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Baseball remains an iconic sport that is appropriately considered the national pastime. The traditional baseball attire is also a distinct, classic look that has influenced both sport and style, and baseball stirrups have been a contributing factor. These unique socks hearken back to a time when pro teams wore knickers instead of full-length pants. These stirrups, also called baseball stirrup socks, were solid and of one of the team’s colors. When worn over sanitary white socks, these stirrups provided a distinct look in the diamond and the dugout.

Sporty Style With Baseball Stirrups

Baseball stirrups enhance your uniform by providing a way to add team colors, stripes, logos and more. At Socks Rock, we provide a variety of stirrup styles to help come up with a look that is perfect for your favorite baseball team. These socks can be worn with both knickerbocker-styled trousers or full-length pants. When worn with full-length pants, these stirrup socks still provide a color contrast that complements your team’s uniform.

The Distinct Look of Baseball Stirrup Socks

Baseball stirrup socks are designed to be worn over white socks, also known as sanitary socks. They typically come without a heel or toe, and so they loop over the sanitary socks much like a stirrup. You don’t have to worry about these socks bunching up at the heels or toes, especially worn over a pair of full socks. We also offer 2-in-1 socks that mimic the look of stirrups over sanitary socks, giving you more flexibility for style options that work for your team.

A Unique Look With Custom Baseball Stirrups

One of the best reasons to go with Socks Rock is to find the perfect pair of custom baseball stirrups. You’re not just limited to colors and stripes with our stirrup socks. You can add a team logo to your socks. We even provide options for custom text in several locations, including the brim, the bridge, the toe and the back. Are you looking for a specific sock length? You can customize that too to make baseball stirrups your players are sure to love.

Baseball is a game that requires immense skill and concentration. And even the smallest distractions like stirrups that are torn or drenched with sweat can hinder performance. Our in-stock baseball stirrups are manufactured in line with these needs. They are breathable and quick-drying which allows them to manage the moisture better than other stirrups in the market. Our in-stock baseball stirrups include styles that are either ready to be shipped or can be shipped at the earliest.

Why Buy In-Stock Baseball Stirrups from Socks Rock?

The in-stock baseball stirrups by Socks Rock are perfect for teams that have upcoming matches and need a quick upgrade to stirrups that perform well. We have been designing and manufacturing stirrups for decades and have a comprehensive understanding of what goes into the perfect stirrup.

  • We are rated #1 for our pricing and services: Our prices are highly competitive for the features we provide and our services are focused on providing quality and ease to the customer.
  • Manufactured proudly in USA: All of our in-stock baseball stirrups are designed and manufactured in the country.
  • Highly durable materials: The knitting materials that we use for our stirrups are breathable, able to regulate the temperature and are highly resistant to wear and tear. You can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about holes in your new socks after only a few washes.
  • Colors that don’t fade easily: The colors of the socks will stay fresh for many years.
  • Fast shipping: Our in-stock baseball stirrups have the fastest shipping times. So if you’re in a hurry, these styles can serve you well.

If you’re interested in ordering stirrups that can be delivered to you as soon as possible, order our in-stock baseball stirrups today!

Frequently Asked Questions

I really like the stirrup look. Can I also get sanitary socks to go with them?

You absolutely can. We sell sanitary socks individually, but when ordering a pair of baseball stirrups, look for the option to add sanitary socks for $2.99 in the drop-down box shown under the price on the landing page. You can specify white socks for a classic look, or another solid color based on your team colors.

Is there a specific way to wear baseball stirrup socks?

Yes. After putting on the sanitary socks, the baseball stirrup socks should be pulled all the way up to the knee as much as possible. This creates a secure fit that won’t roll down or hinder movement potentially impeding a player’s ability to run and perform during the big game.

I want to customize socks with players’ names. Is that possible?

Yes. You can use our various options for adding text to add names, team names, nicknames or even jersey numbers. Please be aware that there is a minimum order of six pairs for each custom baseball stirrups, so for each player to have their own custom text, there would need to be a separate order for each team member.

Are your baseball stirrups machine washable?

Yes. These baseball stirrup socks can be washed in a machine, but without the use of bleach. These socks are best cared for when washed inside out to prevent fuzzing and pilling. They can also be dried on low heat in a dryer, but for best results, laying them flat to dry helps extend the life and performance of these socks.

How are stirrups sized?

We size our baseball stirrups according to age level which corresponds to foot size. Small socks are for ages 6 through 11 and measure 14”/15” laying flat. Medium socks are for ages 12-15 and measure 17” laying flat. We recommend large socks for ages 15 and above as these socks measure 19” flat. An extra-large size is also available which measures 21” laying flat.