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When you’re in the middle of a game, you’re concentrating on the action. You don’t need to be distracted by a uniform or attire that doesn’t fit properly. Socks Rock is your go-to for that perfect baseball belt to keep your trousers securely around your waist. You don’t need to worry about them sliding down as you dive for a deep hit or slide into home base. We’ve got the perfect belt that is not only sized for the right fit, but also comes in colors that complement your team uniform.

An Adjustable Baseball Belt for Everyone

Finding the right baseball belt isn’t hard to do when you’re shopping with Socks Rock. Our elastic belts are adjustable, creating a secure fit for both youth and adults. A nickel buckle and four holes provide adequate size range for both youth and adults. Youth belts come in a width of 1-1/4” and are sized to fit waists from 18 to 32”, while adult belts are a little wider at 1-1/2” for waists from 30 to 46”. With over 18 available colors, from players to coaches to fans, there’s an elastic baseball belt made to fit just right.

Leather Baseball Belts for Added Style

For adults, we carry a line of leather baseball belts, sized for adults. Each belt comes with a bonded leather top-side and a natural leather back. These stylish belts come in five colors that are set off attractively by a solid steel buckle. Each belt is 1-1/2” wide sized for waists up to 44”. These premium belts make great gifts for baseball enthusiasts or anyone who loves the look and feel of a waist securely cinched in leather.

A Quality Youth Baseball Belt

Children are often constantly in a state of growth. You can shop for a youth baseball belt in confidence knowing that our belts fit a wide range of waist sizes. The elastic design also allows for stretch to accommodate movement. Whether you’re shopping for a baseball belt or other high-quality sports apparel, Socks Rock is your trusted provider.

Prepare like a pro and gear up with the best baseball belt options today. Rocks Rock offers classic leather belts, elastic options and customized colors to enjoy a matching belt with your uniform. Whether your children are preparing for little league or you’re gearing up for a professional game, enjoy comfortable and high-performance options by shopping online. Take your baseball performance to the next level by preparing a brand-new uniform complete with all the best accessories.

Compare Quality Designs

Custom elastic belts are a convenient option available in adult and youth sizes. Elastic options offer plenty of room for growing children, shrinking waistlines or a comfortable alternative to leather. Leather belts are a timeless option that can withstand everyday wear and still look elegant and durable. For a versatile alternative, shop for belt and sock combinations. Each of these options are created with excellent materials and can be customized with over 35 colors.

Shop for the Perfect Fit

Whether your family needs youth baseball belts or extra-large adult sizes, Socks Rock has them all. Match your belt size or pick up a whole set for your baseball team to look the part and outperform the competition. Don’t spend time searching through large catalogs of belts, but create your own and enjoy tailored baseball belts for you and your team. Each belt option comes with multiple sizes, so you can be confident that your belt will be a perfect fit.

Enjoy Affordable Pricing

Save on high-quality materials and stunning color options today. Match your baseball belts with baseball uniforms for a professional look at any level. From backyard baseball clubs to high-stakes games in your community, prepare for your next match with customized products and affordable shipping at Socks Rock. Learn more about our shipping options, customization process and how you can enjoy reliable baseball belts and other sports gear today.


If you’ve been on the lookout for durable baseball belts, Socks Rock has you covered. We offer youth baseball belts and baseball belts in leather that are available for immediate delivery. With our baseball belts, your team will look good and play well together. Get them in the same colors for added team spirit! We offer multiple sizes, so there will be no trouble getting one for everyone.

Why Buy Baseball Belts from Socks Rock?

For more than 40 years, Socks Rock has been providing athletes with sports accessories. We understand sports like no other in the industry. This is where we specialize and are proud to say that we deliver what our customers need. We ensure that our products are crafted to meet design, style, comfort, and budget requirements. Here are some reasons why our customers choose to buy baseball belts from us:

  • We are rated #1 for our pricing and services: For us, customers are our priority. We provide them complete support. No matter what their concerns and queries, we address them with a smile. For the quality we deliver, our prices are also highly competitive.
  • Multiple colors available: You can choose from a wide range of neutral colors that will fit well with any baseball outfit.
  • Robust design: Our belts are designed to provide complete support. Our leather baseball belts incorporate solid steel buckles.
  • Great finish: The finish of the natural leather in all our baseball belts is gorgeous. The healthy luster will complement perfectly with your uniform.
  • Multiple belt sizes available: We offer 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44" in belt sizes. All of these are 1.5 inches wide.

Looking for baseball belts that reflect your team spirit? Order your favorite color from Socks Rock today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum quantity when ordering baseball belts?

No. If you want to order one baseball belt, you can. We offer elastic and leather belts in a range of sizes for personal style or for a consistent team uniform look. Buy several belts in various team colors to give you options for home and away games. You can see full color images of the available options to help you make a decision before you add to your cart.

What are the color options for baseball belts?

Our elastic belts come in 18 solid colors that you can view images of on the landing page for elastic belts. The leather baseball belts are available in five different colors to accessorize with a wardrobe as well as players’ uniforms. We also offer belt and sock combinations, where the socks and belt are of the same solid color. Available in 15 colors, these belt and sock combos can help elevate your team’s athletic style.

How long can I expect for my belt orders to arrive?

Most of our baseball belt varieties are in-stock and will ship either same or next day. Total delivery time will also depend on the shipping option that you select. For most domestic orders, you can expedite delivery by selecting UPS 2 Day Express for an additional cost. For delivery outside of the 48 contiguous states, the delivery time and cost will vary, including Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and other international locations.

Are leather belts available for youth?

At this time, the only youth baseball belt options are with our elastic belts and belt and sock combinations. This youth belt is available for waist sizes ranging from 18 to 32. Leather belts only come in an adult size, but these may be a good fit for larger teenagers. The minimum waist size for a leather option is 30”. Please keep in mind that there are only five colors for leather belts.

Can belt and sock combination colors be mixed and matched?

At this time, the belt and socks must share the same color. The belts are adjustable and elastic with a nickel buckle. The color-matched sock is an over-the-calf style that works for a range of sports as well as casual wear. If you’re ordering for a team, you can order multiple baseball belt and sock combos to achieve a look based on team colors.