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Baseball Stirrups are uniform socks commonly worn by baseball players up until the mid-1990s, when major-league players began wearing their pants down to the ankles, setting a trend soon picked up by players in minor and amateur leagues. Until then, stirrup socks had been an integral part of the traditional baseball uniform, giving them a distinctive look. A high sock was needed because baseball players wore knickerbockers ("knickers"), worn by many boys in the late 19th century and into the 20th century. 

Stirrup socks are worn on top of long socks called "sanitaries," usually white in color.


Build Your Own Baseball Stirrups

Baseball Stirrups are not just a sports accessory, they are a fashion statement. Traditionally worn over Baseball socks to maintain optimal hygiene and prevent injuries, stirrups have become an essential component of the elegant old-school baseball look that a number of legendary players boasted on the field for decades. Add a little flair to your baseball attire with these classic baseball accessories called stirrups. What’s more, at Socks Rock, you can even customize the design and colors of stirrups to create custom stirrups that exhibit your unique style and your team’s identity.

Stirrups — The Choicest Swag Known to Baseball

Considered to be one of the most unique sports fashion accessory, baseball stirrups serve a number of purposes other than offering you the alluring old-school look. Stirrups keep your sanitary socks in place, ensuring you optimal support and comfort so that you can give your best to the game. So, if you’re ready to enjoy all these benefits and are looking for custom baseball stirrups for sale, browse through our range of baseball stirrups and baseball socks, choose a design that you like the most, and customize it. You can mix and match your favorite colors, opt for stripes in different colors, or create your own baseball team logo socks.

Find the Perfect Cut Length

Worn by popular baseball players up until the mid 1990s, baseball stirrups come in different cut lengths. You can opt for a longer stirrup loop that exposes the most of white under sock, or go for shorter cut lengths that expose less of the sock, creating a more unique style. Here’s a quick guide to help you select the right cut length for your custom baseball stirrups striped in different colors and styles.
  • 5-Inch Cut — Best for people who want to pay homage to the old-style baseball attire, custom stirrups with a 5-inch cut show a little bit of the socks underneath.
  • 7-Inch Cut — If you want to show off more of your baseball stirrups, get cheap custom baseball stirrups in a 7-inch cut length that will show your sanitary socks up to your calves.
  • 9-Inch Cut — Stirrups with a 9-inch cut expose sanitary socks halfway up the shins and are best complemented with socks printed in unique patterns.
  • Stir Up Your Style With Our Superior-Quality Baseball Stirrups

    At SocksRock, we have established a unique reputation for providing superior-quality baseball socks and stirrups that are not only reasonably priced, but also made using the best-quality materials to offer you extended durability and optimal performance. When you invest in our custom baseball stirrups striped in different patterns, you get a pair of stirrups that offers you the following features.
  • Made from 100% nylon, the baseball stirrups offered by Socks Rock are light weight, quick drying, and soft to touch. The robust all-nylon construction results in excellent abrasion resistance and durability, which means that you can use the same pair of stirrups for a long period of time.
  • With their tube construction, double welt top, and smooth toe seam, the stirrups offer you optimal support at the impact points. For best fit, you can opt for custom stirrups with 95% polyester and 5% elastic construction.
  • Our baseball stirrups are available in three different cut lengths. You can go for medium-cut stirrups that offer you the perfect classic look, or opt for a low-cut design that looks modern and trendy.

  • Cardinal, FeatherEdge, and Northwestern Baseball Stirrups — Pick Your Favorite!

    At Socks Rock, we offer you a large variety of custom baseball stirrups for sale. Whether your favorite baseball team is St. Louis Cardinals or Northwestern Cardinals, you will be able to find custom baseball stirrups, striped and patterned, in a variety of designs. Want to add a more individualistic touch to your stirrups? Customize them with stripes in your preferred colors and make your baseball uniform look unique and exclusive.

    Bring Stirrups Back to Your Baseball Game

    Boasted by several famous baseball players, baseball stirrups are making their way back into sports fashion, and it’s time baseball enthusiasts like you shake up your baseball leg wear with twin city socks custom printed in different colors and patterns. Looking for more variety? Browse through our range of custom baseball stirrups for sale and pick the one that suits your style the best!