How socks became the unexpected fashion hero of lockdown October 14 2021, 0 Comments

customizable socks
Many people around the world spent a significant portion of the last year in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, professional and formal clothing saw a lot less wear. The market research firm NPD Group identified a significant drop in sales of high heels, loafers and dress shoes during 2020, but sock sales have remained steady. Find out why customizable socks are poised to become even more popular during reopening.

Wearing Socks at Home

Shutdowns due to COVID-19 started in the spring of 2020. At this point in the year, many people stopped wearing heavyweight winter socks and switched to seasonally appropriate breathable socks. Although many team athletic events were delayed, players and fans still sported socks designed to represent teams. Outdoor workouts and activities during the summer and fall months were more comfortable in breathable and moisture-wicking footwear. As lockdown drew on and the seasons continued to change, socks became an important comfort piece. Some wearers preferred to wear socks alone or combine custom-designed socks with sandals, slip-ons or other comfortable shoes. While the wearer and the occupants of their house could appreciate unique designs, comfort was the most important feature of the clothing and accessories worn during lockdown.

customizable socks

The Benefits of Custom Socks

Socks with customized designs provide a special touch that wearers can appreciate in addition to others who see the socks. Although compliments were mainly limited to people in a lockdown bubble, socks with personalized designs can have the unique ability to brighten anyone’s day. Footwear is a low-key way to display significant colors, logos, text or other customized details. Personalized socks tend to be more affordably priced than most custom clothing or uniforms. High-quality materials can also stand up to regular wear.

customizable socks

Step Out In Customizable Socks

Although many activities are still affected by the ongoing pandemic, personalized socks can play a more visible role during reopening. The socks you wear when you go out may be more noticeable if they are colorful or feature visible design details such as logos or text. Whether a sock design is readily recognizable or intended to pique interest, the way you customize the colors, logos, text and other design options can make socks more attention-getting. The old lockdown benefit of comfort remains, combined with the added advantages of public visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order customized socks?

It is easy and contact-free to order personalized socks. Browse a wide selection of customizable sock designs. Once you find a style of sock you like, check the length and design options. You may be able to choose one or more sock colors or select an embroidered or printed design.

What are some ways to show off stylish socks?

Wear custom-designed socks with shorts. You can even combine socks and sandals for maximum visibility. Depending on the cut of clothing or sports uniforms, socks may be visible during everyday wear. It may also be possible to cuff the hems of pants to reveal more of the length of socks.

How do I pick socks that match clothing?

Design socks in colors that correspond with your wardrobe. Be sure to factor in the type of socks and whether you will wear this footwear with workout clothes, casual combinations or formal outfits. Athletes wear socks that match team uniform colors. Personalized socks can complement or contrast with any clothing.

Can socks be comfortably worn year-round?

Socks can be worn year round, particularly if you customize performance footwear. ProDRI insulation works to keep your feet cool in warmer months and warm in cold weather. Vary the type and material of shoes you wear for comfort in any custom style of socks made for fashion or sports.

What are some sport sock performance features?

Athletic socks that allow for custom designs may also have performance features. Antimicrobial and moisture management properties unite with compression and cushioning to keep feet dry, manage odor and promote comfort. Customize socks made of 100% stretch nylon yarn or a performance blend consisting of polypropylene, elastic, nylon and spandex.

Even after lockdown, customizable socks are still a great choice. Wearing personalized footwear out of the house is a great way to promote a business or team. Look for the perfect style of socks to fit your lifestyle.