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Best Baseball Socks August 24 2022, 0 Comments

Baseball is known as America’s favorite pastime for a reason. It’s a classic sport that offers fun and fitness, and like any other sport, it gives players a workout. This means that it’s important to invest in the best gear for every game. Baseball socks can help you do exactly that by providing the style and support you need while you’re out on the field.
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Feather Edge Stirrup (PATTERN D)

The FeatherEdge Stirrup sock is one of the best youth baseball socks on the market. These baseball stirrup socks are designed with a classic stripe pattern and are available in 4"/5", 7" or 9" cuts. The stirrup design is ideal for comfort, and its smooth seams ensure easy on and off. Choose from over 40 colors to customize the exact combination you want to reflect your kid’s team’s colors or your kid’s favorite color combination.

FeatherEdge Baseball Sock (BPS-D)

Shoppers looking for classic baseball socks will find it in the FeatherEdge baseball sock. This sock features fabric made of 83% polypropylene, making its material strong, flexible, and incredibly durable. Its design is defined by three striped at the top of the calf, shadowed by a thinner stripe, all of which you can customize by choosing from more than 40 colors. You can protect your legs while showing team spirit with these premium quality baseball socks.

Cardinals Baseball Sock (BPS-I)

When performance matters, you need youth baseball socks that deliver more than just looks. The Cardinals baseball sock isn’t just stylish — it’s specially designed to make the game more comfortable for players. With a heel-toe construction, antimicrobial odor and bacteria control, and moisture-resistant insulation, these socks are superior to most on the market. Pair these qualities with its stylish striped design, and you’ll see why the Cardinal sock is a home run.

Ranger Stirrup (PATTERN E)

Baseball stirrup socks are a time honored tradition. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, these socks serve to minimize moisture and improve player comfort. The Ranger stirrup socks do all of this and more. Featuring traditional baseball stripes that are knit directly onto the sock — and over 40 color options to choose from when customizing these stripes — these socks are both fashionable and functional.

Packer Stirrup (PATTERN F)

Are you tired of wearing sanitary socks under your baseball socks? The innovative design of the Packer stirrup sock eliminates this problem completely. With stripes knit directly into the sock, these baseball stirrup socks are designed for the discriminating player. Other features include moisture-fighting insulation, heel-toe construction, and anti-odor lining. Choose from endless color combinations, too, for a totally customized sock!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to wear baseball socks?

Baseball socks are a tradition in the sport, and for good reason! One of the biggest reasons to wear baseball socks is their ability to protect players’ legs from impact as they slide through the dirt, fall, or get hit.

Why do some people wear plain socks under stirrups?

Wearing so-called sanitary socks is yet another time honored tradition of baseball. These plain white socks are worn under baseball stirrups because dyes from colored socks were previously thought to be harmful if worn directly against the skin.

Do baseball socks offer any health benefits?

Apart from the protection they provide, there are not necessarily any inherent health benefits to wearing baseball socks. Some baseball socks, though, feature compression capabilities, which can improve circulation and minimize swelling after exercise.

What kind of material is best for baseball socks?

When you’re shopping for baseball socks, you want a material that is flexible, durable, and comfortable to the wearer. Polypropylene offers all of this and is relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for players seeking a high value baseball sock.

Can bacteria in a player’s sock be harmful?

As players run and sweat, bacteria can be drawn to the moisture and accumulate quickly. This bacteria, if left in contact with skin for too long, has the potential to cause infections. Baseball socks that feature antimicrobials such as Alphasan© minimize such risk.

Baseball Socks for Performance and Style

Baseball socks are an important part of every player’s uniform. You need stylish and functional socks to support you throughout every game. Socks Rock specializes in custom baseball socks for kids and adults alike. Shop online or call (866) 200-2416 to find the right socks for you.

Why do volleyball players wear long socks? July 20 2022, 0 Comments

You've been thinking about joining a volleyball team for a while, but you're curious about the uniforms that players wear. Most teams sport short shorts, colorful shoes, knee pads, and long volleyball socks at each match. Are these uniform items just a fashion statement? While volleyball players do have some control over what they wear, especially for practices, all parts of their uniforms and especially their socks keep them safe as they serve, spike, and volley.

Protection From Court Burn

Wearing long Socks Rock socks isn't a requirement for volleyball matches, but it does protect each player's shins from contact with the gym floor. Players often have to dive to keep the other team from scoring, and without any protection, they rip or bruise the skin on their legs. Knee-length custom volleyball socks provide an extra layer of security when it's time to take a dive.

Security Against Blisters

Extra-long socks from Socks Rock also prevent blisters from forming as volleyball players move around the court. Because they pivot and dive so often, players' socks sink into their shoes if they're only wearing ankle-length socks, making it easier for blisters and hot spots to develop. Knee socks allow players' ankles to stay covered even if their socks start to droop.

Support for Long Matches

Custom socks for volleyball include special support to keep players' feet ready for action even after a long match or tournament. Their soles are thicker so that when players land after a spike or serve, they don't hurt their shins. They also have flatter seams across the toe to make them less likely to need adjusting mid-match.

Ease of Application

Volleyball players wear knee pads for protection when they slam into the ground after a jump or dive. Shin-length socks similar to the ones that soccer players wear are uncomfortable because they stop right where volleyball players' knee pads start. With knee socks, volleyball players can put on their socks and then simply pull their knee pads on top. This method of getting dressed also makes it easier for players to take off their knee pads if they need a break in between matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Players' Socks Made Of?

Knee socks for volleyball are made of a blend of spandex and polyester, a combination that makes them easy to pull on between matches. This mixture also doesn't retain moisture the way that cotton does, keeping players' feet sweat- and blister-free. All Socks Rock products are made from high-quality materials that promote good foot health.

What Styles Are Available?

Volleyball socks don't have to be boring, especially if they're for practice or scrimmages instead of a game. Socks Rock offers knee socks in a variety of colors and patterns, including Mercury, Axiom, Stellaris, and Blaze. For teams that want to add flair to their uniforms, these styles all come with customizable logos.

What Kinds of Volleyball Use Socks?

There are two kinds of volleyball: team and beach. Beach volleyball generally happens outside in a sandpit, so the players don't wear any socks or shoes. On the other hand, team volleyball takes place on a court, usually one that's also used for basketball. All 12 players in a team volleyball match wear long socks.

What Customization Options Are Possible?

For teams who want a little more personalization than the standard Socks Rock styles, customized orders are available. Customers upload their logo and team colors onto the online template and add text on the upper seams, toe seams, backs, and bridges if they choose. For customized orders, teams need to order at least 12 pairs of socks per size.

How Do Sizes Work?

Socks Rock offers five different sizes: extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. This range of sizes works with men's shoe sizes between 5Y and 13 and women's shoe sizes between 4 and 12. For teams that want to ensure the perfect fit, there is also a chart with the exact leg, foot, heel, and ankle measurements for each size.

Whether you've spent your whole life on the volleyball court or you're considering joining a team now, you have lots of questions about the different kinds of knee socks. To start your first order, contact Socks Rock with this online form today.

Top 5 Hockey Socks July 12 2022, 0 Comments

The best selling hockey socks feature the colors of National Hockey Leagues teams. Each team color combination is available in two or three different styles. From socks with stripes in the team colors of the Rangers, Blue Jackets, Canadiens, Flames and Devils, these are the top five socks for hockey that offer a comfortable fit over shin pads to protect players’ legs from abrasion and skate blades.

Rangers Pro Weight Knit Socks

Get ankle to thigh socks in the team colors of the New York Rangers. Choose from three styles of sock patterns, including a white away style with blue and red stripes, a medium blue home style with red and white stripes and a dark blue third style with red and white stripes.

Columbus Pro Weight Knit Socks

The team colors of the Columbus Blue Jackets are blue, red and silver. Choose from home or away sock patterns. Style One is white with blue and red stripes, Style Two is a blue sock with red and white stripes and Style Three is a blue sock with light blue, silver and white stripes. Choose from mites or youth hockey socks, intermediate or adult sizes.

Montreal Pro Weight Knit Socks

Choose from two styles of home and away socks in the colors of the Montreal Canadiens. Style One is a white sock with red and blue stripes for away games. Style Two is a red sock with white and blue stripes for home games. No minimum order quantity is necessary for these standard sock designs.

Calgary Pro Weight Knit Socks

The team colors of the New Jersey Devils are available on two styles of socks. The away game socks are white with red and black stripes, while the home game socks are red with black and white stripes. All of these socks are available in mites, youth, intermediate and adult sizes.

New Jersey Pro Weight Knit Socks

The team colors of the New Jersey Devils are available on two styles of socks. The away game socks are white with red and black stripes, while the home game socks are red with black and white stripes. All of these socks are available in mites, youth, intermediate and adult sizes.

SHOP New Jersey Pro Weight Knit Socks

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order hockey socks?

You can order any design and quantity of socks for hockey or other sports. Choose a sock pattern to see which color, size and design customization options are available. Once you find your favorite style of socks, place an order that includes at least the minimum order quantity per size.

Can I customize sock colors?

It is simple to choose the colors for custom hockey socks. Select a sock pattern to see which color choices are available. You may also have the option to add a logo or text to some sock designs. Sock materials may determine the number of color options that are available.

What are the best socks for hockey?

Most socks for hockey are ankle- to thigh-high and designed to be worn over protective gear. Pro Weight Knitted socks are made of a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton yarn. Choose from a variety of existing designs in NHL team colors or customize socks for any hockey team.

How do you wear socks for hockey?

Ankle to thigh socks are worn over shin guards. Put on guards and tighten the straps or secure guards with socks. Pull up socks and use athletic tape below the knees or at ankles to hold socks in place. Attach socks to a garter belt or Velcro tabs on undershorts.

Can I get socks in team colors?

Choose from a large selection of socks in NHL team colors with a choice of home and away game styles. You can also customize sock colors for any team. Select a sock pattern to see which color customization options are available. Note the minimum order quantity per size and order.

Hockey socks protect players’ legs during practice and competitive games. Browse a full selection of socks for hockey that come in NHL team colors with a choice of up to three styles of home and away socks or customize athletic socks for hockey.

Best Custom Socks 2022 June 09 2022, 0 Comments

A Look at Some of Your Best Options With Custom Socks

A quality pair of custom socks can be perfect for many reasons. Whether you’re looking to invest in a pair for yourself or as a gift, you definitely want to put a little thought behind the process of designing your own socks. If you’ve never undertaken such a journey before, you may not have the first idea where to begin. Thankfully, you can focus your search by looking at some of the best and most popular options available. Check out these styles and see which is best for you.

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Reaktor is an excellent fit for your customization options. The lightweight nylon material makes this style ideal for those who play sports. These socks keep your feet dry and comfortable, while exhibiting a personalized look that you put time and effort into creating. The material is also incredibly supportive, which means that you will not feel discomfort or irritation by wearing them to engage in more intense physical activities like partaking in a scrimmage or game.


If you want a design that goes a step beyond the expected, then you will definitely appreciate what the Digital camouflage look can do. This is a design that can be customized in a number of ways, meaning you can create a piece that is entirely unique for yourself or someone special. In fact, this is a top choice to consider when you’re looking for groups to get for your team, coworkers, or employees. The sock comes in two distinct lengths, meaning you have plenty of options to consider for customization purposes.


A supportive fit cannot be beat when it comes to customizable socks. The Nitron style offers full support and a comfortable feel, allowing the sock to be worn without irritation. The design of this sock can be tweaked in a number of key ways in order to give it a personal edge. Extra cushioning around the heel adds to the performance of the sock, balancing pressure across the foot and reducing the odds of tension caused by impact when the foot meets the surface area of the ground.


No one wants to deal with wet feet when they’re going about their daily business. Unfortunately, plenty of inferior sock designs are terrible at absorbing sweat. Thankfully, this is far from the case with the Pacifica. This customizable accessory wicks moisture by way of the quality nylon fabric that composes the sock. Cut down on moisture, blisters, and foul smells by investing in a sock that takes your comfort to heart with every step that you take.


You don’t need to be wandering the solar system to find socks that are truly out of this world. The Mercury is a perfect example of this, providing a look that can be tweaked in a number of key ways so that you can enhance the look to meet your own sensibilities. Plus, these  customized socks offer enhanced protection and comfort no matter where your day might take you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy the Best Custom Socks?

When you’re ready to invest in quality custom socks, then be sure to head over and check out your options at Socks Rock. Review the different styles and resources available to you for customization purposes and get your journey started.

What Should I Know About Personalizing Socks?

If you’re customizing socks, you really only need to pay attention to a few details outside of the design itself. The fit and size of the sock matters, especially if you’re purchasing as a gift. Be sure to note this in order to make your shopping experience a breeze.

Are Socks a Good Gift?

Yes! If you’re short on time or ideas, socks are the type of gift that are sure to please anyone you might need to buy for. Simply tweak the design to fit their tastes and you’ve got a present for any occasion.

How Can I Add Personal Flair to an Outfit?

Customized pieces like socks are an ideal way to turn a drab outfit into something a bit more enticing. Whether you want something bold, understated, new, or vintage, you can personalized the designs on socks in a variety of ways.

What Matters Most When Buying Socks?

When you’re in the market for a new pair of socks, be sure to pay attention to comfort. Finding options that boast features like fabric that wicks moisture and supports the feet can be key to your success.

There are plenty of points to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for custom socks. Take time to look over the options available to you at Socks Rock, get a feel for how to put your own spin on a design, and feel ready to buy something truly unique and exciting.

Youth Soccer Socks 101: Finding the Right Pair for Your Athlete June 03 2022, 0 Comments

Keeping kids active is important. One of the more popular ways parents achieve this is by signing their children up for intramural sports. By joining a team, kids learn the importance of working with others while also staying active and enjoying friendly competition. While all of this is great, you still need to make sure you remain mindful of what your little ones need in order to take part in these games. The right gear is essential for your child’s success on the field. If you’re preparing for soccer season, now is time to explore your options with socks. When you want to find the best options for your kids, it can be a good idea to look at custom soccer socks. To see success with this, review these tips on how to select the perfect socks for young athletes.
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Children are likely to enjoy the experience on the field a lot more if they find the process fun. Though the idea of physical activity might not be the most appealing for all kids, you can easily capture their interests in other ways. Custom youth soccer socks offer your child the chance to express his or her unique personality through gear. Whether the socks are designed to feature a specific combination of colors, an image, or a logo, having control over the final appearance can definitely get your kids excited for the season.


Another way of selecting appropriate socks for soccer is by considering the position that your child plays. Positions on a soccer team include the goalie, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. If your child is a midfielder, for example, he or she is likely to run up and down the field a lot. This means the socks need to be as flexible as possible and offer support to the ankles. Similarly, defenders will require space for shin guards so that the legs can be properly protected. Consider the position and you’ll easily find the right socks.


You can also find great custom sports socks for your kids by looking at the materials. When socks are made of inferior materials, it can cause the skin to become irritated and dry. Be sure to look for materials that breathe, as this will help to prevent moisture from getting trapped within the shoes. You should also be sure to look at the material to ensure it provides a comfortable experience even when worn for long durations.  There are many options to select from, so take your time diving into the details of each.


Finally, always be sure to take size into consideration. Children grow fast and you want to be as accurate as possible when picking socks. If the socks are too small or too big, it can cause a number of problems for your young athlete. Consult with official sizing charts to gain more perspective on what size will make the most sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find New Soccer Socks?

When the time comes to invest in new custom sports socks, simply head over to Socks Rock. Exploring the extensive selection available will provide you with insight on just how easy it is to find the right socks for your little one.

Is It Easy To Customize Soccer Socks?

Yes! Personalizing socks is an incredibly simple and straightforward experience. Use the tools and resources available at Socks Rock and put together a design that brings out the exact style you’re after.

What Qualities Are Most Important When Picking Socks?

When selecting socks for your young athlete, be sure to think about durability and comfort. If the socks are able to be worn for long periods of time without discomfort and are made from strong materials, then you can be sure you're picking a solid fit.

How Often Should Socks Be Replaced?

Since socks take on a lot of wear and tear, it is relatively easy to know when the time has come to buy a new pair or two. Damage like holes, stretched areas, and faded colors can all suggest that the socks are past their prime.

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Long Socks?

Soccer players traditionally wear long socks as a way of protecting their legs. Shinguards can be placed under the socks and allow for extra protection during a particularly intense game.

Selecting the best custom soccer socks for your young athlete takes time. Explore the variety of options available to you at Socks Rock to find a fit that helps your child maximize his or her time on the field.

Best Girls Softball Socks May 31 2022, 0 Comments

Softball is a fantastic sport for kids. In addition to the physical exercise it provides, it offers an opportunity to set goals, make friends, and develop athletic skills. This is especially true for girls looking for a sport to get involved in. Softball is the top option, and you need girls softball socks to put the finishing touch on a uniform. These are the best softball socks on the market.

Stock Solid Stirrup (Intermediate)

There are several qualities you should look for in girls softball socks — a lightweight construction, a variety of color choices, and moisture-wicking technology. The stock solid stirrup softball socks offer all of these features, making them the ideal choice for any girl who’s serious about softball. Choose from 4", 7" or 9" cut options to find the size and style that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Overedge Stirrup - (OE)

Stirrup softball socks are a classic addition to any uniform, and the overedge stirrup socks are no exception. Designed to fit players ages 12 and up, these socks are available in a wide range of trim colors for both the body and edges. A smooth toe seam and 96% polyester material construction further reinforce the comfort players will experience when wearing these all-star socks.

Red Sox Stirrup (PATTERN G)

Classic stripes and a custom stirrup make the Rod Sox girls softball socks a great choice for the most fashionable player. Available in 4"/5" or 7" cuts, these socks feature a sturdy tube construction as well as a smooth toe seam, making them both durable and comfortable. Material made of 95% polyester and 5% elastic means they’re flexible, too — great for young softball players on the run.

Baseball Stirrup - Triple Stripe (PATTERN B)

Of all the designs available for softball socks, perhaps the triple stripe stirrup is the classic. These youth softball socks are made to be played in. Made from 100% nylon stretch yarn, these tube-constructed socks offer complete comfort. The versatile stirrup design makes them easy to slip on and off, too. Choose from over 40 colors to customize the stripes and base with for a totally unique result.

Cardinals Stirrup (PATTERN I)

A unique stripe pattern and comfortable stirrup design make these youth softball socks a winning option. Made to be lightweight yet durable, the double welt top and extra cushioning ensure that players are comfortable and supported throughout the entirety of a game. Combine these features with its smooth toe seam, and you’ll see why so many players prefer the Cardinals stirrup sock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my youth softball socks?

All youth softball socks from Socks Rock are completely customizable. You can choose from over 40 colors for the base of the sock as well as its stripes, making it simple to create socks with your team’s colors!

What is the difference between softball and baseball?

The primary difference between softball and baseball is the size of the ball. Softballs tend to be much larger than baseballs. Many also cite a difference it pitch styles — baseball players typically pitch overhand, while softball players pitch underhand.

Are stirrup socks or classic socks better for softball?

Closed toe socks and stirrup socks are both a great option for showing team spirit and protecting your legs from the rough terrain of the softball field. Which one is better, though? The answer — and your choice — comes down to personal preference.

How do I find the right size softball socks?

Finding the right size softball socks can be difficult if you’re buying for a young player or a player who is between sizes. For this reason, it is always best to consult the Socks Rock size guide or look at the recommended age for each size.

Do softball socks offer any benefits to wearers?

Softball socks offer several benefits to wearers. Players will often slide through the dirt or fall on the field, and without socks protecting the legs, this can result in injury. Additionally, many softball socks offer compression, making them ideal for encouraging circulation.

Softball Sock Styles for Girls

Few sports offer the camaraderie and learning experience that softball offers to girls. To play the game, you need the gear — and socks are one of the most important pieces of your uniform! Socks Rock offers an array of softball socks just for girls. Shop online or call (866) 200-2416 to customize a pair for your player.

Everything You Need to Know About Branded Socks May 27 2022, 0 Comments

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Branded Socks

In order to be noticed in the current day and age, you need to know how to stand out. This is especially true in the world of business. The internet has made it easier than ever before for consumers to connect with brands that they find appealing. However, it also means that there are countless companies online trying to grab the attention of potential customers. In order for you to stand out, you need to think outside the box about your branding approach. For some, the right solution is investing in custom branded socks. While you definitely need to put effort into your digital marketing initiatives, you cannot ignore the power of unique methods of promotion. Look over this guide and learn everything you need to know about using socks to market your brand. Shop Custom Socks

The Problem With the Predictable

Think about the promotional materials you have received from businesses over the years. Typically, the items fall into a few of the same general categories. You’ll likely receive pens, stationery, keychains, tiny flashlight or laser pointers, and a variety of other trinkets and knickknacks. Though useful in some ways, these are all predictable ways of getting the name and logo of your business into the public sphere. Instead of following this path, you will find exploring alternatives can yield more interesting and robust results from all of your hard work. Using custom socks as a branding tool is a wonderful idea because it is unexpected. Giving quality socks featuring the name of your company to clients new and old is a way to get people to remember your name. What’s more, it will show consumers that you have the insight to think in innovative ways that make a lasting impression. All you have to do is come up with a design that sells your brand identity in a simple and alluring way.

The Ease of Designing Your Own

While not everyone has the skill set needed to design captivating socks all on their own, there are some invaluable resources available online to make the task more manageable. You may have a vision of your design in your head and are not sure how to bring the image to life on your socks. To solve this problem, take advantage of the customization tools available at Socks Rock. Play around with the features and see the untold design possibilities at your fingertips when you’re ready to begin the design process. When you’re stuck for inspiration, you merely need to turn to the internet once more to find some interesting ideas. Look at different apparel designs across a variety of platforms and see if any specific ideas catch your attention. While you never want to copy another brand’s logo or design outright, there is nothing wrong with feeling inspired by what you come across. Some business leaders even make mood boards in order to highlight the most captivating images that they stumble upon while exploring troves of images.

A Powerful Message

Custom logo socks are about more than showcasing an image on apparel that your customers can wear. This is an opportunity to get your message out there. If your business has a special mission or an overall goal, then placing a reference to this on the sock in some capacity can make customers aware of your objectives. Consumers enjoy aligning with brands that share the same values, so be sure to highlight key points whenever possible via your design in order to capitalize upon this market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Order My Own Custom Branded Socks?

Finding custom branded socks that fit your preferences is easy. Look over the resources available to you at Socks Rock and start to play around with the tools on the site. In no time, you’ll have a feel for how to get the ball rolling.

Can I Order Custom Socks in Bulk?

Yes, you can easily order customized sock designs in bulk. Not only is this a practical choice when you need a lot of apparel for your group, it can also be a fantastic way to save money along the way.

Why Go With Socks as a Gift?

During a time when gift cards are the most popular gift option, giving a classic present like socks can be a breath of fresh air. Socks are practical, but they also offer an opportunity to create something truly unique with your present.

Are Socks Good Branding Tools?

Socks are a wonderful option to consider when you are thinking about different methods of branding your business. Take time to come up with a design using the tools online and see what results the effort can yield.

What Do Socks Do for the Team?

Not only will socks have a positive impact on consumers, your internal team will also benefit from the decision. Gifting socks to your employees as a way of saying thanks can raise spirits and create a sense of unity in the office.

There are a number of different reasons to think about giving custom branded socks to your clients as a way of promoting your business. Check out Socks Rock to gain an idea of how to get started and discover the power of this method of marketing.

Personalized & Custom Socks: Great Corporate Gifts May 23 2022, 0 Comments

Why Custom Socks Make for a Perfect Corporate Gift

Running a business can often feel like an incredibly overwhelming task. At the end of the day, however, you hopefully have a team of qualified individuals who are working under you and helping to bring the goals of the company to fruition. If this is the case, then you absolutely want to take time to make sure that these people feel a sense of appreciation for all of the effort that they put into the business. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by giving the members of your team the right gift. While there are many different ways that you can go when selecting a corporate gift for a team of amazing employees, it can often be a good idea to go with something unexpected. Take a look at why custom socks make for a perfect present for the members of your business team and see how easy it is to get the ball rolling on this idea.
Shop Custom Socks

Explore the Element of Surprise

Employees who have worked in the corporate world for long enough will usually have a general idea of the types of presents that business owners will give out when looking to make teams feel appreciated. However, even those who have been in an industry for decades might not expect something as surprising and delightful as customizable socks. This is the type of present that is as practical as it is fun, which can make it an excellent fit for the variety of personalities you have running about your offices.

Bring the Team Together

A sense of unity can be vital to the survival of a business team. When people who are working together do not feel like they can trust one another, it is only a matter of time before the proverbial ship starts to sink. Thankfully, little moves can go a long way when it comes to unifying a group of disparate individuals. Customized corporate socks are a fun idea to play with because they can give the group a simple visual that ties them together and makes them feel like they are in the fight together.

Have a Little Fun Yourself

Gifting socks that you create yourself is not just an experience meant to satisfy your team. In fact, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of this process if you know how to exercise your imagination a bit. Creating socks is your opportunity to design something that fits your vision. Whether you opt to create accessories that fit the colors of your brand or you go with an inside joke that employees have been using throughout the year, you can have fun and play around with a ton of interesting options.

Save and Order in Bulk

When you’re looking for gifts for everyone in the office, you may worry that you’ll drink your corporate accounts trying to pay for all the presents. The beauty of a gift like customized sock options is that you can save a good amount of money simply by ordering in bulk. After going through the process of designing the socks, simply select a bulk option when checking out and see how easy it is for you to save money and still get all of the socks you need for each member of your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Order Custom Socks?

Finding personalized socks is an incredibly straightforward experience. Take a look at the resources available at Socks Rock and start to play around with the customization tools in order to see just how easy it is to make socks for your whole team.

How Often Should Socks Be Replaced?

Since socks wear out pretty fast, most people replace the accessory when there are visible signs of wear. Holes and tears usually unravel the socks after a few more washes, so this is a good indication that it is time for new footwear.

Are Custom Socks a Good Gift?

Custom socks are a phenomenal gift to give to anyone you care about. The practical and creative nature of this present is sure to impress and delight the people that you are looking to show appreciation to.

Is It Easy To Make My Own Personalized Socks?

Yes, it is incredibly easy to make socks that fit your own design specifications. As mentioned, the resources available at Socks Rock are meant to help guide you through the process and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Can I Order Socks in Bulk?

You can easily order socks in bulk. In fact, this is a great way to save money. When you’re ordering custom socks for an entire office, being able to save a small chunk of change can be a huge point of relief.

Creating custom socks can be a wonderful way for business owners to take a moment and show gratitude toward employees who work tirelessly to bring corporate goals to life. Take a look at the resources available to you at Socks Rock to get the ball rolling.

Custom Socks: Why you need some May 19 2022, 0 Comments

Why Custom Socks Are a Fantastic Fit for Anyone

Socks can easily be taken for granted. Though a necessary part of anyone’s daily outfit, this is an article of clothing that tends to be forgotten because of how socks remain hidden from view for the most part. Still, plenty of people find excitement in selecting socks with designs or styles that match their personal sensibilities. If you’re looking for a great way to express yourself or you’re in need for a great gift, you may want to take closer look at what custom socks have to offer. Personalized socks are a unique and unexpected way to shake things up in your life. Look over these advantages and discover why this custom product is perfect for anyone. Shop Custom Socks

Show Your Personal Style

Though socks remain hidden from view for the most part, there are plenty of times when this piece of clothing gets to shine in the spotlight. For such moments, you may want to don more than the basic white or black socks that most people wear when heading out of the house. By investing in customized socks that you’ve created yourself, you can show the world a piece of clothing that gives you pride and makes you feel excited to head out and face the challenges of your day. Designing your own socks is a very simple process. Whether you have an idea in your head already or you need a little bit of inspiration to get started, there are a ton of resources available to peruse at Socks Rock. Take a moment to dive into what the customization tools can do and discover how easy this process is from start to finish.

Express Gratitude in a Creative Way

If you run a business, you’re likely always looking for new ways to show appreciation to your employees. Without your team, your company would not be able to succeed. Unfortunately, coming up with clever ways to say thanks can be a challenge. While all employees appreciation extra money, you may want to take things a little bit farther and give a physical gift along with a bonus check. In this scenario, custom printed socks are a great option to think over. There’s something fun and silly about receiving a pair of socks from your boss at work. Employees will take delight in this, especially if you come up with a design that brings joy in some capacity. Whether you opt for the colors of your brand or use an image that has significance to the members of your team, there are many ways to go about creating socks that showcase how special your employees are to you.

Bring the Team Together

When you’re coaching a team, you want the players to feel a sense of camaraderie. It doesn’t matter if you’re coaching professional athletes or a handful of friends who get together on the weekends for some intramural fun, this sense of unity helps to drive a team to victory. One of the easiest ways to create a connection from the start is by having everyone wear matching uniforms. Though not all leagues require official uniforms, you may want to gift your players custom made socks as a way of unifying the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Order Custom Socks?

If you think that custom socks are a good fit for yourself or someone you care about, all you need to do is explore the selection at Socks Rock to get started. Look at the customization tools and come up with a design that perfectly showcases what you’re trying to capture.

Are Customized Sock a Good Gift?

If you’re looking for a way to surprise and delight someone, then customized sock gifts are the way to go. Not only will a clever design amaze the recipient, the practical nature of socks mak them a welcome gift regardless of the occasion.

Can I Order Personalized Socks in Bulk?

When you have a ton of socks to order, your best bet is to order in bulk. This is a great way to ensure you have enough for everyone on your list. Plus, you’ll save a bit of money by approaching your order in this way.

How Should I Design My Custom Sock Gift?

Coming up with the perfect design for your socks is not always going to be an easy journey. Take time to find inspiration on the internet and see what is possible when you let your imagination run wild.

Do Professional Athletes Wear Specific Socks?

Yes, professional athletes tend to wear specific socks in order to ensure better support and comfort while giving it their all during a game. The exact socks used will vary by sport, so be sure to review the specifics if you want more information on how to gear up for your next athletic session.

Custom socks are the kind of gift that is perfect to give to yourself or someone you care about. If this idea catches your attention, then be sure to look at all of the customization tools and inspiration resources available at Socks Rock. With a little digging, you’ll be ready to create socks that truly impress.

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What To Consider When Designing Your Own Custom Printed Socks

Socks play a very important role in a person’s wardrobe. Without this vital accessory, you would be more prone to blisters, rashes, and bacterial infections on your feet. Though socks serve a specific purpose, they are also an amazing place to pay attention to when it comes to enhancing your personal style. Instead of only ever purchasing socks for utilitarian purposes, you may find it fun to think about your options with fashionable custom printed socks. To get the ball rolling, look over this simple guide and gain perspective on your options. Shop Custom Socks

Who Are the Socks For?

First and foremost, the most important step in designing socks is thinking about who the finished product will be for. Are you creating these socks for yourself? Perhaps you realize that this is a unique gift and want to grab it for a friend or relative. You could even be looking to invest in bulk personalized socks as a way of giving clever presents to your workers or teammates. Thinking on this point can be helpful as you move forward and review the choices in front of you.

What Are the Socks For?

Another helpful question to ask yourself as you begin looking at options for custom socks is what the socks will be used for. Though all socks serve the purpose of keeping the feet covered and protected, the activities a person engages with on a daily basis can influence which socks are most useful. For example, athletes and those who tend to do a lot of physical exercise will want to look for socks that are made from materials that offer support and keep the feet dry when the game or workout gets intense.

What Colors Interest You?

From a design perspective, one of the biggest qualities to think over is color. The shades that you select for your socks will have an impact on how they look. Thankfully, this is a part of the journey that can be a ton of fun. Play around with different combinations and see which arrangement appeals to you. If the socks are for athletic purposes, then picking the colors connected to the team you are on is a perfect way to show your pride and solidarity.

Would an Image Work?

After picking basic colors or patterns, you should think about how you can enhance and customize socks with additional style elements. For some, this means adding an image to the mix. A corporate logo, team symbol, or funny image can all work in an ideal way when you are looking for small ways you can tweak and personalize your socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Invest in Custom Printed Socks?

Designing your own custom printed socks is an incredibly simple process. Check out the resources and options available at Socks Rock and play around with the personalization features. The more you explore, the more fun you will have finding the right fit.

Are Customized Socks a Good Gift?

Customized socks are an excellent option to consider when you are looking for a gift. Whether you want to impress coworkers, surprise family members, or encourage a team, you can find a perfect fit with socks as a present

How Often Should Socks Be Replaced?

AsAs a rule of thumb, socks should be replaced whenever you start to see signs of wear and tear. Even socks that are built to last are going to start to stretch over the course of time, so stay mindful and ready to swap them out for a fresh pair.

What Qualities Are Most Important When Selecting Socks?

Durability and comfort should be a main focus when you’re buying socks. If the socks are supoprtive and can be worn without any irritation, then you have found a perfect fit. Pay attention to the material and other details to find the right fit.

How Should Socks Fit?

Socks are a bit trickier than shoes when it comes to finding the right size, as there are fewer options to go with. However, you can usually pick out the perfect sock size for your feet by going with the choice that seems the closest to your shoe size.

Customizing your own socks can be a great move to make. Whether you’re searching for socks for yourself or as a gift, you want to put a bit of thought behind the process of customizing your socks. When you are ready to start playing around with design ideas, take a look at the resources you can use at Socks Rock. Have some fun with the process and see what your mind can create.

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Making the Best Custom Baseball Socks

When we set out to make the best custom baseball socks here at Socks Rock, we had a few things in mind. We knew that we wanted to focus on comfort, support, and durability. Starting with those three, we worked long and hard to build what we think is the perfect customizable sock for just about every sport there is. Our love for baseball, however, knows no bounds. We started with custom baseball socks to show off spirit, teamwork, and athleticism. Little did we know that adult and youth baseball socks would carry us so far. Find out how we make the best custom baseball socks in the business and how our commitment to quality is good for you too. 

Level of Comfort

To make the best custom socks, we prioritize your comfort. To help keep your feet comfortable during long practices and even longer competitions, we designed high-performance socks and high comfort. Custom baseball socks can be comfortable and stylish. Tight heel and toe construction keep your feet snugly in place without any discomfort, while color combos flash team pride. 

Support for Your Feet

To make the best custom socks, we focus on performance. High-performance socks aren’t meant to last only for the first inning and then sit in the dugout. Socks Rock socks have zoned comfort and cushioning that will last the whole game long. Our baseball socks also have arch and ankle compression to make muscle recovery easier tomorrow.

Durability of the Sock

To make the best custom socks durable, our socks start by being quality-made. Our tight knitted socks made in the USA. To meet the rigorous requirements of youth players to adult players, we make our socks with all kinds of sports players in mind. Youth baseball socks have to keep little feet clean and odor-free while being machine washable. Adult socks have similar requirements but with attention to flexibility and no loose elastics. But even if you’re not into sports (yet), you will still benefit from our performance-based designs.

Finding the Right Size 

Fidning the perfect socks for your team is an incredible moment. Realizing that not everyone can have them because there isn’t enough or the right sizing can be a big letdown. To make the best custom socks, we offer a wide range of sizes. We offer sizes from extra small, including youth sizes up to extra larges. Keeping a broad spectrum of sizes in stock ensures that we can meet the needs of diverse teams, so no one is left out. 


To make the best custom socks, we know that feet have to be stink-free and stay dry. Our baseball socks are made from a breathable blend of synthetic materials to wick away moisture and keep your feed sry and injury-free. Pro-DRI technology insulates and manages moisture. To control bacteria, antimicrobials are infused in knitting. 


To make the best custom socks, we continue to improve our options. When we started our sock-making journey, we knew that making socks wouldn’t be enough service to the sports world. Here at Socks Rock, we knew that we had to offer customizable options to create the best and most high-performance sportswear that teams wanted and needed. Stylish fashion socks can be customized with logos just the same as baseball socks or lacrosse socks. No matter if it’s on the field or in the office, customizing your socks is one of the best ways to rep your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are your custom baseball socks made out of?

Most of our customizable socks are made from moisture-wicking, lightweight 100% nylon stretch yarn. However, some other items like our stirrups, for example, are made from a synthetic blend. To ensure that the materials suit your needs, they are listed for review on every order form when customizing your order.

How do I know what size baseball socks my son will need?

You can choose the sock size by selecting which shoe size he wears. Our sizing ranges from extra small to extra large, and corresponding shoe sizes are also listed. Because each sock is freshly made, it may seem large at first. After you wash your socks for the first time, they will fit the way you expect.

Do you offer youth baseball socks or just adult sizes?

We also offer youth sizes. We have youth sizes extra small from 8Y to 12Y and small 12Y to 5. Please refer to the full measurements chart and the individual item you are customizing to ensure that the size you need is available. Contact us for more details.

How long have you been making custom socks?

Not long enough! We have been in business since 2003 and look forward to making quality socks for all sports for many years to come.

How many different sports do you make socks for?

You can search for socks on our site by sport. Socks Rock also creates face guards, stirrups, and hats that can be customized too.

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customize socks

Everything You Need To Know About Statement Socks

Statement socks are fast becoming one of the more popular accessories in the world of fashion. Though essential articles of clothing by themselves, socks with a bit of flair have a way of transforming a person’s look in some truly impressive ways. One fantastic option to consider when it comes to your footwear is personalizing your socks. Customized socks offer you the chance to truly showcase your unique personality through your outfit. Naturally, you might have a few questions about using statement socks to your advantage.

Review these tips and learn a bit more about putting together a look based around your socks. With a little preliminary research, you will be ready to step out the door looking your absolute best.

Shop Custom Socks

The Bolder the Better

customize socks

The first thing you need to understand about using personalized socks to make a statement is that you need to go big. A good rule to remember is “the bolder, the better.” Essentially, this means that you can never be “too much” when it comes to the design of your socks. This is your chance to really let your creativity soar. Whether you select bold colors or an image that really captures the eye, there are a ton of different ways to customize your socks to fit the parameters of your personality. 

A Simple Outfit Is Best

customize socks

Since the point of statement socks is to draw attention to your footwear, you want to be careful with the rest of your outfit. If every piece you are wearing demands to be seen, then you’ll have a hard time making your own printed socks stand out. In order to keep the focus where you want it, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. Keep the attention on your socks by selecting pieces that are simple, understated, and nuanced. 

Be Diligent When Selecting Shoes

When all eyes are on your socks, you will need to think long and hard about what kind of shoes you wear. This can be a tricky part of putting together an outfit. Unlike the rest of your look, the shoes should complement the socks in some capacity. While you want your unique socks to stand out the most, you can feel free to be as crazy or reserved with the shoes as you’d like. As long as the socks and shoes work together, you’re in a good place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Customized Socks?

Selecting customized socks to act as a statement piece is all about checking out what Socks Rock has to offer. The customization tools and in-depth resources available can make the process of personalizing your own socks a straightforward and fun experience.

What Are Statement Socks?

The basic idea of statement socks is to make this essential part of your daily wardrobe the main attraction of an outfit. You want to opt for socks with bold colors and eye-catching imagery in order to truly nail the idea of the statement piece.

How Should Printed Socks Fit?

When it comes to picking out socks, you definitely want to be diligent about the fit. Ordering socks that are too big or too small can create issues with your comfort. Check out appropriate sizing charts to get a feel for what size is best for your feet.

How Often Should Socks Be Replaced?

As a rule of thumb, socks should usually be replaced within a few years. Naturally, this will vary depending on factors like how often you wear them and the integrity of the materials. If you find your socks are stretched out and full of holes, it is time for a new pair.

Are Personalized Socks a Fun Accessory?

Though it can seem like socks are just a normal part of a daily outfit, there are plenty of ways to make this piece of clothing exciting. By opting for bold and intriguing patterns on your personalized footwear, you can turn something commonplace into something truly captivating.

There are many reasons to consider statement socks. Head over to Socks Rock and discover how easy it is to create your own customized socks for your next look.

Using Socks to Make an Impact: Marketing That Doesn’t Sock March 03 2022, 0 Comments

custom socks

Impactful marketing often occurs in unexpected ways. Many professionals tend to overlook the popularity of custom socks. Whether staff or supporters wear socks in the boardroom, at work events or on a casual basis, socks that visibly display brand colors, logos or relevant text can resonate with potential customers, clients or business contacts.

Shop Custom Socks

Promote a Brand or Team With Customized Socks

Socks with custom designs are among the best ways to increase the visibility of a brand or team. A business does not need to have any relationship to footwear to benefit from making custom-designed socks. Designs featuring recognizable colors or logos can attract attention anywhere. 

Matching socks are conventionally used to promote teams. Team members wear matching socks during competitions to identify and create visible cohesion among players. Athletic footwear, including socks, also has a longstanding association with fans of many sports. 

Custom Socks as Giveaways or Merchandise

custom socks

It is possible to design socks for use as promotional items or to sell as merchandise. The way socks fit into a promotional plan may determine the type, design or total quantity of socks across sizes. Many custom-designed socks have an order minimum of 12 socks per size, while some designs have a minimum order of 24 pairs. 

When ordering socks to give away, it can be beneficial to order footwear in a medium or large size to fit most adult wearers. Brands and teams interested in selling merchandise may want to order a variety of sock sizes ranging from small to extra-large to fit every potential customer. 

Make Socks That Represent Your Brand

The primary purpose of custom-designed socks is to draw attention to the theme of the footwear. You may prefer to customize fashion or performance socks depending on whether you are making footwear for a business or sports team. Many sock patterns are available to choose from, with options for custom colors, logos, text and other personalized details.

In addition to the sock styles, it is also possible to choose between materials such as 100% stretch nylon and a polypropylene blend. The design on socks may be embroidered or printed. Business or team representatives should consider the most important features of socks for the intended type of wear and the desired price point per pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order socks for use in marketing?

Look for the right style of socks for any business. Based on your preferences, you can design custom fashion socks or sports socks. Factor in your demographic when you plan to use socks for promotional purposes and select the sizes most likely to fit people who will wear the socks.

Why are custom logo socks effective for marketing?

Many people wear socks on a regular basis. Depending on the outfit or uniform, socks may also be visible when worn. Socks that are colorful and display logos are text are more likely to draw attention than some other accessories because movement can make any custom design even more eye-catching.

What are some ways for businesses to use socks?

Businesses can use socks to promote a brand or sell socks as merchandise. Teams that design socks in representative colors or a logo may be able to tap into a market for socks among fans and supporters. Brands can increase visibility by giving away socks along with other promotional items.

How can teams make identifiable socks?

Teams tend to focus on designing socks that prominently feature representative colors. Depending on the sport, it may be helpful to factor in long-distance visibility on the field. A logo or printed text at the toe or brim of socks can also make footwear more identifiable, especially at less distance.

What are the best ways to make branded socks?

The best way to create socks that represent a brand starts with selecting your preferred sock type and base pattern. See which length and color options are available for a sock design and material. It is also a good idea to check the minimum order per size of custom-designed socks.

Making custom socks can be a creative and impactful marketing method. Business owners and marketing professionals should consider brand demographics to order sufficient quantities of socks in sizes that will fit the customer base for more word-of-mouth recommendations and visibility.

Sock Design Template December 14 2021, 0 Comments

Why A Template?

When ordering custom socks it’s easy to lose something in communication (or miscommunication) of design. Client description may not match industry standard. The manufacturer may just not understand the client’s instructions. A template offers a standard, easy-to-understand method of getting everyone on the same page.

Shop Custom Socks

What Does A Template Do?

A template will provide the manufacturer with front, sides, and back view of the sock, as well as an overall flat view of the design. Color selection, what your logo (if you have one) will look like, where on the sock it will go will all be reproduced. How the sock will look cut for no-show, ankle, crew, or knee high lengths can also be shown. This will lead to the final proof for your approval before manufacturing. Then your custom socks will be delivered

The template will also accommodate the design of custom printed socks.It’s not just knitted designs we’ll be working on. The very latest in custom sock tech will be available.

Get Your Socks Now!

By ensuring the order to be accurate as possible from the get-go, the sock template will reduce time (and materials) wasted by order/design errors, getting you your socks faster. Ordering customizable sockshas never been easier, faster, or cheaper. Don’t be intimidated by the process, you’ll be pleased with the results when you get your order. Socks Rock is dedicated to getting YOU the socks YOU designed. Order now!

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personalized socks
From athletes to actors, dignitaries to singers, more and more people are seen sporting crazy socks. Crazy personalized socks can be found anywhere from the runway to the White House, but why are so many unique people choosing to wear crazy customized socks? One common thread amongst these silly-sock-wearing socialites is the notion that people who wear crazy custom socks are smart, successful, and revolutionary. Find out which characteristics you share with celebrities who love to wear wild socks.


custom socks

Smart folks know they can seem too invested in their studies; wearing crazy customized socks is a way to let others know that they, too, are capable of letting off a little steam. However, the rest of the time, they are busy sharing similar characteristics that make them the dedicated fact-finders they are.
  • Adaptable: Smart folks know when change is needed. The same approach to the same problem over and over won’t change the results. Smart ones can adapt to a shifting situation and still contribute effectively.
  • Curious: Thanks to a healthy level of curiosity, your bright friends are always interested in learning new information. Often, it doesn’t matter the subject but find one they specialize in and watch their eyes light up.
  • Creative: Big ideas and big thinking lead to creative endeavors for intelligent people. Wearing crazy socks is just one outlet of their creative side.


Keep in mind that the measure of success is different for different people. Pick and choose which characteristics speak loudest to you and the way you see the world.
  • Authentic: Successful people can’t waste time on being someone they aren’t. They have businesses to run, charts to top, records to break, and titles to take. Presenting as your authentic self is a sure-fire way to maximize the time you spend on other important matters, like picking out the right crazy personalized socks to get through Monday, amirite?
  • Learners: Successful people learn from their mistakes. Successful folks take feedback and constructive criticism very seriously and use them to guide their decisions.
  • Risk-taker: High profile business meeting with big-dollar investors? It’s time to break out the proposal and your crazy socks. Why? Because successful people aren’t afraid to take calculated risks.


customized socks

Room-shakers, change-makers, and claim-stakers! Revolutionaries over time have paved the way for some of the most remarkable changes that the world has known.
  • Ideological: Revolutionaries believe in big, lofty notions that drive their daily work toward a larger purpose.
  • Committed: Revolutionaries are dedicated to getting the job done. Revolutionaries stay the course until they feel like the end has been reached in one way or another.
Passionate: It’s less about just doing the job or finishing a task and more about a heart-felt and steadfast belief in the idea that thoughts and actions can change the dynamic of a situation. Revolutionaries view their work as an extension of their personality. Crazy custom socks work in the same way, using patterns and bold colors to extend their personality.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I want my office to have a crazy sock Friday, but I want it to be still kind of professional. Have any ideas on how I can do that?

Yes! Contact us for a design consultation. We offer personalized socks that include logo printing.

My husband wants to buy all the guys in the family my son’s sports team socks for Christmas Eve. Do you all do that?

Yes! We offer customized socks that can include team names and logos and custom-picked color combos. We think this is a great idea that will make your son feel good too.

I ordered custom socks and just received them in the mail. They seem a little bigger than the size I usually get. Should I be concerned?

No! Our socks aren’t pre-washed, so they may appear to be a little larger until you wash them. Once you do, they’ll look like you would typically expect.

I think my design may be too complicated for the knitted customization. Does Socks Rock have any other options?

Yes! We also offer fully custom printed socks so you can print anything you want.

The last team we played for had uniform socks that weren’t our favorites. What makes your socks different in terms of materials?

Good question! No one likes a weird sock. We understand. Our socks are made from 100% lightweight, moisture-wicking, and nylon stretch yarn that adds compression and cushioning.

Hockey Socks: Buying Guide October 14 2021, 0 Comments

custom hockey socks
Hockey players wear thigh-high socks that are open at the ankle. Hockey socks are typically worn over shin pads and provide a protective layer for legs. These socks are kept up by a girdle or Velcro tabs on undershorts. This buying guide explains how to select socks of the right size and style for practice and games.

custom hockey socks

Hockey Sock Length

Most socks for hockey are thigh-high and do not have feet. These socks are often worn with a girdle or undergarments that have Velcro tabs for attaching socks. The size of socks for hockey also determines the length. Socks for mites measure 16 to 18 inches, while youth hockey socks measure 22 to 24 inches. Intermediate size socks for hockey measure 26 to 28 inches, and adult socks measure 30 to 32 inches. There may be an order minimum per size for custom socks, but existing designs are available at any quantity of any size.

Hockey Sock Materials

custom hockey socks

The popular Pro Weight Knitted socks are made out of a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton yarn. The materials from which custom hockey socks are made may determine sock color, embroidery or dye sublimated printing options. Socks worn while playing hockey should be breathable while still providing players with full leg protection. A polyester-cotton blend is sufficiently thick to protect players’ legs from common hazards in the rink.

Hockey Sock Thickness

Socks work with shin guards to protect legs from skate blades and other injuries in the rink. The thickness of socks is consistent across sizes. The sock material is the main factor in determining thickness. You can minimize fuzzing and pilling by machine washing socks inside out and laying flat to dry.

Layering Socks for Hockey

custom hockey socks

Socks designed for hockey are intended to be layered over shin pads. Players may also want to wear skate socks. Playing hockey without socks that cover feet may cause sweat to accumulate in skate boots and lead to blisters, hot spots and odor. Some players prefer thinner or thicker skate socks.

Hockey Sock and Skate Fit

Wearing socks affects the fit of skates. The ankle to thigh-high socks for hockey end at the ankle. Once you know decide on skate socks, you can properly size skates. Wear the socks you intend to wear while playing if you have your skates thermoformed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy hockey socks?

Choose from ankle to thigh-high socks for hockey in NHL team colors with style variations for every team in the league. You can also custom design athletic socks. Most socks for hockey are made of a 50/50 blend of polyester and cotton and feature bold sock and stripe colors.

What are the best socks for hockey?

Socks for hockey typically display team colors as part of a uniform. During play, socks are pulled up over shin pads. Velcro tabs or a garter belt may be worn to hold up socks during play. Socks made of a 50/50 polyester cotton blend are breathable and protective gear.

How do I order socks for a team?

You can place an order for a team by selecting an existing or custom sock design. Socks for hockey fit from ankle to thigh and come in mites, youth, intermediate and adult sizes. Custom socks have a minimum order quantity per size, but there is no minimum for existing designs.

How can I customize socks for hockey?

Custom sock options vary based on your choice of pattern. One or more color customization options may be available for the stripes on socks that are designed for hockey. Some sock patterns can be customized with logos or text. You can also choose from embroidered or printed custom athletic socks.

How do you put on socks for hockey?

Put on hockey pants and shin guards before putting on socks. Socks designed for hockey should be worn over shin pads and connect to a garter belt or to undershorts with Velcro. You can also apply athletic tape below your knees or at your ankles to keep socks in place.

Hockey socks are an essential part of team uniforms. Shop a full selection of socks in NHL team colors with multiple style variations for each color combination or customize athletic socks to wear during practice and competitive play.

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customizable socks
In a world that’s embracing diversity and individuality, you can let your feet speak for you. With customized socks, you can let the inner you shine, whether you are a rock star or a goddess. Not only will dressing your feet in the finest socks make you feel good about who you are, but your feet will also be feeling their best too. Happy feet will more willingly carry you wherever you want to go because they are healthier and more comfortable.

The Overlooked Fashion Accessory

customizable socks

Your outfit isn’t complete without the perfect pair of socks. For sports teams or businesses who have a unique brand, customizable socks make a statement and attract attention. Socks are a silent but effective fashion accessory. When you are proud of what is on your feet, you will walk a little taller and stretch your stride so everyone can see the fabric that boldly encases your feet. It becomes a fashion accessory turned inspiration.

The Cause for Comfort

Your feet do a lot each day, and they should be treated like royalty. The right pair of customized socks provides cushioning for the journey without being hot and sweaty. The foot needs to breathe and move to be happy, and a pair of well-fitting socks made from the highest quality materials give the foot all the freedom and air it needs to do its job. In fact, some of the more popular styles of socks being customized are compression socks. Stretchy socks that extend up the leg will gently compress the leg and foot to increase blood circulation. Less swelling or pain in the legs means your body feels much better when out on the tennis court, hanging out at the office or coaching the little league game.

The Identity Game Changer

customizable socks

Just like you want to feel like a part of the gang, your feet want to share some of that identity. When you wear a pair of custom socks, your feet feel as special as the rest of your body where you have custom jewelry or carefully purchased clothing. Even more than that, when your pair of socks show your favorite team or has the logo for your business on it, you are giving yourself an identity. People who feel a sense of belonging tend to have higher self-worth and more self-confidence. When you want to give your feet the ultimate in comfortable cushioning, turn to Socks Rock. With the option to order customized socks for yourself or an entire group, you have no excuse for keeping your feet in the hot, sweaty dark of ill-fitting and boring socks. Shop Custom Socks

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Go To Order Customized Socks?

Socks Rock has the best selection of customizable apparel for your feet. You can order pairs for sports teams, a cheer squad, the bowling league or more. There are dozens of color choices and multiple styles, all made from high-quality materials for durability and comfort.

Do Socks Need To Be Ordered by Size?

It is always best to order socks according to the size of feet that will be wearing them. There is a difference between youth socks and adult socks. There are categories of sock sizes, with each group able to fit a specified range of foot sizes. Socks that don’t fit well can leave blisters and cause discomfort while wearing them.

What Is the Best Way To Wash Custom Socks?

To take the best care of your socks, wash them inside out in a cold wash setting. Avoid harsh detergents and don’t use bleach. It is best to hang up the socks to dry, though you should drape them over a line rather than pinching them with a clothespin. Don’t roll or iron your socks.

How Do I Know If I Am Allergic To the Sock Material?

It is possible that some people could have extreme sensitivity to certain fabrics or materials, and some people may have a sensitivity to the rubber or colored dye used in a fabric. If you experience contact dermatitis, it often starts with redness and persistent itching. Contact a physician for treatment.

How Do I Keep My Socks from Stretching?

Buying the right size sock is one way to avoid having socks that looked stretched out and misshapen. Washing and drying the socks correctly can also help avoid changing the way the sock fits. Gently rolling the sock over the foot and up the ankle, rather than grabbing and tugging, will also prevent unnecessary stretching.

Trendy design ideas for custom socks and ties October 14 2021, 0 Comments

custom socks
Some of the latest fashion trends involve bright colors and eye-catching patterns. You can design custom socks that partake of these popular features with a service that makes it possible to customize a wide variety of base sock patterns. Find out about how to design fashion-forward socks and ties for a business, team or personal wear.
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Print Logos and Images On Socks and Ties

Logos are always in style, particularly if the design of a symbol has recently been refreshed. Any logo can receive a fresh presentation on socks or ties. Embroidered logos are raised above from the sock. This more traditional style has been superseded by the ability to print high-resolution logos on socks with dye sublimation. Printed logos can display images, patterns or logos on socks at higher resolutions than is possible with woven socks. Ties can also benefit from higher resolution printing methods. It is important to wash socks inside out and allow to air dry and give ties proper care to maintain the appearance of printed designs.

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Branding Custom Design Socks

Brand ordering agents should factor in trends when deciding on custom accessory designs. While socks and ties may need to prominently feature the signature shades of a brand in order to be recognizable, it is possible to acknowledge trends in other ways with the pattern you choose. Marketing professionals may want to explore all of the options available for embroidering or printing sock and tie designs with primary and accent colors, logos and text. The length of the sock is also significant. A brand may strive for accessories that are recognizably branded at a glance or socks and ties that invite a closer look and direct more prolonged attention toward a design.

On-Trend Colors for Custom Socks and Ties

custom socks
Some of the trendiest colors this year include vibrant yellow, bright neon green, bold magenta and ripe orange. You can design fashion or sports socks that incorporate any of these colors as the primary base color or colorful accents. Marketing professionals for brands and purchasing agents for teams might switch up the color scheme of socks and rely solely on logos or texts to identify a design. It may also be possible to feature readily identifiable brand or team colors in the context of contemporary designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order trendy socks with custom designs?

Select your favorite base custom sock design. Most styles allow customers to customize the color choices for different portions of each sock and offer options for displaying logos, stripes or text. Printed socks can allow for high-resolution patterned designs. Choose from full- or half-printed socks that have solid black feet.

What are the options to customize ties?

It may be possible to choose tie colors or select different types of designs. Just like socks, ties can display custom colors, patterns, logos and text. Check to see the design methods used to create personalized ties and order minimums. Ties are often more visible than socks in professional settings.

What is the best way to make personalized socks?

Browse a large selection of base customizable designs for socks. Select your favorite design and see which lengths, color choices and other customization options are available. You can design socks that will be created with embroidery or dye-sublimated printing based on how you would like the finished product to look.

Can I choose from pre-designed socks and ties?

Pre-designed options are available for both fashion and sports socks. These sock styles tend to have lower order minimums per size of sock than are required for custom-designed socks. It can still be cost-effective to order socks in bulk, particularly when you are placing a sock order for multiple wearers.

Why do customized accessories stand out?

Most people are accustomed to view socks as a practical accessory. Custom-designed socks can provide comfort while showing off recognizable color combinations, logos or readable text. When you customize socks, you have control over how bold or bright the design will appear and the visibility of socks based on length.

You can take any approach to designing custom socks. Designs that represent a business or team can be both trendy and timeless. You might also be interested in ordering limited-edition socks with designs and colors that are trending right now.

How socks became the unexpected fashion hero of lockdown October 14 2021, 0 Comments

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Many people around the world spent a significant portion of the last year in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, professional and formal clothing saw a lot less wear. The market research firm NPD Group identified a significant drop in sales of high heels, loafers and dress shoes during 2020, but sock sales have remained steady. Find out why customizable socks are poised to become even more popular during reopening.

Wearing Socks at Home

Shutdowns due to COVID-19 started in the spring of 2020. At this point in the year, many people stopped wearing heavyweight winter socks and switched to seasonally appropriate breathable socks. Although many team athletic events were delayed, players and fans still sported socks designed to represent teams. Outdoor workouts and activities during the summer and fall months were more comfortable in breathable and moisture-wicking footwear. As lockdown drew on and the seasons continued to change, socks became an important comfort piece. Some wearers preferred to wear socks alone or combine custom-designed socks with sandals, slip-ons or other comfortable shoes. While the wearer and the occupants of their house could appreciate unique designs, comfort was the most important feature of the clothing and accessories worn during lockdown.

customizable socks

The Benefits of Custom Socks

Socks with customized designs provide a special touch that wearers can appreciate in addition to others who see the socks. Although compliments were mainly limited to people in a lockdown bubble, socks with personalized designs can have the unique ability to brighten anyone’s day. Footwear is a low-key way to display significant colors, logos, text or other customized details. Personalized socks tend to be more affordably priced than most custom clothing or uniforms. High-quality materials can also stand up to regular wear.

customizable socks

Step Out In Customizable Socks

Although many activities are still affected by the ongoing pandemic, personalized socks can play a more visible role during reopening. The socks you wear when you go out may be more noticeable if they are colorful or feature visible design details such as logos or text. Whether a sock design is readily recognizable or intended to pique interest, the way you customize the colors, logos, text and other design options can make socks more attention-getting. The old lockdown benefit of comfort remains, combined with the added advantages of public visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order customized socks?

It is easy and contact-free to order personalized socks. Browse a wide selection of customizable sock designs. Once you find a style of sock you like, check the length and design options. You may be able to choose one or more sock colors or select an embroidered or printed design.

What are some ways to show off stylish socks?

Wear custom-designed socks with shorts. You can even combine socks and sandals for maximum visibility. Depending on the cut of clothing or sports uniforms, socks may be visible during everyday wear. It may also be possible to cuff the hems of pants to reveal more of the length of socks.

How do I pick socks that match clothing?

Design socks in colors that correspond with your wardrobe. Be sure to factor in the type of socks and whether you will wear this footwear with workout clothes, casual combinations or formal outfits. Athletes wear socks that match team uniform colors. Personalized socks can complement or contrast with any clothing.

Can socks be comfortably worn year-round?

Socks can be worn year round, particularly if you customize performance footwear. ProDRI insulation works to keep your feet cool in warmer months and warm in cold weather. Vary the type and material of shoes you wear for comfort in any custom style of socks made for fashion or sports.

What are some sport sock performance features?

Athletic socks that allow for custom designs may also have performance features. Antimicrobial and moisture management properties unite with compression and cushioning to keep feet dry, manage odor and promote comfort. Customize socks made of 100% stretch nylon yarn or a performance blend consisting of polypropylene, elastic, nylon and spandex.

Even after lockdown, customizable socks are still a great choice. Wearing personalized footwear out of the house is a great way to promote a business or team. Look for the perfect style of socks to fit your lifestyle.

Life hacks with socks: So you can use single socks sensibly! October 14 2021, 0 Comments

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For as long as socks have existed, people have dealt with the frustration of losing one half of a pair. When you’re stuck with only a single sock, you might feel like you need to just throw away the article of clothing because it no longer has a match. While you likely will still need to order new customizable socks, you can still get some good use out of the solitary sock that has been left behind. With a little creativity, you can transform this seemingly useless item in a variety of practical and fun ways. Now is the perfect time to discover how easy it is to give new life to an old sock. Review these hacks and find a solution that you can’t wait to try yourself!
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Cleaning With Old Socks

What you use a discarded sock for will ultimately depend on the current state of the item. Socks tend to take a beating and can become worn or discolored after enough time has gone by. When you’re stuck with a single sock that has seen better days, your best bet is to turn it into a cleaning rag. Most socks make excellent dusters, giving you a chance to take a sock that no longer can be worn and turn it into an efficient tool in the process of getting your home to sparkle.

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Running With a Sock

Taking a run is a great way to stay in shape and get your heart rate up in a healthy way. While modern athletic gear might help you maximize your performance, it often fails to include ample space for a phone. Since most runners like to keep a phone on them for tunes or emergency calls, you might be curious to know you can use a sock to help make your life easier on your next excursion. Take a sock and cut a hole on the closed end. By wearing this over your arm and tucking part of the sock into itself, you can create a perfect “sweatband” that can be used as a pocket for your phone. This is a better hack to try with a newer sock, as you want there to be as much elasticity as possible. The looser the sock, the less likely it is that it will keep your phone tight against your arm.

custom socks

Protecting Fragile Items With Socks

Another way you can make the most out of losing half of a pair of custom socks is as a protective covering for certain fragile items. If you are moving, for example, and realize you’re not sure how to properly transport tiny glass figurines given to you by a relative, a sock might be the solution. Using discarded socks as a wrap for smaller, fragile items will provide a protective layer that can prevent the items from banging together and breaking during the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Order New Customizable Socks?

If you’ve lost enough socks and are ready to buy a few new pairs, head over to the resources available at Socks Rock. Create your own customizable socks with ease by playing around with the various tools and discover a look you absolutely love.

How Often Should I Buy New Socks?

Socks tend to take a beating over the years. Still, many brands have taken this into consideration when designing socks. As long as the material is still in good shape and supportive, you don’t need to replace the socks. When you lose a sock or one becomes damaged, you’re ready for some fresh options.

Is It Easy To Personalize Socks?

It is definitely easy to pursue customized socks for your needs. By reviewing the different tools and resources available to you at Socks Rock, you can start to see what is possible. The more you play around with the features, the easier it is to create something you love.

Why Do People Wear Custom Socks?

From fashion to uniformity, there are all kinds of reasons to consider investing in some personalized socks. Everyone from professional athletes to style icons wear socks like this, so dive into your options to see what you can create.

How Can I Avoid Losing Socks?

Sadly, there is no secret to help you avoid losing socks. Attempt to keep pairs together as best you can, especially during the wash-and-dry cycles. Extra attention can at least help you keep better track of your socks.

There are a number of wonderful ways to breathe new life into old socks. When the time comes to invest in some new customized socks, head over to Socks Rock and see what you can achieve.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Something Warm and Cozy October 14 2021, 0 Comments

The holidays are just around the corner. Have you already made your lists and checked them twice? It’s never too early to start planning and budgeting for the holiday season. Before you know it, you will be right in the middle of it. No one likes to be left unprepared. One way to soothe your holiday gifting woes is to keep a few gifts on hand that will work for anyone. This is expert-level preparedness that will never leave you out in the cold for an impromptu friends get-together or a white elephant party or a Secret Santa or your uncle’s pre-Christmas party dinner luncheon that you forget every year. We’ve all been there. The holidays are a busy time. Think of something warm and cozy that fits the season; personalized socks are a gift anyone can appreciate. Custom socks are available with many colors, sports teams, fashion designs and also support different causes. Ordering plenty of customized socks will ensure that you have a wide selection for your gift-giving needs. Choosing gifts that are practical yet with a bit of personal flair will make the giftee feel special. It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all.
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You already know the people in your life that are super fans. They have special hats and foam fingers. They show up to every game, rain or shine. Consider the most popular college teams in the city where you live. The odds are that most of the people you know will have a healthy allegiance to one of your city’s teams. By ordering a selection of personalized socks featuring local teams, you can pick and choose which socks match which superfans. And if you get it wrong, don’t worry, you can say it’s a gag gift.


Whether it’s the guy in your office that talks about the golden days of his time on the rugby team or your neighbor who still rows for the local college women’s team, there are athletes in your life. All athletes appreciate a dry fitting, comfortable, toe protecting sock. For these potential giftees, choosing warm and cozy block color socks with reds and greens are a wise fashionable plus seasonal choice. Custom socks can simply be seasonal.


Socks Rocks offers customized socks for causes. You can choose from animal cruelty awareness, breast cancer awareness, or select your own custom awareness ribbon socks. This is an excellent option if your office or workplace participates in charity each year. If you and your friends run a marathon in the name of a cause, choose than for printed socks and keep those on hand. Alternately, if you feel strongly about a cause, you can spread awareness simply by selecting that awareness ribbon and having those custom socks as your emergency gift reserve. Whether you’re detail-oriented and know the home team of everyone in your office, or you want to raise awareness for a cause you truly believe in, there are warm and cozy socks available for customization. Add Socks Rock socks to your holiday gift reserve and stay prepared all season long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Socks Rock personalized socks just for people who play sports?

No! We built our business around sports people, so we know that our socks are durable for hours of play. We also know that people who don’t play sports can benefit from the same tough materials and construction.

Can I wash my Socks Rock custom socks in the washing machine, or do I have to do something special?

You can do both! Our products are best preserved when you machine wash them and dry them on low heat.

Are customized socks the only items that I can order from Socks Rocks?

No! Socks Rocks also have many more great products. We offer customizable options in face guards, stirrups, and hats too.

After I make my customization, will I be able to see it first before it’s made?

Yes! After you customize a product, we will send you a mock-up of the product you requested. After you review the mockup, you can make changes if needed.

Can I choose from different colors for my customizations?

Yes! We offer many different colors for you to choose from, with a detailed description of each color provided. Keep in mind that your monitor and your computer's lighting may affect the color you see on the screen.

What Makes Sports Socks Different From Other Custom Socks? October 07 2021, 0 Comments

Athletic socks and socks designed for specific sports emphasize performance. If you have ever worn a pair of casual or fashion socks during intense physical activity, you have likely experienced discomfort due to bunching, slipping or sweaty socks. Sports socks are designed to prevent these problems, and you can design custom sports socks to have any appearance you desire.  

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Performance Sports Socks

Some of the most essential features of socks designed for active wear include breathability and moisture management. Many custom sock patterns for particular sports or general athletic applications such as training or working out feature ProDRI insulation and infused Alphasan antimicrobials. 

Performance sport socks are also sized and sewn for the most comfortable fit. Choose from small, medium, large or extra-large sock sizes. Each sock features reinforced heel and toe construction with a smooth seam. Sports socks provide compression at the arch of the foot and the ankle and have bands designed to stay up.

Custom Athletic Socks Designs

There are a wide variety of designs available for sports socks. Start by considering the best sock length for the activities in which you participate. Sports such as baseball and hockey tend to use knee-high or longer socks to provide leg protection.

When you customize socks, you may have the option to choose a primary color along with secondary or accent colors featured on toe, heel or foot segments or in stripes and designs. Some sock patterns have space for a logo, text or other stylistic details. Depending on the model of socks you choose, footwear may be embroidered or printed with custom designs.

Custom Sports Socks vs Fashion Socks

It is possible to customize many styles of sports socks as well as fashion or casual socks. In general, sports socks have performance features while fashion socks are simpler designs. Sports socks feature premium materials and smooth, reinforced seams to reduce blister risks and stand up to more rigorous wear.

When you order custom-designed socks, it is important to factor in the habits of intended wearers. If you are sourcing socks for a team and sports fans, sports socks are a natural choice. For promotional socks, fashion socks are a budget-oriented choice while performance-oriented sports socks can help a brand put its best foot forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get custom socks made for sports?

It is easy to order customized athletic socks. Pick your favorite design of socks made for a specific sport or performance socks and check the available customization options. Many sock styles offer color choices and logo or text options. Many styles have an order minimum of 12 pairs per size.

Are sports or fashion socks better for everyday wear?

Your lifestyle will determine whether athletic or fashion socks are the right choice to wear. In general, if you walk and move a lot during the day, you may appreciate the comfortable design of sports socks. These socks fight odor, stay up and wick away moisture even during high-intensity exercise.

What are the best features of sports socks?

Sports socks provide compression and cushioning for comfort as you move and when you stand on your feet. These socks may allow you to customize the colors of the toe, heel, foot, and calf. Sports socks are available in lengths ranging from no-show to ankle, quarter, crew and knee high.

How can I customize sport socks?

Sports socks may offer one or more color customization options. Choose from the available colors of nylon stretch yarn or a polypropylene blend. You can also personalize many athletic socks with logos. Some sock styles have designs or patterns that also allow for color selection for one or more lengths.

Can I wear fashion socks during physical activity?

Fashion socks may not provide the same level of comfort as athletic socks. Some sports uniforms call for socks of a certain length or with particular features. Fashion socks are not designed to the same standards in terms of breathability and comfort, as these socks are intended for casual wear.

Performance socks wick away moisture to keep feet comfortable and dry. Sports socks are made to stay up as you move and provide foot and leg protection during physical activity. It is hard to beat the appearance and performance of custom sports socks.

Different Types of Socks You Should Know October 04 2021, 0 Comments

Socks are truly having a moment in the spotlight. Right now, custom socks are trending once again, and for good reason. Custom printed socks are fashionable and versatile. Brightly colored socks that go with loafers or over-the-knee volleyball sports socks make a bold statement but must also be comfortable enough for everyday wear. Learn more about how to wear all different types of stylish and sports socks for every occasion. 


  • Socks that go with loafers

Socks that go with loafers can be casual or formal. It is not uncommon to see a dad or two wearing tube socks with loafers, like The Dude. However, custom socks paired with loafers can also feature business logos that make workwear fun. 

  • Ankle-length socks

Ankle-length socks have a variety of purposes. Some people prefer no-show socks that sit right below the ankle to eliminate the look of socks altogether. Others use ankle socks for sportswear to provide maximum airflow to legs while working out or running.

  • Quarter-length socks

Quarter-length socks hit just above the ankle and are usually reserved for compression sports socks. Quarter socks add stability at the ankles and can be helpful in sports practice and conditioning. 

  • Crew-length socks

Crew-length socks are also very versatile. Crews can be made from lace or fishnet and worn with high heels or boots to create an intense statement that is also fun. Crews can also be thicker and worn with casual tennis shoes for a lazy Saturday running errands.

  • Mid-calf length socks

Mid-calf length socks are classically referred to as business or trouser socks. Custom printed socks that are thinner can peek out from under trousers, or a suit leg, giving a cheeky surprise for anyone who catches a glimpse. 

  • Calf-length socks

Calf-length socks are also referred to as knee-highs and are often made of nylon hosiery but also come in other materials. They hit right at the knee but do not go over the cap. Calf-length socks are just as preferable as mid-calf socks when styling business formal or casual wear for a day look.

  • Knee-length socks

Knee-length socks are as popular in sportswear as they are in fashion. Knee-length socks have inspired school girl fashion trends with pleated skirts. Complete the outfit with buckled boots or demure tennies. Knee-length socks are also a favorite for fan fashion. Many game-goers use knee-length socks in custom colors to show team spirit. 

  • Thigh-high socks

Thigh-high socks are often made from elastic-based materials and are meant to stretch up above the knee and stay on their own or be stationed with a support strap. Thigh-high socks can make for warm and cozy weekend wear on the couch or a sassy night out on the town. 

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Sports Socks

  • Football socks

Football socks are often worn under the knees for compression, support, and comfort. Football socks must be made from top wicking material since games are often played during inclement weather with no change breaks. 

  • Baseball socks

Baseball socks are designed for rugged field play during hot seasons. These socks should be moisture-wicking and lightweight, with plenty of stretch but the ability to stay up over the course of a game. Baseball socks need to stay pulled up to the knee so that stirrups can be worn over top, if that is the team’s preference. 

  • Stirrup socks

Stirrup socks come in a few variations. They can come as a stirrup only and be fitted over a sanitary sock. Or, stirrup socks can be more of an all-in-one stirrup sock, and the sock and stirrup are joined together. Since there is much standing in baseball, both baseball socks and stirrups must offer ample compression for players. 

  • Hockey socks

Hockey socks are a little different from traditional socks. There are skate socks that are more like the socks you may be familiar with that go on your feet underneath ice skates. However, hockey socks are more expansive than traditional socks, run mid-thigh, and often attach to a jockstrap or other protective undergarments. 

  • Volleyball socks

Volleyball socks are an over-the-knee sock that offers compression and zoned cushioning for hard jumps. Much like baseball, there is ample time for standing, so compression is integral for players to keep blood flowing. Socks must fit tightly above the knee without being too restrictive to accommodate knee pads that will fit over top. 

  • Soccer socks

Often referred to as calf or just knee-length socks, soccer socks are high-performance socks. Soccer is an active sport that involves tense spurts of running and jogging in between. Soccer socks are made with compression zones with high wicking materials that ensure feet won’t slide while practicing fancy footwork to secure a goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for custom stirrups for my daughter’s softball team. Do you also offer custom printed socks for sanitary socks?

Yes! When you customize your stirrups, you will see an option to include sanitary socks for an additional $2.99 per pair. You can choose the color of your choice to complement your stirrup selection. There are also in-stock stirrups available in white only.

A friend of mine told me that you made custom socks for hockey fans. Is that true?

Yes! That is very true. We make hockey socks in your favorite NHL team colors. You can choose your team colors and also select your pattern (home or away). Our pro weight knitted ice hockey socks are a 50/50 polyester and cotton yarn blend.

My office wants to all wear the same socks for a going away party, but I don’t want to waste company money on something no one will ever wear again. Any suggestions?

Of course! In fact, we have several suggestions. You can create a multitude of customized socks with your company logo on them. Or, you can find out the favorite color or the colors of the person’s favorite sports team and create custom fashion socks to match. Socks like these will get repeat use because they aren’t just a novelty, they‘re fashionable.

My church league wants to support a cause for our away games. Do you offer any customizable sports socks that promote a cause?

Yes! We offer breast cancer awareness and animal cruelty awareness socks in stock and predesigned. However, we also make custom awareness ribbon socks that you can customize with your cause and corresponding colors. If that doesn’t suit you, you can also build your own custom socks.

What does it mean to build custom socks?

Great question! You can always contact Socks Rock if you need more information or have any questions about the customization or ordering process. Fill out the information form to tell us what you’re looking for and include any relevant graphics, and we will get back to you on the next steps of your order.

History of Baseball Stirrup Socks August 20 2021, 0 Comments

Baseball stirrups have gained in popularity recently, but they're far from new. They date all the way back to 1905, when it became standard practice to wear two pairs of socks at once. In July of this year, Nap Lajoie became sick with sepsis after getting blood poisoning from his socks' dye. To prevent themselves from getting similarly sick, other baseball players began wearing undyed white socks underneath their colorful socks. While this practice prevented players from getting blood poisoning, they had a hard time fitting both pairs into their cleats. An ingenius solution led to the creation of the first stirrups socks; players began cutting off their colored socks' ankles and toes, creating more room in their cleats. The style increased in popularity, with improvements in dye technology allowing sock manufacturers to use colors in their undersocks, too. In the 1970s, different teams competed to see whose oversocks could expose the most of their undersocks. After this surge in popularity, stirrups became unpopular until the most recent baseball seasons.

When Did It All Begin?

In 1868 the Cincinnati Red Stockings exposed their baseball socks by cuffing their pants to resemble cricketers. Soon, exposed colored stockings became all the rage, adding more color to baseball team uniforms. But it wasn’t until 1905, when Nap Lajoie’s injury from a cleat drove players to wear two layers of sock, that baseball stirrups were born. A white, washable underlining sanitary sock was worn under the colored uniform sock. Two layers were a tight fit for the cleats, so players cut the toe and ankle out of the colored over-sock, creating the first baseball stirrups

It was in the 1920s that stripes and ‘candy cane’ colors debuted, giving stirrup socks a decorative use that went past their sanitary purpose. Baseball stirrups, already a distinctive part of the uniform, became an even greater part of America’s Past Time. In the 1960s colorfast dyes allowed the sanitary socks to be colored other than white, creating combinations like the Athletics green-over-gold look.

Going Overboard?

The 1970s saw the loops of baseball stirrups climb higher and higher up the player’s lower leg. It became a fashion competition to try for the longest loop, leading to some interesting sock looks. Eventually, the trend overcorrected in the other direction and stirrup socks fell out of fashion.

You Can’t Keep A Good Sock Down

After decades of decline, the baseball stirrup is making a comeback. Tradition conscious players are taking advantage of Major League Baseball’s relaxed oversight of uniform rules to make their own personal statements regarding footwear. From sock hiding pants to knee-high stirrups under knicker-like cuffed pants, players are making their own choices -- even within the same team. An individual identifier in a team uniform that any player and fan can get behind, and stick their foot into!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Baseball Players Wear Dyed Socks?

Dyed socks became popular in 1868 after the Cincinnati Red Stockings started rolling up their pants, allowing them to show off the long baseball socks that gave them their name. Other teams decided to join in the trend and started experimenting with colorful team socks as part of their uniforms.

Why Was Sock Dye Poisonous?

When baseball stirrups first became popular in the 1800s, there was nowhere near as much government oversight into the substances that could be used for dyes. Many of the colors or their fixers contained toxic chemicals that gave wearers burns, especially when the socks weren't washed properly or were worn for a long time.

Which Teams Are Famous for Their Stirrups?

In addition to the Cincinnati Red Stockings, the Red Sox are also famous for their stirrups. Their design dates back to 1936 and features a red oversock with thick stripes that showcase the traditional white undersock. The St. Louis Cardinals only wore their candy cane stirrups for one year, in 1923, but they started a trend that persists today.

Are Stirrups Comfortable?

Stirrups started as a way to prevent injuries while preserving baseball players' comfort, and modern stirrups continue that tradition. While they provide extra support for your ankles and the balls of your feet, they're not bulky or hard to move in. In fact, many baseball players call them the most comfortable socks.

How Do You Wear Stirrups?

Properly-fitted stirrups work like knee socks, stretching all the way up to but not over your knees. They need to be tight so that they don't fall down and get in your way, but they shouldn't be so tight that they constrict your movement or blood flow. Pull them on before you put on your uniform pants for best results.

To participate in the stirrup-wearing tradition, check out the collection at Socks Rock today. Choose your team's colors for the over- and undersocks, and, thanks to modern dye innovations, don't be afraid to choose two dyed options.

Custom Socks for Marketing Your Business August 11 2021, 0 Comments

custom socks

Socks may seem like a subtle way to market a business, but branded custom socks can have a lasting influence on potential clients and customers. Promotional marketing professionals have identified luxury socks as some of the best goods for branding, particularly when a business selects an appealing design made out of high-quality materials.

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customized socks

Custom Socks Are Marketing Gold

The global market for luxury socks is growing, and businesses in any sector can customize socks to take part in this trend. Recipients of giveaway socks or purchasers of branded merchandise advertise a brand to themselves when they put on, take off, clean or store socks. Visible socks are also an eye-catching way for brands to gain visibility among wider audiences.

Brand Awareness

customized socks

Any business can increase brand awareness by making and distributing customized socks. Socks that have a visible logo can be a great way to raise awareness of a brand. Designs with other custom elements such as colors or text can also evoke associations with a brand for wearers and anyone who notices their socks. Brands operating in industries that depend on regular business over time may see the greatest return from socks, which can keep a business consciously or subconsciously on the mind of more people.

Repetition of Branding

customized socks

In order for the promotional marketing benefits of socks to shine, the design must incorporate recognizable branded elements. This could mean socks in a color scheme that immediately evokes a business, socks that display a logo that is shown elsewhere on company materials or socks that display the name of a business that can be read and recognized. Socks that stand out from the norm, such as brightly colored socks, can be so noticeable that any branded elements stand out.

Let Your Brand Stand Out

The best custom logo socks are designed to attract attention. While you might want to make socks with a classy design that can be worn with business attire, the branded elements of footwear should be noticeable. There are also other ways to stand out, based on your promotional goals. If the recipient of the socks is your primary target, select the most comfortable footwear you can to leave a lasting impression of purveying high-quality goods. Premium or performance socks with a branded design are as effective as eye-catching socks.

Why Does It Work?

Consumers tend to assume that promotional materials are of limited use. Socks have a more prolonged use value, as footwear may be worn all day or during specific activities such as working out. Socks can also be washed, dried and worn again over the course of months or even years. When you compare the amount of attention socks receive from the wearer and other people over time to pens or other conventional branded goods, socks stand out as a more effective marketing strategy.

On-Demand Manufacturing Makes Production Simple

Businesses can source custom-designed socks through on-demand manufacturing. Regardless of the type of operation, it is never necessary to produce socks on site. Place a bulk order for any quantity of socks in any distribution of sizes. To facilitate the production of branded socks, business owners or marketers can browse an assortment of patterns for embroidered and printed socks, choose custom colors and add a brand logo. After mockup approval, most socks ship within 15 days. 

Inventory Management Is Easy Because Sizing Is Easy

Socks come in fewer sizes than most apparel. As a result, it is easier to manage inventory of custom-designed socks. An order may include socks of extra small, small, medium, large or extra large sizes, as long as the minimum order quantity of pairs of socks per size is met. For many socks, a dozen pairs is the minimum quantity. Business owners or marketers should order the largest quantity of socks in sizes that are likely to fit the target audience for a promotion.

Socks Aren’t Going Anywhere

Many people wear socks year-round, especially when participating in physical activity, such as sports. Whether you prefer fashion or performance socks for use in a promotion, it is a safe bet that consumers or clients in your target audience will wear socks on a regular basis. High-quality socks that reliably reduce odors and wick away moisture can improve perceptions of a brand whenever this footwear is worn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize socks for my brand?

Order custom-designed socks for any business by selecting your preferred sock type and pattern. Most customizable patterns allow for color choices for various design features. Some socks also allow space to display a brand logo. Choose from embroidered or printed socks with custom designs for the purpose of promotional marketing.

What are some design tips for branded socks?

Custom sock colors should correspond to other branding. Marketers should consider whether conventional embroidered socks or dye-sublimated printed socks are the best choice for promotional use. Socks that stand out are more likely to be worn and make a lasting impression on the wearer and anyone who sees the socks.

How do I order custom-designed socks in multiple sizes?

Fill in the size breakdown fields for most custom sock styles or specify sizes in the cart. Socks are available in extra-small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes. The minimum order of socks per size is twelve for most designs, and some custom styles specify a larger minimum order.

How long does it take to customize socks?

Once you submit an initial design, you should receive a design mockup within one business day. Socks with custom designs usually ship within 15 days of mockup approval. Socks may ship sooner or later depending on the style you order, the size of an order and the type of customization.

What are some ways to use promotional socks?

Promotional socks can be given away or sold as merchandise. The promotional marketing methods that tend to be most effective allow recipients to specify a sock size. Medium or large socks are likely to fit the majority of adults, while extra small and small socks are sized for youth wearers. Wearing custom socks that are branded with a business logo is an effective way to increase the visibility of a business. Socks are less common promotional goods, so custom-designed socks are more likely to stand out and make a lasting impression on wearers, particularly if a business owner or marketer selects premium socks.

How to Tie-Dye Socks July 01 2021, 0 Comments

How To Tie-Dye Socks at Home

Having customized socks can be a lot of fun. The clothes we choose to wear are important elements of how we express ourselves to the world. So, having a little fun with a typically functional garment is worthwhile. One of the most common ways that people customize socks (and other items) at home is tie-dye. If you’ve ever wondered how to tie-dye socks, the good news is that the process is easy!

customized socks

Start With the Right Supplies

Before you begin, you need to get the right supplies. Having high-quality socks is an important start to the process. Good-quality socks will tend to hold the dyes more effectively. Plus, if you are putting in the work to dye them, you probably want to wear them a few times. So, investing in the right socks is a good idea. Additionally, you will need the following items:

  • dyes
  • bottles (these can often be purchased with the dyes in a kit)
  • vinyl or similar gloves (must be disposable)
  • bands or string (rubber bands tend to be the easiest)
  • or large bowl of water
  • cover for your work area such as a plastic sheet
  • waterproof container for your finished socks

This is typically a messy process, especially if you are doing it with children. So, make sure you have an area that is easy to clean. It is usually a good idea to tie-dye outdoors.

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Steps for Tie-Dyeing Socks

Once you have your supplies ready and your work area set up, you are ready to tie-dye. The following six steps are all you need to do.

1. Get Your Socks Wet

Before you begin, you will need to get the socks wet. They should be damp all the way through but not dripping. Dunk them in your water container then wring them out.

2. Fold Your Socks and Bind Them

Fold your socks to help design your pattern. You can try all sorts of things such as spirals, bunches, diagonal twists and more. If you are doing multiple pairs of socks, try getting creative with your folds to see how each design comes out. Typically, more circular folds look the best.

Once you fold a pair, use your rubber bands or string to bind each sock into a package. This will help to ensure a nice, even pattern.

3. Get Your Dyes Ready (If Needed)

Some dyes need to be diluted or mixed with water before you can use them. Make sure to follow the instructions provided with the dyes. Take the time to mix them thoroughly to ensure the best possible results.

4. Dye Your Socks

The next step is the big one! Take out your dyes in their squirt bottles and get started dying. Typically, the best approach is to dye each section that you created when you bound the socks into a folded shape. Like all additive colors, dyes will mix. If you mix too many, it will turn into an ugly brown shade. So, try to keep the areas separate. Socks typically require a significant amount of dye to be fully impregnated with color. Make sure to insert the tip of the bottle between the crevices of the socks.

5. Let Them Sit

Once you have dyed your socks, you should let them sit for a while. In most cases, 12 hours will do the trick. This will allow the dye to soak into the fibers. Follow the instructions provided with your chosen dyes. If you are uncertain, you can always leave them sitting for longer.

customized socks

6. Wash and Dry Your Socks

Finally, you can wash and dry your socks. After that, they will be ready to wear.

For washing, take some time to rinse them thoroughly first. A lot of dye will come out, so consider doing this outdoors with a garden hose or in your water bucket. Then, you can wash them in a laundry machine. Just make sure to only put your tie-dye creations in by themselves – the colors will run.

Dry them on the hottest setting your machine can offer. This will help to set the colors.

Order Cool, Custom Designed Socks

Now you know how to tie-dye socks, you are ready to create some amazing designs at home. Whether you want to tie-dye your own or order some custom socks, having unique socks can be a lot of fun. Socks Rock has tons of cool, custom designs for you to choose from. We carry both athletic and fashion socks. So, check out our catalog today and place your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Order Custom Designed Socks?

You can order custom socks from Socks Rock. We have a large selection of socks and stirrups as well as other custom items such as hats and masks. Our high-quality products can be easily customized with your own colors, text and images.

What Kinds of Socks Can You Tie-Dye?

You can tie-dye almost any socks. It pays to invest in some high-quality socks that will soak up the dye well. Natural materials usually hold the dye better. However, even polyester can be tie-dyed, you just may need to use more dye (and patience).

What Dyes Are Used for Tie-Dyeing Socks?

Any clothing dyes will work well for tie-dyeing. As you may expect, some dyes are better than others. Fortunately, you can find many purpose-made products for this process. Some even come in kits with instructions on how to tie-dye socks with their dyes.

What Are the Benefits of Customized Socks?

While any pair of socks can keep your feet dry and comfortable, custom socks let you express yourself a little. Perhaps you want to wear a unique pattern or have matching socks for your sports team. With custom socks, you can always look the part.

What Are Reverse Tie-Dye Socks?

When you tie-dye normally, you are adding colors to the materials. Reverse tie-dye is a similar process, but it uses bleach to remove color. You can either add white sections to a dark clothing item or you can combine reverse tie-dye with regular tie-dye to create some truly unique designs.

Sports Season Prep July 01 2021, 0 Comments

Whether you play soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, or volleyball, it's tempting to take a break from exercising during your offseason. When you're not pulling on your team socks and donning your jersey, it's hard to stay motivated. While you should give yourself a break at the end of each season, don't procrastinate too much on your preseason workouts. If your season is approaching and you need to get ready, here's how to jump into your training like a pro.

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1. Get in Shape

If you don't do some conditioning before your first practice, your lungs and legs will feel like death halfway through your sprints. Start exercising regularly at least a month before your season starts so that your body gets accustomed to working hard. Do cardio activities such as running, biking, and swimming five days a week for at least half an hour. For best results, supplement your cardio with strength training three times a week.

Getting in shape also means eating right. As you start your workout program, stop visiting fast-food restaurants, say no to soda, and fill up on fruits and vegetables. Include plenty of lean protein such as chicken, beans, and tofu in your diet to help you build muscle.

2. Set Goals

When you're getting yourself in shape, it's easy to lose all motivation to keep working out. Setting goals is a great way to track your progress and compete with yourself. Make goals for each week, such as the number of miles you're going to run or calories you're going to burn. Set long-distance ones as well, such as being able to lift a certain weight or breaking your mile time.

3. Pick the Right Gear

Without the right gear, you can't perform your best or keep yourself safe. Ask your coach whether the team is ordering custom socks and other gear for the upcoming season. If so, you can jumpstart your season by getting your gear early and breaking it in as you train. 

4. Invest in Camps and Skills Training

You can only do so much by yourself, and sometimes you need the advice and coaching of professionals. Check out sports camps and skills programs near you to hone your abilities during the offseason. Whether you attend an intensive, week-long sleepaway camp or a few hour-long workouts each week, these camps are guaranteed to get you ready for the season.

5. See the Doc

Whenever you make a lifestyle change, it's a good idea to see the doctor and make sure that everything is working properly. Regular physicals are especially important if your family has a history of health issues, but every athlete needs a check-up annually. At your physical, explain to your doctor what your training plan is and ask for his or her approval. Make sure to complete any recommended specialist appointments before your first practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm Active Year-Round?

If you regularly slip on your athletic socks and work out even when you're not in season, you should still prioritize your workouts in the month leading up to your season. Make sure that you haven't gotten sloppy without a coach to call out your mistakes, and shift your mindset from maintaining your strength to improving it.

How Do I Make Time for Exercise?

If you're working full-time or going to school, it's hard to make time for all the exercise you need to complete. Consider getting up earlier than usual for your preseason training; studies suggest that you're better able to perform in the morning. If that doesn't work, split up your workout throughout the day or do your heaviest training on the weekends.

What if I Have My Team Socks From Last Year?

If you have last year's socks, you probably still need new gear for the upcoming season. When you're running down the field or dribbling across the court, you need the highest quality socks to protect your feet and support your ankles. Use your old gear for scrimmages or casual use, and invest in new supplies for game day.

How Do I Stay Motivated?

Sometimes, setting goals isn't enough to keep you motivated. Reach out to your teammates and ask if anyone wants to start a workout accountability program. Even if you're far away from each other, you can send text explanations of your workouts and pictures of when you're all sweaty at the end. Knowing that someone else is working out with you keeps you on track.

How Do I Know If I'm Ready?

It's hard to know if you're ready for your season before it starts, and your first practice is when you find out if you've worked hard enough. However, if you're tracking your progress and seeing continuous improvement, your conditioning and skill drills should be plenty to get you through your opening week.

Get ready for the sports season by committing to serious training with your team socks and other gear from Socks Rock.

Design Ideas for Custom Baseball Socks June 24 2021, 0 Comments

The uniform of an athlete serves a variety of important purposes. On a very basic level, it allows spectators to be able to tell the difference between players on the field. Beyond this, however, a uniform ties a team together in a visual way. By donning the same general colors and logo, the team can feel connected in the way required in order to win big. Whether you’re a player looking for a pair of custom baseball socks for your next game or a coach who needs a bulk order for the entire team, there are many ideas to consider.

If you’re not sure how to go about selecting a design for your socks, now is the time to learn more. Explore these ideas and feel inspired to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Go for the Team Colors

Perhaps the most obvious choice is to work with your team colors when designing socks. How you use the colors, however, is entirely up to you. Some people keep the look simple, with one color acting as the base of the sock and the secondary color being featured as a stripe around the cuff. This is only one of a number of options you can consider when toying around with color. If your goal is to find cool baseball socks that are unique and fun, play around with different combinations and patterns until you find the right fit.

Use Stirrups

Baseball socks are often paired with stirrups. Though the practice has fallen somewhat out of style in professional circles, there are countless athletes who still opt to use baseball stirrups to invoke a classic aesthetic while playing. Stirrups can also help to keep socks hitched up, reducing the odds of having to make adjustments during a game. Beyond this, the stirrups provide an opportunity for players to display the colors or logo of the team. When you’re designing custom socks, you can introduce some exciting new elements by including stirrups in the mix.

One common way to pair socks with stirrups in a design sense is by keeping the socks a basic design and using the stirrups to add some spice. A blue sock with yellow stirrups, for example, pairs two primary colors together n a way that stands out and showcases the shades of the team.

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Incorporate an Image

Colors are far from the only design feature available to you when customizing your own socks for baseball. Your team likely also has some type of mascot or symbol associated with its name. If you want to give your socks a truly exciting edge, consider adding a relevant image to the design. Boldly featuring the logo associated with your team on the socks can be a great way to tie the team together in a unified way while giving fans an image they easily recognize. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ordering Custom Baseball Socks Easy?

Ordering custom baseball socks is an incredibly easy task. Visit Socks Rock and take time to explore the different design tools available to you. By playing around with your options a bit, you’ll easily come up with a design that works perfectly.

How Should Baseball Stirrups Be Worn?

Wearing stirrups can feel strange at first. To make it easier, remember that stirrups should be worn just under the knee. Higher than this and the stirrup can restrict your movement. Be sure the stirrup is snug over the sock and does not sag or droop at all.

Do I Need Baseball Stirrups?

The decision on whether or not to wear stirrups as part of the uniform is entirely up to the player. Some find that the addition is a useful way to keep socks up and in place. Others opt to keep it simple and ditch the stirrups altogether. Whatever feels right for you is what you should do.

Do Baseball Socks Go Over or Under the Pants?

Different players have different approaches when it comes to wearing baseball socks. Some believe it is easier to put the pants on first, then pull the socks up so that they come just to the hem of the pant legs. Other players will put the socks on first, then pull the pants over.

Are High Baseball Socks Still in Fashion?

Though once the norm, high baseball socks are not the only type of socks players wear these days. If you want to look and feel your best while wearing your uniform, be sure to look at all the options available to you. A little research will help you discover the right fit.

Designing custom baseball socks is a chance to flex your creative muscles. Play around with the design tools at Socks Rock to see what you can come up with.
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How to Gear Up for Baseball June 24 2021, 0 Comments

Baseball is a classic sport with a rich history. Though predominantly an American tradition, the sport has grown in popularity over the decades and is now played internationally on a professional level. From little leagues to the pros, people love to play ball. If you’re excited for the upcoming season, now is the perfect time to get yourself ready. A great way to do this is by looking at what gear you will require. From bats to custom baseball socks, there is a lot to consider.

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Take a look at these tips and learn what you need to know about the upcoming season. When you have a general idea of what you need to buy, you’ll have no trouble grabbing all the equipment you’ll require to play your best.

Start With the Glove

Though there are several key pieces of gear to consider, you definitely want to begin with the glove. For baseball players, a quality glove is like a dedicated friend. When you’re in the field and rushing to grab a ball that’s been lobbed high into the air, you need to be able to trust that your glove will aid you. A sub-par option could fall apart after a few uses or make your hand uncomfortable after long durations. Use care when looking at your options and definitely avoid buying a glove simply because it is inexpensive.

When it comes to the fit of a baseball glove, be sure to try on each option. The fit matters, but it can be hard to tell without slipping your hand in. A glove needs to have a somewhat snug fit while also allowing for a bit of movement. If you can’t wiggle your fingers a bit, the glove is too tight. Try out a couple of options and remember that the glove will need to be broken in a bit. The more you use it, the better the glove will feel when you’re tossing and catching the ball.

Opt for Custom Socks

The uniform you wear is also an important component when it comes to gearing up for baseball season. While you’ll likely need to wear a shirt that displays the team name and colors, there are other ways to add a bit of personality to your uniform. Personalized baseball socks are the perfect fit when you are in need of a way to get creative with your look on the diamond. Plus, the process of creating your own unique socks is far easier than you might imagine.

Take a moment and look at the different tools and resources available at Socks Rock. Whether you’re looking to combine your team colors in a clever design or you want to proudly display your distinct number on your custom baseball socks, you can accomplish a lot with the easy-to-use customization tools. You can even order in bulk to make sure that each player on the team has a unique pair of socks to boost spirits and give everyone a succinct look.

Keep Safety in Mind

Safety gear is also key to being prepared for baseball season. There are a few essential pieces of gear that players need before jumping into practice. The most important equipment for safety, of course, is the helmet. A decent pitcher can throw a ball upward of 75 MPH, which is as fast as a speeding car. Without a helmet, a player leaves his or her head exposed to impact. While many leagues provide helmets to players, you may want to invest in your own for various reasons.

On the hygiene level, having your own helmet guarantees cleanliness. Additionally, you may want a personalized helmet that fits your head in the right way. As long as the helmet fits appropriately and protects your skull from harm, you’ve got the right pick. Additional gear to consider includes shin guards and chest guards, though this will be up to the player’s needs and the requirements of his or her specific position.

Odds and Ends

Some players like wearing baseball stirrups because it provides an easy way to keep the socks in position during a game. While not usually required, you may find this piece of gear is a great help. Plus, you can also personalize stirrups to give the gear your own custom look. A quality pair of cleats is also recommended. Select cleats that are designed for baseball, as these shoes are crafted to ensure the turf of the baseball diamond is not damaged from constant traffic.

Gloves for gripping the bat are also encouraged. The last thing you want is for palm sweat to cause the bat to slip from your hands while taking a swing. Not only is this dangerous, it is also pretty embarrassing. Consider gloves and get a better grip over the bat and reduce the odds of developing blisters from skin-to-bat contact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Order Custom Baseball Socks?

Ordering custom baseball socks is easy. Use the personalization tools available at Socks Rock to get an idea for what you can accomplish. After playing around with the different features, you’ll be ready to design and order your own customized socks. You can even order in bulk for the whole team!

How Are Baseball Socks Worn?

Baseball socks are usually worn to the upper shin with baseball pants pulled up over them. The main reason for this is to protect the legs when a player dives or slides during a game. The socks shield the legs from scratches or burns and the pants keep the socks in place.

Do I Need To Wear Stirrups?

Some players use stirrups as reinforcement for their socks. Socks can lose elasticity for many reasons and playing an intense game can cause them to start slipping down your leg. Using stirrups helps them to stay in place and keeps you focused on the game instead of your socks.

How Should My Cleats Fit?

You should select baseball cleats the same way you would select a normal pair of shoes. Go based on your foot size and be sure to wear your baseball socks when trying the shoes on. This helps to guarantee the shoe will fit correctly when you’re in full uniform.

Why Is My Glove So Rigid?

A baseball glove is usually very rigid when it is brand new. Breaking the glove in by using it with a ball consistently for a few days can help it feel a bit worn. It takes a little time, but eventually the glove will have the feel you want it to.

Getting ready for baseball season is all about investing in the gear you need for success. Grab everything you need to play your best and explore your options with custom baseball socks. With the tools and resources available at Socks Rock, there’s no telling what kind of creative design you can come up with.

What are the Different Types of Socks? June 24 2021, 0 Comments

People may think of socks in terms of the activities for which they are worn, such as sports, dress and slipper socks. There are other types of socks designed to be worn with certain shoes or to provide feet and legs with compression and protection. Here are five major types of socks, broken down by design. Bear in mind that many options are available for personalizing custom socks.

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Sport Socks

Athletic socks are often made of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or polypropylene. Socks made of these textiles have moisture-wicking properties and provide support and cushioning. Socks for sports are available in the following lengths:

  • No-show
  • Ankle
  • Crew
  • Mid-calf
  • Knee-high 
  • Over-the-knee
  • Thigh-high

Some sports require unique footwear. For instance, many baseball uniforms involve pairing liner socks, also known as sanitaries, with stirrups. Football and soccer players can protect their legs by wearing longer socks.

Casual Socks

Casual socks are made for daily wear. The main priority is comfort, which is determined by sock material and construction. When it comes to ordering customizable socks for everyday wear, the most common lengths include ankle, crew and mid-calf. This category of socks also includes footwear designed to be paired with certain shoes, such as boot socks and loafer socks. Everyday socks may be made of either synthetic textiles or organic materials such as cotton and wool.

Dress Socks

Men’s and women’s dress socks tend to be made of softer, thinner materials than casual or sport socks. These socks come in lengths up to thigh-high trouser socks. Cotton blends and synthetic materials are common, particularly in work socks designed for day-long wear.

Functional Socks

There are several types of functional socks for wearers with various podiatric needs. Compression socks can be worn to manage leg or foot pain by increasing blood flow. Support socks may go up over the calf, and are made with spandex to support muscles and relieve strain. Other socks are designed to provide wearers who have diabetes with foot support and protection.

Custom Socks

Customize sports or casual socks with a choice of colors, designs and sizes. Select a base sock style and choose from available colors and options for text and logos. Customizing socks can be a good choice for outfitting a team or an individual with footwear of any color or size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which socks can I customize?

You can customize any length of socks, from ankle up to quarter, crew, knee-high or over-the-knee socks. The style of sock you choose may determine which lengths, materials and custom design options are available. Customize your favorite sock with a choice of colors and embroidered or printed words or logos.Yes, it is completely easy to order customized socks. All you need to do is take a moment to explore your options with the personalization features at Socks Rock and play around with the intuitive tools. In no time, you’ll have created a sock you can’t wait to slip on for your next game.

Can I get socks custom stitched or printed?

Choose to have socks embroidered with custom logos and text or printed with dye sublimation. Stitched designs are often paired with a selection of primary and accent colorways and a choice for adding logos or text to different parts of socks. Printed socks may feature a full or half design.

What are the best materials for sport socks?

The best sport sock materials include nylon stretch yarn and a blend made of 70% polypropylene, 20% nylon, 8% elastic and 2% Lycra Spandex. Sock styles and options for custom embroidered or printed designs tend to determine which material is used. Synthetic materials wick moisture better than cotton or wool.

Which socks are good for active and casual wear?

Socks made out of synthetic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, elastic and spandex can provide a comfortable fit and stay in place during vigorous activity or throughout hours of everyday wear. These socks are durable and wick moisture away from feet to prevent blisters and prolong the life of shoes.

How can I order socks for a team?

Place a bulk order for at least 12 socks per size. Save on orders on any quantity and size of socks in your choice of colorways and with design elements such as brim or toe text and logos on the front or back to outfit team members in matching footwear.
No matter which style of footwear you prefer, wearing the right socks is important for comfort and foot health. Select a sock style to see all of the available length and design options for custom socks.

Basketball Socks - Everything you need to know June 24 2021, 0 Comments

Anyone who plays basketball knows how important the right shoes can be. What people tend to neglect, however, is how vital the perfect socks tend to be. On a health front, wearing the wrong socks while engaged in physical activity can lead to issues with your feet and toenails. On the style front, a quality pair of custom basketball socks can give you the edge of a professional athlete. There are a few basic factors that come into play when it comes to picking out socks that make sense for how you play when you hit the court.

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The Importance of Fabric

Some people might find it fashionable to go without socks while wearing dress shoes, but this mentality doesn’t work for sports. The custom socks you wear help to protect your feet from the irritation that happens when your skin consistently rubs against the material of your shoes. Additionally, socks act as a way of absorbing sweat produced while playing your heart out. This means you want to select socks that are made from durable material that will absorb moisture and provide a barrier of comfort around your foot without restricting movement.

Size Does Matter

This might seem obvious, but you also need to pay attention to the size of the sock. If you wear socks that are too tight, for example, it can push your toes together in an uncomfortable way. Conversely, loose socks will fall down and distract your focus from the game. Basketball players also tend to select certain lengths when it comes to basketball socks. This tends to change as fashions do. A few decades ago, knee-high socks were the norm for many players. Now, some prefer socks about half the length or only as high as the ankle.

Naturally, customizing socks allows you the chance to play around with a length that you prefer. If you want to invoke a retro look, personalize your socks a bit higher. For a modern edge, go for simple athletic socks that run somewhere between the ankle and the bottom of the calf. The length won’t impact your ability to play, so you can get as creative as you’d like with this feature.

Special Socks and Basketball

Many people wonder whether or not a special type of custom basketball socks is required. While some athletic socks might suffice in a pinch, ones that are made specifically for basketball are crafted with the sport in mind. This means that the socks might actually be able to enhance a player’s performance because the material of the sock allows for maximum comfort, flexibility, and range. Plus, the comfort factor can totally change the way that you play because you will not be distracted by irritations caused by wearing ill-fitting or cheap socks. 

Playing With the Style

The appearance of your socks is also going to play into how you feel about wearing them. If the socks you buy look worn or tacky, you may forego wearing them because you don’t want to feel embarrassed. On the other hand, customizing socks to meet your specific tastes can help you feel confident when you hit the court. Naturally, your unique preferences are going to dictate what socks you find the most appealing and stylish. The beauty of personalizing socks is that you can control how the finished product appears.

The easy-to-follow customization process for socks makes it possible for anyone to play around with color combinations, patterns, and designs to come out with a great sock for any situation. Basketball players can select team colors or have the socks designed to feature the logo of a favorite professional team. Let your personality shine through by selecting unusual colors that you don’t normally see. Dennis Rodman made a career out of this with his hair during this professional career, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same through your socks.

Deciding Between One or Two Pairs

The more you talk to basketball players, the more you’ll hear about the importance of doubling up on socks. While it is true that both professional and casual players alike will wear two pairs of socks in some circumstances, the need to do this is dictated by the thickness of each sock. If you have socks of adequate thickness and made of quality materials, a single pair should suffice. However, thinner pairs or worn pairs might benefit from a bit of added support with a second set. Whatever feels comfortable is the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Customizing Socks for Basketball Easy?

Yes, it is completely easy to order customized socks. All you need to do is take a moment to explore your options with the personalization features at Socks Rock and play around with the intuitive tools. In no time, you’ll have created a sock you can’t wait to slip on for your next game.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Two Pairs of Socks?

For some basketball players in the NBA, wearing a second pair of socks is a way of protecting the feet against blisters. However, thicker socks are also able to help in this area, so wearing two pairs is not crucial in all cases.

Why Do Some Basketball Players Wear Long Socks?

There are many reasons why some players wear longer socks. For some it is about style, evoking a bygone era where longer socks were more fashionable. Others wear the socks to increase support and comfort. When selecting your own socks, be sure to consider different lengths to see what works best.

Why Do My Basketball Socks Keep Falling Down?

Socks worn for basketball can fall down due to a few factors. If the elastic of the sock is worn or old, then it will have lost some support. Thin socks or socks made of a cheaper material can also have a direct impact on whether or not the sock stays up.

What Is the Best Pair of Basketball Socks?

The best pair of socks to wearing while playing basketball is one that provides support, allows for full movement, and is very comfortable. Playing around with different options can help you determine what sock makes the most sense for the way you play.

Make Your Sports Team More Successful May 26 2021, 0 Comments

Any coach or team manager can lead a successful team. The success of a team has little to do with its record of wins and losses. Leaders should try to ensure that everyone involved shares in the personal development that only comes from being part of a team. From encouraging a group of athletes to think like team players to strengthening bonds with shared goals and distinctive custom athletic socks and uniforms, here are 10 factors that can set any team up to succeed.

  1. A Communication Feedback Loop

Communication is an ongoing process requiring attention and focus. The best way to foster connections between team members is to cultivate a beneficial feedback loop. This structure ensures that a coach, team manager and players stay on the same page.

Innovations in communication technology both facilitate team building and introduce new challenges. At the same time that emails, text messages and social media posts make it easier to stay in touch, it is important to value the contributions of all members.

  1. Every Member Is Important

Team members must be aware of the value they contribute for a team to succeed. Coaches and team leaders should strive to consistently display patience and professionalism in dealing with players, even when team members make mistakes.

The leaders of a team must unite members through a sense of shared responsibility. Players who contribute in readily visible and recognizable ways should not be valued more than those who make contributions that are less prominent, but no less essential.

  1. Delegate Roles and Tasks

Coaches and team members should work together to identify clearly defined roles for each player. It may take time and adjustments to put each member of a team in a position that emphasizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses with the strength of other players.

Youth team leaders should not hesitate to delegate responsibilities to the parents of players. Avoid overwork by outsourcing some tasks such as preparing for practices or competitions and organizing team events.

  1. Let Natural Leaders Shine

A team cannot succeed without the leadership of coaches and prominent peers. Most organizational experts recommend coaches delegate some responsibilities to a team leader. Having a member of the team who can communicate with authority and their peers promotes accountability and is helpful in resolving conflict.

The best way to identify a team leader relies on both top-down and lateral assessments of leadership traits. Coaches should monitor the dynamic of a team to identify natural leaders and develop these individuals.

  1. Set Standards Not Rules

Coaches and team managers should formalize standards agreed upon by every team member. A team must live up to these standards during practices and games. Leaders of a team should look for the most constructive ways to reinforce shared expectations.

Behavioral standards establish an ideal for behavior rather than rules that declare certain activities or attitudes to be off limits. For the best results, team members should play an active part in setting standards.

  1. Treat Mistakes Seriously

The members of any team are liable to make mistakes on and off of the court or field. Coaches and team leaders must address these infractions with constructive criticism. Harsh punishments that do not fit the crime may undermine the ability of the team to play together.

Every stakeholder should be able to offer commentary to any other person involved. Coaches and team leaders should be able to correct players, and players should feel that they have the ability to speak up about problems with leadership.

  1. Get the Right Gear

Uniforms cannot turn a group of athletes into a team, but team colors and uniforms are essential for establishing a sense of shared identity. Select practical clothing, footwear and protective equipment for any sport.

The age of players and the level of competition may also determine the right equipment. It may be most affordable to order uniforms or other team gear in bulk. Accessories such as custom athletic socks can be ordered in any color combination and are suitable for most teams.

  1. Go Off Plan If Necessary

No endeavor goes entirely according to plan. Attempting to control every aspect of practice, game plans or lineups is not productive. Youth sports can particularly benefit from more flexible practice and competition environments.

Coaches and managers should resist impulses toward micromanagement. Setting a shared goal and prioritizing each member’s contributions is more effective than any attempt to account for every detail from a top down perspective.

  1. Share a Dedicated Purpose

A shared purpose is necessary for a team to play as a unit. Teams are less likely to win until every player puts the collective goal ahead of showing off their individual capabilities. Opportunities to shine should not be lacking when players fill the right roles.

A dedicated purpose or goal can also help a team avoid numerous sources of distraction that not only cost victories but can undermine the connection between the members. Team members should be able to agree on a primary purpose and pursue processes necessary to achieve this goal.

  1. Play as a Team

A team built on solid, shared principles is ready for success. Performance on the field does not always reward the hard work that goes into building a team, but good teams are more likely to improve over time.

Teams consist of the combined attributes and goals of coaches, leaders and players. All of these individuals have the opportunity to grow together. The experience of playing team sports imparts valuable skills of communication and cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick team colors?

Colors relevant to the mascot or location of a team are obvious choices. A coach or team leader can also conduct a vote to decide on team colors. It may be helpful to narrow the options down to several color choices or pairings. Wearing the same colors brings teams together.

What’s the best way to order custom socks?

Select a style of socks and color, pattern or logo options to customize the design for any team or sport. Depending on the socks, you may be able to customize text on the outer and inner brim, back, bridge and toe. The minimum order for most designs is 12 pairs.

Can I get printed socks?

Choose from full or half custom printed socks. Printed socks are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn and are dye sublimated to clearly display images of any resolution anywhere on socks. You can also customize printed socks for team uniforms with a detailed logo or any other image or text.

What is the minimum quantity for custom sock orders?

The minimum order for most custom sock designs is 12 pairs. You can order socks of different sizes in an order. A custom sock order design consists of 12 or more pairs of identical socks. It is not possible to customize a sock order with unique details for individual players.

How do I get custom athletic socks for any sport?

Choose baseball socks or socks suitable for almost any sport. Consider the design of uniforms before ordering ankle-length, quarter, crew or knee-high socks in any color combination. These athletic socks are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn in a breathable mesh with anti-microbial properties for foot comfort during athletic activity.
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Meaning of Giving Socks as a Gift and Why They're Great! May 20 2021, 0 Comments

While your fondest holiday memories from childhood may not include the pair of plain white socks you once received, things are very different in the year 2020. As an adult, you have likely grown to appreciate the utility, comfort, and convenience of clean, matching socks. Further, personalized socks are all the rage this holiday season. Socks inscribed with pictures of beloved pets or team logos are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your gift recipients. If you need more convincing, here are a few reasons socks make great gifts:

Everybody Needs Socks

People often do more walking and running than they realize. Regardless of your job or fitness level, you probably walk a couple miles every day just getting food and moving around. Considering that most people do substantially more walking than this, it is not an exaggeration to say that footwear and socks have to be some of the most resilient clothing items that you own. Standard low-quality socks rub against the soles of your shoes constantly as you move, creating toe holes that are the death knell for all comfortable socks. Since socks are frequently relegated to the bottom of personal shopping lists, and are an indispensable necessity for modern life, they make for fantastic gifts.

Personalized Socks Have Many Customization Options

The technology behind creating custom socks has come a long way over the past couple decades. It is now possible to print insignias, logos, and pictures directly onto the surface of fabric. Because printing techniques have come so far, there are an almost unimaginable number of  backgrounds, patterns, and logos that can be combined with one another, resulting in a truly unique pair of socks. Of course, traditional and minimalist designs are also easy to customize, and these are simple to match with other garments.

Socks Pair Well With Other Gifts

If your gift recipients are difficult to buy for, adding a few pairs of socks might just sweeten the deal a little. Matching custom-made socks with shorts, pants, shirts, or sportswear is a straightforward process. Just make sure the colors and logos go together. If you have made one big purchase, and are looking for another gift, custom-made socks are an ideal companion.

Many Sports Require Socks

Sporting is where custom-made socks really shine. Baseball, soccer, and other sports require color-appropriate socks that help to distinguish one team from another. When you order tailored socks for your team, there will be no confusion as to who belongs to which team. Custom apparel can also give your team's players a psychological edge, as they create a sense of unity and discipline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you print pictures on socks?

Personalized socks are printed with special machinery that can print directly on fabric. Of course, all prints must be quality controlled by graphic design expert, who is responsible for ensuring that each custom design is feasible.

Are custom-made socks high quality?

Custom socks can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on the needs of the purchaser. Regardless of the material type, each custom-made sock is of a higher quality standard than commonly available socks.

Is it possible to order customized socks in bulk?

Yes. In fact, for many orders, the minimum order volume is 12 units. Of course, the upper limit is quite high, so ordering custom-made socks for a team or group is a common practice. If you would like to order more than 250 units, contact sales@socksrock.com.

Are custom-made socks practical?

Custom-made socks are not just for show. COOLMAX, lycra, merino, and other fabrics are intended for rigorous athletic use. Different fibers feature different wicking and insulation profiles, so fiber type is an important considerations when making an order.

Can I order custom covid-19 face guards?

Socksrock.com has begun printing face guards for daily use. While athletic and standard face guards are not intended for medical use, they are ideal for basic daily protection required by most people. Like all other products, face guards are highly customizable.

This holiday season, shopping is best done online. Fortunately, custom-made socks can be designed and purchased entirely remotely. Custom-made socks are the perfect gift for the sports or fashion fan in your life. Just visit www.socksrock.com and fill out the simple customization options.

How to Print Images on Socks May 20 2021, 0 Comments

The Best Way To Print Images On Socks

Wearing socks that display printed designs can contribute to a team uniform or promote a brand. If you are weighing the pros and cons of trying to print your own socks or ordering custom printed socks, here are several important considerations for the design process. 

Use a Sock Pattern

Whether you want to print your own socks or order custom socks, working from a pattern can save a lot of time and hassle. While it may seem like basing personalized socks off of patterns limits your options, these designs are very helpful for ensuring that printed designs appear as intended on socks.

Sock designs that are intended for printing typically allow for either full or half customization. The length and foot of full printed socks both display logos, images or high-definition designs, while half-customized socks display a design on the length and have a plain colored foot.

Design Custom Printed Socks

Dye sublimation makes it possible for socks that are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn or blended materials to display high-resolution images. The materials of the socks you choose will have a direct effect on the clarity of the design and how long a design will continue to be recognizable on socks.

Ordering professionally printed socks is the best way to guarantee that socks are made of the best material for any printing method. Experts are also aware of textile printing best practices, which can reduce the amount of effort and time required to design and produce customized socks. The equipment used to print socks, from ink to printers, are professional-grade rather than consumer-grade and the difference in quality is apparent in every pair.

Approve a Digital Mockup

When you submit a logo or image that you want to have printed on custom face socks to a service that provides customization, you should receive a digital mockup of the design in a short amount of time. You will be able to approve the way that a design will appear on socks within days.

One of the best benefits of professional printing is that the design shown in a mockup or proof is guaranteed to be identical to finished socks. In general, having socks printed is easier, less messy and more reliable in terms of the quality of the finished product than DIY printed socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order socks with printed designs?

Select your favorite sock pattern from options for half- or full-printed designs. Some custom printed designs have options to add a logo, logo pattern or image on the half or full length of every pair of socks in a custom order. Socks that have half-printed designs come with black feet.

What are important features for printed socks?

Printed socks should be made of a material that stands up to the dye sublimation process, machine washing and repeated wear. Some sock patterns for printing are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn. A printing service should also provide a digital mockup of printed sock designs before preparing your order.

Can I get socks of multiple sizes printed?

A custom order of printed socks can contain socks of more than one size. Meet the minimum order quantity for each style, which is typically 12 pairs per size. The minimum order quantity for most styles is one or two dozen socks in a choice of one or two sizes.

How do I care for printed socks?

Preserve the appearance of printed socks by turning socks inside out before washing to prevent fuzz and pilling. Do not bleach dye sublimated socks. These socks can be air dried or dried on a low heat setting to extend the life of the design of each pair over many wears.

Why should I order printed socks in bulk?

Ordering customized socks in bulk lowers the costs associated with printing a design on every pair of socks in an order. The cost per pair of bulk printed socks tends to be less than getting a smaller number of socks printed or obtaining materials to print your own sock designs.

Show off your team spirit or sense of style by ordering custom printed socks in bulk. Dye sublimation done with specialized equipment on high-performance socks produces professional-quality results and the finished product outperforms DIY printed socks.

How to Fold Long Socks May 17 2021, 0 Comments

How to Fold Long Socks

Socks designed for sports serve a unique function for your athletic pursuits, and you want to take good care of them. Learn how to fold your long socks four different ways with the methods below for neat drawers and no more stray socks.

Fold Over the Cuffs

Folding over the cuffs is a straightforward technique that prevents your socks from losing shape or getting stretched out. Begin by placing them on a flat surface. Then follow these steps:

  1. Set one sock on top of the other, lining them up by matching the heels, toes and cuffs.
  2. Smooth out any bumpy spots.
  3. Grab the cuffs of the socks and fold them to your desired length. Typically, people fold them in half with this method.

Fold Cuffs Over the Neat Way

If you prefer a tidy and organized sock drawer, this method is for you. It makes a flat, square fold that is ideal if you use drawer dividers or have shallow drawers. The steps include:

  1. Align your socks evenly on a flat surface.
  2. Place them in front of you vertically, so the toes point toward you.
  3. Smooth the material to prevent wrinkles and bumps.
  4. Fold the cuffs over to one-third of the socks' length.
  5. Fold the toes one-third of the way to meet up with the cuffs.
  6. Overlap the cuffs and toes slightly.
  7. Gently open the cuff elastic and tuck the toes inside.

Roll Up Your Long Socks Military Style

This technique is excellent for folding athletic socks when you travel. It saves space and fits nicely in your bag. It also keeps your socks together, so you don't lose one along the way. Follow these steps:

  1. Line up your socks on top of one another.
  2. Straighten and smooth them with your hand.
  3. Starting at the toes, roll the socks up tightly.
  4. Continue rolling until you reach the cuffs.
  5. Open the outer cuff slightly with your finger and pull it around the rolled-up socks.
  6. Tuck everything inside to create a tight ball.

Cross Your Socks

This folding method works best with knee-high or crew socks. It results in a square fold that does not stretch out the cuffs. To fold this way:

  1. Straighten your socks with your hands.
  2. Cross them on top of one another, making an X shape.
  3. Fold the toe of the bottom sock over the other one.
  4. Fold the cuff of the bottom sock on top of that.
  5. Now, fold the toe of the unfolded sock to the middle.
  6. Fold the cuff over that, and you have a neat square.

Taking care of your socks is a crucial part of preparing for your sport or activity. By practicing these techniques, you can have organized sock drawers and no more trouble finding socks that match. Get the best athletic and custom socks for your sport at Socks Rock today


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an athletic sock?

An athletic sock's design offers added features for increased activity. When you play a sport, you have unique sock needs. Everyday socks get wet with sweat quickly, lose their shape, fall and bunch up in your shoe. Athletic socks move moisture away from your feet, stay up and reduce friction.

Why do athletes wear long socks?

Long sports socks have many benefits for athletes. These socks remain steady, stabilize your ankle and do not bunch up or fall with activity. They typically have some compression qualities that help:
  • Prevent cramps
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lessen excessive muscle movement
  • Improve blood flow
  • Regulate muscle temperature
  • Minimize swelling
  • Augment performance

What should you look for when buying athletic socks?

  • Comfort - Your socks should fit properly and provide support.
  • Cushioning - Extra padding protects your high-impact zones and prevents blisters.
  • Synthetic materials - These materials offer moisture management, odor control and insulation.
  • Antimicrobial properties - This feature keeps your feet healthy and reduces odor by preventing bacteria growth.

Do you need to wear running socks?

There are many reasons runners wear athletic socks. Running socks provide a better fit with extra padding for comfort and arch support. The design prevents blisters, minimizes friction and often has some level of compression to aid in circulation. Non-abrasive materials keep your feet healthy and dry with moisture-wicking properties.

Why do NBA players wear double socks?

You may see basketball players wearing two pairs of socks. However, if you buy quality long athletic socks, you typically do not need to do this. Socks specially designed for playing sports provide:
  • Cushioned zones for comfort
  • Added support for your feet
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Grip to stay up during play

What is the best way to print a design on a sock? May 12 2021, 0 Comments

Printing makes it possible to put high-resolution logos or images on socks. Dye sublimation is a process that makes it possible to render almost any design, from a single detailed logo to a repeating pattern, on each and every sock in a bulk order. Find out more about all of the options available for half and full custom printed socks.

Choose a Custom Design

Start by choosing a base design for printed socks. Some styles have a pre-designed half or full printed background for a custom-printed logo or text, such as aquatic, camo, galaxy, stars and stripes, slate or other patterns.

You can completely design a pair of full printed custom crew or knee-high socks from the ground up. The foot area of half-printed socks of any length are made of black nylon stretch yarn.

Submit a Logo or Image

No matter which style and length of socks you choose, you can customize most base designs for printed socks with your choice of a logo or image. Upload a logo and get a digital mockup for approval for any printed socks.

If you prefer to design the background of half or full printed socks, you can specify how to print on socks and in-house artists will include a rendition in the proof. You can also upload a logo and include logo placement specifications in the Instruction Box that appears on your cart.

Approve a Digital Mockup

Within several business days, you should receive a proof of a printed sock design for approval. Check to make sure the background pattern is the one you selected or specified and that a logo or text appears in your preferred locations.

After mockup approval, custom socks are estimated to ship within 15 business days. If you are placing multiple custom sock printing orders, you will need to review proofs for each design.

Order Custom Printed Socks

Building an order starts with sock design, which includes selecting a pre-designed background or uploading a logo and specifying your preferences for a custom printed background. It can take two to three weeks to produce custom dye sublimated socks.

Once you receive your order, you can care for any pair by machine washing socks inside out without bleach. For the best results, lay socks out flat to air dry or dry on low heat.

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Custom Printed Socks FAQs

How do I order printed socks?

Start by selecting a dye sublimated sock design. Printed socks are available with full custom or half-custom printing. Upload a logo or image, specify sock quantity and size breakdown and place the order. You will receive a free design mockup. After approval, sock orders should ship within 15 business days.

Which sock printing options are available?

Printed socks can display a high-resolution logo or text. A full custom design includes both the foot and length of a sock, whereas a half-custom design only has a customizable length. It may be possible to print logos in a repeating pattern or specify a location in the Instruction Box.

What is the minimum order quantity of printed socks?

Most styles of printed socks have a minimum order quantity of 12 pairs per size. Some designs have a total minimum order quantity of 24 pairs, with at least 12 pairs of each size specified in a breakdown on the design page or in the Instructions Box in the cart. 

Which sock materials are best for printing?

Printed socks are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn or a blend of polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex. Check to see which materials are used to make a design. It may not be possible to have a design printed on sock materials other than those specified for a base style.

How should I care for socks that have printed designs?

Turn socks with printed designs inside out before machine washing to reduce fuzzing and pilling. Do not bleach socks that are dye sublimated. It may be possible to preserve the appearance of a printed design and extend the life of custom socks by laying each pair flat to air dry.

Custom printed socks can display higher resolution logos or text than knitted socks. Specify the location of design elements in the Instruction Box on the cart page when ordering socks that have a custom design.