baseball is a game of statistics and figures – amateur baseball is all about having fun. We love the casual atmosphere of the games, the banter that goes on between players, the fun the audience has roasting and supporting the players and much more.  

If you have an amateur league baseball team and you have been thinking about how you can make it more fun, we have the perfect idea for you: weird socks! That is right, all you need is to add some funny socks to your uniform and you’ll instantly make the environment zanier. 

Socks with Personality  

Here’s the problem with baseball socks: they all look the same. Seriously, their colors may be different, but that is where the variety seems to end. That is perfectly fine for professional baseball teams. After all, baseball is all about tradition, and keeping the traditional design for socks in professional games makes sense.  

However, amateur players don’t need to be so serious about everything. The whole point of playing baseball for fun is to have fun, and where is the fun in restricting the types of socks that you can wear?  

So the next time you need something to cover your feet during a baseball game, pick some weird socks.  Get some socks that have rainbow stripes all over them. You can get something in neon or you can get socks with psychedelic art. There’s no limit once you have decided that you want funny socks.  

You will be delighted to see the many different socks made by the designers over at Socks Rock. They even have tie dye socks available for sale; it doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to socks. You can also get the classic polka dot pattern socks. 

Customizing these socks  

One great thing about Socks Rock is that their customization service isn’t restricted to the professional looking socks – it is available for weird socks as well. You can get customized socks with a candy stripe pattern on them. You can pick your three favorite colors and assign one to the sock, one to the top and  middle stripes, and one to the remaining stripes. You can also get plain neon socks in many different eye popping colors.  That’s not all – you can also get Zebra pattern socks customized to have the colors that you need. You pick a color for the sock and a color for the zebra pattern and voila! Your fun socks are ready to be delivered to you.  

Seriously, imagine you go to play baseball and the other team walks out wearing neon yellow and red zebra pattern socks; wouldn’t it be a great sight? It would be even better if you were the team walking out wearing the most outlandish socks anyone has seen in the amateur league.

Custom Socks Rock! 5 tips for your team to look amazing! November 14 2017, 0 Comments


              Want to make your own socks? 5 tips to make them look GREAT! 

Getting custom socks made is great. It is a great feeling to design your own socks and see your team wear them. However, when you actually start to make your own socks, you realize something; designing good looking socks isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. You never thought that socks would be hard to design, but that’s just how it is. As long as you follow these pointers, you should be able to create amazing looking socks that will actually look good when worn.  

The Sock Color  

The first thing you have to determine is the sock color. When you check the customization options on the Socks Rock website, you will be a bit intimidated by just how many ways you can customize the sock; their color options are fantastic.  

When you design your own socks, you have to make sure that the base color of your sock supports the overall design you are going for.  The sock color will mostly be hidden behind the show except for the front part, which is why you need something that will look great as an accent.  

The Stirrup Color  

This is going to be the most visible color when you make your own socks. The stirrup is the part that will be the most exposed so you need to think of the color here carefully. The stripes are also over the stirrup, so the color of the stirrup needs to be something that goes well with the striped. If you are going for dark stripes, you should go for a light stirrup color, and if you are going for light stripes, you should go for a dark stirrup color.  

There are certain dark on dark colors that will look great too – red looks great on black – but it will not be very visible. You can also choose a white stirrup and use any light color you want – light colors look okay on white, but dark colors get too muted on black.  

The Stripes  

The stripes are probably the most important part of the process to design your own socks – because they add a certain flair to the socks. You will need to visualize how the stripes will look over your chosen stirrup color if you want the end product to look good.  

The good news is that the Socks Rock website shows you a preview of what your chosen colors look like, so we recommend playing around with different colors until you find what you want. You can choose the color of the 4 stripes (the ‘outer’ stripes) and the 2 stripes (the inner stripes). One look we like is keeping the 2 stripes the same color as the stirrup but making the 4 stripes different.  

The Logo Sock

For the ultimate custom sock check out our Logo socks. We can put just about any logo on a sock with custom colors, whether it's a school mascot or a company name we can do it! Don't forget to check out our Krazisox for a fun addition to your team. Lots of fun styles to choose from.

Play around with the different options on the sock maker on the website to find the perfect looking socks for you and your team. 

Wear your heart on a Hat November 09 2017, 0 Comments

How you can customize hats to your heart’s desire... 

There’s nothing quite like a hat you get custom made for your team. These custom caps are usually for sports teams – you can have them made for your amateur teams, your college or school teams, or any sports team whatsoever. With the new Socks Rock’s Hats Rock section, you are now getting the option to get premium quality customized hats made. These are not like the normal hats you can get custom made from no-name websites – the quality and making of these is miles beyond almost all of the competition. Here are the different types of hats you can customize: 

Flat Visor  

When it comes to the visor, what is ‘in’ keeps changing, so much that you can pretty much wear a flat visor or a curved visor without it ever looking out of fashion. If you want the flat visor look, you should go with these hats. These custom caps have a very sleek look and work great with team uniforms that have a modern look to them. 

Curved Visor  

There was a time when flat visors were the norm, but curved visors never went away. They could never go away; they are simply too iconic. Then there is the fact that holding a curved visor in your hands and folding it a bit is a common pastime of most of us who wear hats. We have no idea why it is so satisfying to do. You can even see baseball players do it during games.  

MLB Hats  

Major Leaguers have their own unique style of hats, and these are iconic in their own way. Your team’s logo over this customized hat will instantly have a classic and prestigious look. Just make sure that your logo goes together well with the classic aesthetics of this hat style.  

Breathable Hats  

If you will be wearing these  while you play games or if you live in an area that is unreasonably warm, you should look into hats that allow air to pass through them. They will not make your head sweat and they will also not show sweat lines. You can get these hats in a variety of different styles.  

What you can customize  

Once you have chosen the type of hat that you want you get to decide how to customize it. You have to pick a color for the crown, the visor, the button, the eyelets, and the piping. Make sure you pick a tasteful combination of colors. Then you can add a logo to the front, the back, and the sides. Note that on some designed logos can only be added in the front and back – you will see a notice about this on the product page. 

Once you are happy with the results, simply place an order and you will have your customized hats in a few weeks. That is all it takes.

Interesting Facts about the WORLD SERIES... October 30 2017, 0 Comments


Even though it's called the "World Series" only the US and Canadian teams participate. The Toronto Blue Jays won in 1992 & 1993 and are the only non-US team to win.

The Curse...

From 1918 to 2004 the Boston Red Sox and it's fans believed in the "Curse of the Bambino." Babe Ruth aka The Bambino was traded in the offseason 1919-1920 to the Yankees.  Although the Red Sox came close, it took 86 years to win another World Series.

Another "cursed" team was the Chicago Cubs. From 1945 to 2016 it took 108 years to win another World Series. According to baseball superstitions, it was all because of the Curse of the Billy Goat. In 1945, the owner of the Cubs was Billy Sianis and he had been ordered to leave the Cub’s World Series game because of his pet goat, or rather the smell of his goat. The stench was so strong it upset many of the fans. Mr. Sianis was upset and predicted the Cubs wouldn't win the World Series. The Cubs lost and kept losing until 2016 when the "curse" was broken.

Changes to the game:

The only perfect game ever to happen in the World Series took place in 1956 when Don Larsen of the New York Yankees threw 97 pitches during the entire game to take out 27 batters from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Baseball stirrups became a staple of most teams including for the World Series beginning in 1905.

The first World Series night game was in 1971 even though the use of electricity first became widespread across the United States around 1890. Night games became so popular that they became widespread by 1973 except for Wrigley Field which didn't host a night game until August 8, 1988. The first major league night game happened on May 24, 1935 the very first World Series took place in 1903 between the Pittsburgh Pirates the Boston Americans (later renamed the Red Sox.)  Boston won the series, 5 games to 3 of the 9 game series.

Check out all of our WORLD SERIES stirrups and socks and save 10% by entering the code SERIES10 at checkout!

All You Need to Know About Sock Rocks and What They Offer October 19 2017, 0 Comments

Socks Rock has been in business for more than 40 years now and it is through their hard work, persistence, quality products, and exemplary customer care services that they have made a name for themselves in the sporting goods industry. Socks are one of the most important uniform elements that all the athletes require, and follow baseball, you know the importance of socks in the game. Socks Rock understands the needs of their clients and offer socks in a variety of colors and patterns.  

Learning about Custom Baseball Socks and Stirrups 

The socks that are offered by Socks Rock are made with top quality materials and are a result of highly skilled manufacturing and modern technology, which keeps the player comfortable throughout the game.  

If you want to opt for the traditional baseball look, Socks Rock offers a wide variety of Twin City custom baseball stirrups. If you want to opt for something unique, you can do that as well by building your own baseball stirrups to meet your needs, requirements, comfort, and style.  

If you play for a team and need unique stirrups, all you have to do is visit their website, choose the “build your own” option and list your requirements. The company offers a wide variety of colors, patterns, as well as designs for you to choose from.  

100% Client Satisfaction Rate  

Socks Rock has a huge clientele and they keep returning to Socks Rock for the premium quality and great customer service that they have to offer. The socks look stylish and they feel even better! They keep your feet dry from moisture and eliminate all sorts of odors, keeping players fresh and comfortable during the game. The socks include an extra layer of cushioning that helps in overcoming foot fatigue and prevents injuries and sports-related strain.  

If looking good and staying comfortable is what you want during your games, then Socks Rock is the right choice, as you have the flexibility of choosing your own socks and stirrups and customize them to your liking. Some of the features that are offered by the Socks Rocks products include: 

  • Abrasion resistance  
  • Comfort  
  • Cost effectiveness  
  • Different cut lengths 
  • Durability  
  • Light weight  
  • Optimal performance 
  • Reliability  
  • Soft feel  

Visit www.socksrocks.com. Choose a design, colors, quantities and size of your socks and Socks rock will deliver your custom socks right to your doorstep!  

Socks Rock Allows You to Build Your Own Stirrup and Socks October 12 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball stirrups and socks are one of the most important accessories that players need during their game. One common issue that  players used to complain about was that there wasn’t a lot of variety available in the market. Sock Rock recognized the importance of customized stirrups and came up with the option to build your own stirrup and socks. 

Build Your Own Baseball Stirrups 

If you take a look back through history, you will see the evolution of baseball socks over the course of time. Stirrups are not only a fashion accessory but are also needed to keep the sanitary socks in place, to keep the players comfortable and maximize their performance during the game.  

Finding Your Length  

Since the baseball stirrups are available in a number of different cuts and styles, it is important that you pick one according to your liking. Here are some of the lengths that Sock Rock offers: 

  • 5-Inch Cut - If you want a traditional look, this is what you should be aiming for as it will show a little bit of the sock.  
  • 7-Inch Cut - If you want to show your stirrups, get the 7-inch cut as that will show your calves as well as the sanitary socks.  
  • 9- Inch cut - The 9-inch cut exposes the socks all the way up to the shin and looks great on people that opt for customized socks.  


Socks Rock offers premium quality stirrups and socks at a great price. Their products are made with 100% nylon, which means that they are light in weight, durable, as well as abrasion resistant. Since they have a tube construction, the socks offer maximum protection to the players. If you want a great fit, you can opt for stirrups that are made with 95% polyester and 5% elastic. 

Build Your Own Socks 

Socks offered by Socks Rock are an absolute necessity for all sportsmen as they protect the feet from injuries and scratches and keep the players comfortable so that they give their full attention to the game. 


It is very easy to place an order with Socks Rock. Visit the website, browse through the wide range of socks available, pick the style you like the best, place an order, and then wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.  

Socks Made With the Latest Technology  

  • Our socks are made with Antimicrobial Technology and are infused with Alphasan antimicrobials that keeps away foot odor.  
  • ProDRI Technology helps in keeping feet dry and prevents foot injuries.  
  • Optimum Compression and Comfort Technology provides maximum comfort and support to the player and prevents foot fatigue.  

Top Reasons You Need to Get Custom Socks from Socks Rock October 05 2017, 0 Comments

Top Reasons You Need to Get Custom Socks from Socks Rock

If you are someone who prefers to have their own customized sports gear, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Socks Rock offers custom socks to their clients. Baseball stirrups are not just sports gear; Over time, they have become a fashion statement, and Socks Rock understands this well. Here are some of the reasons why you absolutely need to get their custom socks

You Get to Customize Your Socks  

One of the biggest factors that sets Socks Rock apart from its competitors is that it gives you the flexibility of designing your own socks. You can choose a design that you like and customize it to meet your needs. You have a variety of colors to choose from, so you can mix and match, and can also add your company’s logo.  

They Offer Different Cuts  

Different players have different requirements.  In order to cater to all of them, Socks Rock offers different cut lengths, which means that you can either opt for a longer stirrup or a shorter one.  

They Use Premium Quality Products  

One of the primary reasons why people prefer to buy from Socks Rock is that they use premium quality raw materials and employ excellent workmanship. Their socks have the following features: 

  • Comfort  
  • Cost effectiveness  
  • Durability  
  • Optimal performance 
  • Soft feel  
  • Light weight  
  • Reliability  
  • Abrasion resistance  
  • Different cut lengths 
  • Classy designs and patterns  

They are Available at Wholesale Rates  

In order to deliver the best to the clients, not only does the company offer premium quality goods, but they also sell it in wholesale rates! You now have the flexibility of opting for chic designs and customize it according to your preference, without going over your budget. Isn’t that a win-win situation?  

Looking back at College Baseball Stirrups July 13 2017, 0 Comments

What are Old School Baseball Stirrups and Basketball Socks?

Old school basketball socks or baseball stirrups are uniform socks that were worn by players during a time when all the major league teams wore their pants around their ankles. This trend became extremely famous early on and by the start of the 1990's, almost every major league team was following this style.

Stirrups and basketball socks were an important part of the uniform and gave the players a very distinctive look. The stirrup socks became extremely popular and were customized according to the team’s needs and boasted their team logos and stripes. The Houston Astros had navy blue stirrups that had a white star on the sides. The Minnesota Twins wore stirrups that had navy blue stripes and a ‘TC’ sign that was on the side.  

How the Stirrups Were Worn  

The stirrups were worn on top of long socks that were known as sanitary socks. The socks were generally white in color because the dyes at that point were thought to cause health issues. In addition to this, it was a budget friendly method because the inners were less expensive and so could be changed more frequently. With time, the stirrup loop became longer and started exposing the undersock that created a really unique look.  

There was a change in the trend in the 1980s as the players started pulling their loops so high that only the loop and the white undersock were visible. In order to encourage uniformity, Leo Durocher, who was the manager of Chicago Cubs, used to carry a measure a measuring stick and encouraged the team members to have the same length of their stirrups and expose only a small part of the sanitary. The uniform codes by the Major League Baseball eventually made the players ignore the traditional look.

Changes in the Traditional Look  


According to the rules, the fact that some of the players were wearing the college baseball stirrups and other were not wearing it was a violation of the Rule 1.11(a)(1), according to which, “no player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.” Some of the teams continued the tradition, whereas others opted for the "2 in 1" combination sock that allowed them to wear knee high socks with knickers.  

Want to learn more about college baseball stirrups? If yes, please click here. 

Baseball Socks- A Brief Timeline June 19 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how teams got names like White Sox” and "Red Sox" if the socks aren’t even visible today? If you are a baseball fan you might have heard last year that the Major League Baseball has its own custom logo socks provider.  

Let’s have a look at the brief timeline of custom logo socks so that the next time you need to outfit your team with custom socks you will know how the socks have evolved over time: 

1840s and 1850s 

During this time the baseball teams used to wear long wool trousers that completely cover their socks.










The first knickers were introduced by the Cincinnati Club team that showed  the red socks of the players. It became so famous that the team changed their name to Cincinnati Red Stockings.



Late 1800s through early 1900s 

The knicker look became popular with the most successful teams. 

Circa 1910 

Colorfast dyes were not invented during this time and they had started resulting in infections and poisoning because of the wounds that the players had. The only solution at that point was to wear white under socks that were known as sanitary socks


1940s, 1950s and 1960s 

  During this time, players started pulling their stirrups higher that made the sanitary socks so visible that their ratio with colored socks was even.  





Late 1960s 

People started cutting the bottom of the stirrups and started sewing the fabric in. This caused an imbalance in the color-to-white ratio and caused the white to become more prominent.  

1970s and beyond 

Several custom logo socks were made during this era. Manufacturers responded to the demand and offered stirrups that had large openings that lead to the development of the ribbon stirrup, which was a solid color sock with contrasting strip of fabric down the side. The Ribbon Stirrups is still in high demand today.  


Coach Bill Wilhelm made all his players wear long pants that hid the socks. The style was known as "Clemson Cut" and was not noticed by fans or by many involved with baseball. 

1980s and 1990s


The socks changed from mostly colored to mostly white, so the players decided that moving their pants up was no longer needed. Trendsetters Ron Darling (Mets pitcher) and George Hendrick (Cardinals outfielder) were high profile players that implemented this style.



Long pants became the fashion as well as the rule except for the players that wanted to stand out and be unique. Knickers have made a tremendous comeback for the Major leagues all the way down to Little leagues you can see players embracing what is considered the true look of baseball.  


We have made it our mission to help outfit teams for the look they want to achieve. We offer the highest quality sock on the market that will last your team for years. Let us know how we can help your team. 

Want to get your own custom logo socks? Why not get in touch with the best custom sock shop by clicking here. 

Custom Baseball Stirrups Help Baseball Teams Win June 14 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball Stirrups help teams win

You should buy custom baseball stirrups because believe it or not, they CAN help your team win!

Baseball stirrups have been around for a long time and even though their primary reason is to offer your feet comfort while playing baseball and softball, they have become a style statement for several teams and players.

They are more than a  style statement, custom baseball stirrups help teams win! If you want your team to win, you can use our baseball stirrup custom service to increase your team’s chances to win at their next big game.

Baseball Team morale 

Here are some different ways to win a baseball game wearing stirrups:

Boost Team Morale 

You need to pitch the idea to create your own custom baseball stirrups to wear at games to your coach and your teammates. Why should you buy custom baseball stirrups in the first place? You need to buy custom baseball stirrups to wear at games to increase morale, self-confidence and provide cohesiveness of the team. Consider this example: when you feel good in what you are wearing, you automatically feel confident.

All the nerves you had before are GONE because you look like a million bucks! Baseball and softball players need to feel the same when they go out on the field. They need to feel confident, because when they feel confident, they will walk off the field as winners!

Increase the Hype of the Crowd

You want the crowd to yell and cheer you on. A good way to do that is to stun with your beautiful, striped, and colorful stirrups. When they see your team walking onto the field, they will cheer you on, especially your fans. It may also make the other team a little jealous and less confident about winning the game. Use our baseball stirrup custom service to make the other team envy your style!

Improve Team Visibility

You want to improve your team’s visibility on the field. When you order baseball stirrups by TCK you need to brand them with your team’s logo. Doing so will increase people’s ability to recall the name of your team, you may even get a few sponsors this way.

You can add your sponsor’s logo next to your own team’s logo when you hit the field. If you are tired of telling people the name of your team, do something about it! Give them a reason to remember your team’s name by buying baseball stirrups by TCK, the vibrant colors along with YOUR logo is sure to make your team one to remember.

Increase the Number of Fans

Do you want to increase the number of people that come out to support your team? You can do that by distributing branded socks to the crowd. A gesture such as this is bound to get you more fans. You can even host a competition where you ask your people — who will later become your fans — to suggest how you should create your custom socks. While you're at it, include a team cap and the fans will help promote your team increasing your fan base!

Moreover, you can send them a pair of socks or cap with your team’s logo, colors, and their name on it. The more people know about your team, the more chances you have to come out on the field with loud cheers from people emitting from the stands.

Increase the Team’s Chances to Stand Out from the Other Team

Another reason you need to order baseball stirrups by TCK is that is increases your team’s chance to stand out from the other team. For years, baseball and softball teams have been customizing socks using all sorts of different colors and logos to ensure they stand out from the team they are playing against. You need to do the same.

When you stand out, you will know you will win because everyone is staring at you and everyone has the same thought running through their mind — that team’s baseball stirrups are out of this world. We have given you different ways to win a baseball game and now, it is time to buy custom baseball stirrups.

Check out all of our gear to outfit your team and start to build a champion!

Baseball Stirrups: A Short History June 13 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball has always been one of America’s most beloved sports. The sport has been around for several years and one thing about the game, besides the players, that grabs your attention immediately is the baseball players’ uniform. A lot of emphasis goes into creating and designing the uniform of baseball players.

Their uniforms are unique at best. They wear shirts with buttons and pants with belts. They wear a hat to keep the sun from getting into their eyes. If you think this is unique, let us tell you that we haven’t even arrived at the most unique part of the baseball uniform.

The baseball stirrups, available in different cuts, are by far, the most unique part their uniform. If we have sparked your interested in baseball stirrups, you will probably want to know its history. Even though the history of stirrups is extremely long, we are going to present you a condensed and short history of the origins of baseball stirrups.

The Beginnings of Baseball Stirrup Socks

Baseball stirrup socks date back all the way to 1886 when baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, exposed their socks. Why would they make such a bold and daring fashion choice? According to baseball historians, the team wanted to increase the number of people who attended their baseball games.

A cheeky reason for exposing their socks and pulling their pants up was to display their claves, which the ladies loved. However, those were just regular socks. The stirrups caught people’s attention in 1905 and it was a bad kind of attention.

Name Change — The Grim Beginnings of Stirrups

A baseball player died from blood poisoning when he received a cut on his leg in 1905. The clothing dyes, which were not as safe as they are now, seeped into his wound and caused his death. To prevent this from happening again to another player, baseball players were instructed to wear sanitary sock, which exposed the ankle so players could easily wear their cleats. Nowadays, you have the choice to wear old school baseball stirrups or modern baseball stirrups with stripes.

The Stripes Era of Baseball Stirrups

In the 1920s, striped stirrups started making the rounds when the New York Giants debuted their striped stirrups. Soon after, other teams followed suit. The St. Louis Cardinals debuted striped old school baseball stirrups with candy cane colors in 1923.

 Other teams would alternate between  uniforms and matching stirrups.  Another example of a team that wore  old school striped socks is the  Brooklyn Dodgers. The players wore  great old school  tube socks in 1931.  Out of all the  teams, Red Sox won,  wearing  stunning stirrups with broad  stripes.

The Colors Make Their Debut

We did not see any color until the 1960s when the Kansas City Athletics wore colored stirrups in 1966. The stunning gold stripped stirrups complemented the gold line on the team’s uniform. In 1970s, the “pull your baseball pants” higher tread came to be. You saw baseball players pulling their pants higher to show off their stirrups. The higher the stirrups’ cut, the cooler you’d look — the mantra of that year and now, a personal choice.

The Different Cuts

You can select a 12-inch baseball stirrups cut, 7-inch baseball stirrups cut, or a 9-inch stirrups cut. The cut of the stirrups determines how much of the sanitary socks you want on display. The 7-inch stirrups’ cut will remind you of the stirrups available in the old era. The 7-inch stirrups come up to your shins, the backs of your legs, and show only a little part of your sanitary socks.

The 12-inch stirrups and 9-inch stirrups have similar cuts. The 9-inch and 12-inch stirrups display the sanitary socks underneath up to halfway up to your shins. If you want to expose your shins, you can wear a higher cut. High cuts have been popular since the 1970s. If you play baseball, you can opt for a higher or shorter cut.

Best Place to Buy Baseball Stirrups Online June 12 2017, 0 Comments

Do you want to wear colorful and expertly stitched baseball stirrups? If you want to buy a pair of baseball stirrups, you need to find an online store that can deliver on the promise to provide you with high quality youth baseball sanitary socks.

You may have come across online stores in the past that have boasted about the quality and the material used to create their socks and you have bought into their false and hyped up claims, only to be left disappointed when you received the baseball stirrups in the mail a few weeks later. What you need to do is to find the best place to buy youth baseball sanitary socks online.

Where Can You Buy Baseball Stirrups Online?

When you search “where can you buy baseball stirrups online,” you will receive several results. You will need to sift through the results to find the best place you can buy youth baseball sanitary socks, custom baseball stirrups, and adult baseball stirrups. In order to find the best place to buy youth baseball socks, you need to select a few sites, visit them, and explore each one in detail to discover which site is the best one to find twin city socks and youth baseball socks.

The Ingredients that Makes a Site the Best Place to Buy Baseball and Softball Stirrups Online

You have to look at several factors before you make the choice to go forward with the purchase of baseball and softball stirrups from the site. Some factors you need to consider include:

  • Do they offer options to customize stirrups? (color and cuts)
  • Do they offer different styles? (Northwestern, Packers, Cardinals, Twin City socks, etc)
  • Do they offer additional accessories such as belts and hats?
  • Do they offer high quality products at affordable prices?
  • Do they offer a prompt delivery services?
  • Do they offer information on the types of yarns and fabrics they use to design their stirrups?
  • Do they offer a color chart to help people decide on the color they want?
  • Do they offer more than one way to communicate to their customer service department?

Your Answer to Where You Can Buy Baseball Stirrups Online?

You are on the search to find the perfect baseball and softball stirrups online, but you need to ensure the company you choose to place your order with is a genuine company that answers all the questions we previously posed. Since we do not want you to go through all of the hassle to find the perfect company that meets all of your requirements, we are going to help you out and tell you about Socks Rock.

Socks Rock supplies superior quality stirrups online. We use an advanced manufacturing procedure that ensures the quality of the socks remains high. We use superior technologies such as antimicrobial, blister control, climate control, compression,  and ProDRI to design all of  our baseball and softball  stirrups in our collection.

Socks Rock’s Baseball and Softball Stirrups Offer Your Feet the Ultimate Protection from Moisture

Socks Rock utilizes technology and fabric that improves breathability of the socks. When you out on the field, your feet will naturally become sweaty, but the sweat will not stay trapped within the socks, but will be released due to the fabric’s quick drying action. You will be able to play your favorite sport with ease and without worry.

You Want Comfort, Quality, and Durability! You Want the Best! You Want Socks Rock!

If you are looking for the best place to buy baseball and softball stirrups online, you have found it. At Socks Rock, you get several different color options, combinations, custom sizes, and cuts. You can even place your team or your favorite team’s logo on your baseball and softball stirrups. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via phone or text.


Custom Socks Branding 101 - Creative Ways to Market Your Company and Create Brand Awareness June 03 2017, 0 Comments

Do you want to promote your company effectively? Do you want to create brand awareness? Most probably, you have tried several different techniques to create brand awareness and market your company, but have you tried using custom socks as a marketing technique?

If you have yet to try this effective marketing technique to create awareness for your company and brand, you need visit Socks Rock, a custom sock shop, to design custom socks. Here are some creative ways you can use custom socks to create brand awareness:

Does Your Company Have a Sports Team?

Companies that have a baseball team or companies that endorse local baseball and softball teams in their area can create brand awareness by designing socks. If they are using our custom sock shop to create custom sports socks for their own company sports team, they can add company colors and company logo to the socks.

If they are endorsing a local sports team, they can add the team’s colors and their own company logo to the socks. When they or the players of the local sports team play, their logo will be on full display, thus creating increased visibility for their company. If you are sponsoring an event, ask the organizers and the participants to wear your branded socks.

Does Your Company Deal with Several Corporate Clients?

Companies that sell their services to other businesses or make major deals with corporate businesses can further their relationship with them by giving them a custom socks corporate gift. Your clients may wear your socks out of courtesy at least once. If they are a high-profile client, you can expect to receive a lot of publicity and coverage.

Do You Want to Create Loyalty Amongst Employees?

You want your employees to be loyal to your company. One effective way to create loyalty amongst employees is to present with custom logo socks. You employees will be likely to show off their brand new custom logo socks they received from their company.

A good time to present them customized socks is during winter when the need to cover one’s feet are great. In fact, you can make gifting customized socks a tradition or come Christmas time, you can give them a custom sock with logo as a stocking, which they can hang up on the fireplace in their home.

Do You Want to Hand Out Gifts to Customers?

You can hand out gifts to customers. You can wrap a pair of beautiful and colorful socks to your customers. Your customers will like their high quality and branded socks and will be more likely to wear them when out and about.

When customers come to your store to buy something, you can put a pair of free branded socks with your company’s logo and colors in their bag. You can set up a promotional offer where you give out branded socks to each customer that walks into your store.

Even if a customer has no intention to buy anything from your store, they may still come in to get a free pair of branded socks. You can even combine socks with chocolates. You can put chocolates inside the socks.

Do You Want to Customize Your Own Socks?

If you are the owner of the company, you can customize your own socks. When you customize your own socks, you create brand awareness. You can wear the socks to events hosted by your company.

If you are invited to an event where you know several prospective clients will attend and cameras will be there, wear your branded socks to promote your company and create brand awareness. You can even get a pair of customized socks for your friends and family to wear. Your aim is to create brand awareness and customized socks is a wonderful way to catch people’s attention. When you are customizing socks, you have the option to choose from a variety of different cuts, styles, and sizes.

Best Place to Buy Custom Hats Online June 03 2017, 0 Comments

The best place to buy custom hats cheap is at Socks Rock! You do not only want to buy custom hats cheap, but also want to have the ability to make the hat your own! Socks Rock gives you the ability and the tools to design your own personalized baseball caps.

Our custom hat maker service is not limited to just baseball and softball, but you can create a hat or a visor using the colors of your favorite team. You can also design the hat using colors of your school, university, or team.

If you want to buy custom hats online, it will be a gamble because you are unsure what you may be receiving in the mail. For this reason, it is important you go with a company like Socks Rock. We know what best is because we have been defining what best is for several years. Here are some reasons why we have earned the title of one of the best places to buy personalized caps:

When It Comes to Color, The Options Are Endless!

Do you want to design custom visor hats? You can choose from several colors. You can select the color for the visor, crown, eyelets, button, and piping. If you want to make them all different colors, you can. You can select Columbia blue, cardinal, pink, Vegas gold, neon green, and more! You can even add the logo, the name, or the initials of your team on the front, back, and side of the hat.

Your Creation Will Appear in Front of Your Eyes

Have you ever bought personalized caps, choosing the colors and the text, only to receive a hat that looked completely different than you imagined it would? If you have, we have a simple reason of why that happened to you. The company you bought the hats from did not have an efficient hat customize service.

Unlike the pervious company that you bought the personalized caps from, we have an efficient hat customize service. Our hat customize service allows you to see your creation as you design it. When you select the color for the visor, the picture of the hat will change. It is the same for when you change the color of crown, piping, eyelets, and button.

Suggestions Galore — Helping You Pick the Right Hat

Not everyone is an expert at selecting the right hat to buy and wear. Some people need help and that is where we come in. If you are one of the people who require help, you will soon find out why we are the best place to buy custom hats online.

We can offer your suggestions on different types of hat. We carry hats with a flat and curved visor design. We also carry wool hats and hats made from breathable fabric to ensure sweat lines do not show.

High Quality and Affordable Hats

There are several companies offering a custom hat maker service at an affordable price. In order to make the hats affordable, they tend to compromise on the quality. You do not want to own and wear a hat that starts to fade and tear within a few short months. Socks Rock can assure you that you will not receive low quality hats. All the hats in our collection are made from high quality material with prices you will be pleased with.

Prompt Delivery Service

Have you waited more than a month just to receive a hat you ordered online? If you have, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. With Socks Rocks, you will not have to wait too long to get your hat.

You have the option to select a hat we already have available in our collection or customize your own hat. If you are choosing to customize your hat, it will take a minimum of three weeks to deliver them to your location.

Baseball Stirrups Making a Major Comeback in 2017 January 24 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball Stirrups Making a Major Comeback in 2017


Players may come and go, but there’s this one thing that remains constant — the uniform. It not only has an influence on the comfort and performance of a player, but it’s also drives attention and loyalty from sports fans. This is the reason behind the major stir that George Ellard caused when he decided to sock it to the fins with kinckerbocker-style pants that stopped just below the knee and were combined with a high, red sock. This is how baseball stirrups were born.

The Birth of Baseball Stirrups

Contrary to popular assumption, baseball stirrups are not just a fashion accessory. Instead, they were introduced in 1860’s to prevent the exposure of wounds to toxic dyes leached from stockings. So, someone had this unique idea to wear a white undersock, protected by a stirrup on the top.

The trend of wearing this distinctive baseball accessory was picked by all minor and amateur leagues, and soon, stirrups became an integral part of the traditional baseball uniform. However, stirrups began to decline in 1990s when George Hendrick and Barry Bonds, key players of St. Louis Cardinals and the Pirates, started wearing their pants down to his shoe tips, negating the need for stirrups. But like all fashion trends fade away to return later, the return to more visible socks and stirrups is imminent. In fact, it’s almost happening!

Baseball Stirrup - FeatherEdge | Socks RockPacker Stirrup | Socks RockTriple Strip Softball Stirrup | Socks RockCardinals Baseball Stirrup | Socks Rock

Baseball Stirrups — The Great Fashion Debate of 2017

The comeback of baseball stirrups is one of the most pressing fashion debates of 2017 among baseball fans who are particularly judgmental about how a player should look on the field. There are fans who believe that long pants are disgraceful to the rich hosiery heritage of baseball and make players look like they are wearing pajamas. Therefore, these must be replaced by stirrups that are an integral component of the classic baseball uniform.

Here are a few reasons more and more baseball players have started boasting the old-school, high-socks look on the field.

  • Comfort and Support — When you’re a professional baseball player, you must take good care of your feet in order to give your best on the pitch. So, whether you’re hitting the gym or tearing around the bases, a pair of good-quality baseball stirrups will keep your feet protected and comfortable, allowing you to focus on the game.
  • Practical Value — Stirrups today offer greater functionality to players than ever before. Advanced features like breathable mesh vents, moisture-wicking fibers, odor-control technology, and antimicrobial protection not only keep the feet dry and cool, but also fight foot fatigue and soreness.
  • Visual Appeal — Apart from the practical value associated with baseball stirrups, there’s an allure to stirrup socks that draws style-conscious baseball observers to the players who show off the classic solid-color stirrups on the field.
  • Unique Look — In addition to drawing the eyes of baseball fans, stirrups also fulfill the players’ desire of individuality. Since baseball uniforms are subject to a variety of regulations that require players to wear uniforms of a certain color, trim, and style, baseball stirrups offer them the room to customize their look and put their own stamp on the game.
  • Team Solidarity — Baseball stirrups signify solidarity. The sight of nine baseball players wearing solid-color stirrups with unique pattern and a team logo looks magnificent and promotes unity and harmony among the team members.

Free Shipping on Baseball Stirrups and Custom Socks

High Socks vs. No Visible Socks — Our Take on the Matter

The old-school, classic look that famous baseball players like Brad Miller and Chris Archer have boasted proudly on the field for years now is likely to become one of the hottest sports fashion trend in 2017. With more customization options available today, baseball stirrups can be personalized in unique colors, patterns, and team logos, to fulfill the players’ need for exclusivity, as well as to showcase a unique team identity.

Here’s how Joe Zee, a fashion stylist, journalist, and the creative director of Elle puts it: “Seeing the hemlines grow longer and looser over the years, I am left scratching my head. I can see that loose, dropped-waist look working in the rap community, but chasing cool on the baseball field? Not so much. They should be chasing the ball.”

So, if you’re a professional baseball player, you want to give up long pants and join players like Brad Miller Bryce Harper in the glory of a striped or solid-color baseball stirrup sock!

Shop Custom Stirrups Now

A Brief History of the Stirrup December 13 2016, 0 Comments


Current StirrupsCurrent players wearing stirrups clockwise from top left: Jonathan Sanchez/Giants (EPA/Scott Rovak), Juan Pierre/Dodgers (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian), Jamie Moyer/Phillies (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images), Barry Zito/Giants (Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) and Greg Maddux/Padres (Greg Trott/Getty Images).

Last Sunday the A’s and Rangers played in throwback uniforms and baseball purists (at least those that obsess over fashion) rejoiced. It was not the sight of Oakland players wearing vests or even butter cream yellow batting helmetsthat caused the celebration. Rather, it was the sight of seeing two teams of major leaguers wearing classic stirrup socks.

Aside from a few players like Barry ZitoJonathan SanchezJuan Pierre andJamie Moyer, the sight of stirrups in the major leagues is rare. (Greg Maddux wears socks with stirrups sewn on, which only half counts.) The most popular look today seems to be having your pants pulled down around the tops of the shoes, which is actually how the early baseball players of the 1840’s and 50’s wore their pants. According to the Baseball Hall of Fame,

it was not until the1868 Cincinnati Red Stockings decided to don knickers and expose their colored socks that this style changed. Strange to think of Manny Ramirez’s long baggy pants being a throwback, but that actually seems to be the case. 

The stirrup actually came about to provide players a measure of safety as well as comfort in the days before colorfast dyes. In those days a player who got spiked by an opponent could get blood poisoning if the dye were to run into the cut. As a result players wore white socks under their colored stockings, which are still today called “sanitary socks”.

Then the problem of fitting this double wrapped foot into a pair of spikes came up and thus the stirrup was born. With its double arched opening, it allowed the foot to fit into the spike while also allowing the player to wear two pairs of socks. Originally players did not expose much of their white under socks, but as the century progressed stirrups were stretched tighter and tighter until in the 1980’s players were actually cutting their stirrups and adding fabric to make for a longer and thinner look.


Then very suddenly players like George Hendrick of the Cardinals and Barry Bonds – then with the Pirates — began to wear their pants lower and a new trend was born. But the real trend that came about was one of individuality.

“What’s happening now, especially since the 1980s is that the uniforms are not worn uniformly,” said Tom Shieber, the senior curator at the Baseball Hall of Fame. “It used to be that the differences were fairly subtle with minor exceptions, but now everybody is interested in differentiating themselves from everyone else.”

Today we have players wearing everything from low pants almost to the bottom of the shoe to high socks that go up to the knee and everything in between. So while many bemoan the loss of stirrup socks and the trend of long pants, they should instead revel in the wide array of hosiery styles currently on display across Major League Baseball and appreciate the fact that in today’s era there is a little bit of everything.

(A quick thanks to the Baseball Hall of Fame and their incredible “Dressed to the Nines” website and exhibit as well as to Paul Lukas, who is one of the great proponents of classic baseball hosiery as well as the proprietor of the Uni Watch Blog. I think it’s safe to say that those are the two foremost stirrup experts around.)