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Stepping into the ring with the right swagger is one of the most important aspects of wrestling. Here at Socks Rocks, we understand your need to look as rugged and intimidating as possible. This is why we offer custom wrestling socks that help you complete the strong image you want to project. Both our men’s wrestling socks and youth wrestling socks are a great hit. They are comfortable and stylish, and look absolutely badass.

Why Buy Custom Wrestling Socks from Socks Rock?

For 40 years, Socks Rock has been providing custom wrestling socks for various customers. We allow users to choose their own design. We take care of the rest. Our socks are manufactured locally in USA and we provide complete customer support. We’re rated #1 in service and pricing for a reason.

  • Comprehensive customization: Depending on your choice outfit and image, you can choose specific colors, logo and text that you’d like to display. We offer unlimited choice in colors.
  • Durable colors: We use quality yarn that retains the color even after washing several times. You can wear your favorite wrestling socks to as many matches as you want!
  • Breathable youth wrestling socks: Our socks are breathable, so you can wear it for long periods of time without having your feet suffocate with the lack of proper airflow.
  • Quick-drying: Wrestling is a strenuous game that demands physical exertion. However, sweating during the game can be uncomfortable. Our socks are quick-drying and can manage moisture effectively. This keeps you comfortable in the ring.
  • Extra reinforcements on heels and toes: Our socks include support for high-pressure areas to prevent holes.
  • Multiple options in lengths and sizes: We offer five different lengths and three different sizes in men’s wrestling socks.

Get your custom wrestling socks today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Wrestling Socks?

Many wrestlers choose to wear wrestling socks during practice and matches for comfort and style. These socks should be designed for athletic wear and not get in the way of performance. Most wrestlers opt for crew socks, which rest on the middle of the calf and help prevent slippage and blisters.

What Do Wrestlers Wear on Their Feet?

Wrestlers of all ages and skill levels are often required to wear shoes. Wrestling shoes are minimalist athletic footwear that offers minor shock absorption and traction. An over-the-ankle design provides extra stability and prevents ankle injury. Socks are worn under the shoes, and an ankle band is sometimes worn to help the referee keep track of scoring.

Do You Wear Socks in Wrestling Shoes?

Many wrestlers choose to wear youth wrestling socks under their shoes. However, sweaty feet can pose a challenge for some individuals, so it is important to choose socks with wicking and antimicrobial properties. Look for athletic socks that are made from quick-drying materials that allow your feet plenty of room to breathe.

How Do I Know My Wrestling Sock Size?

You can purchase wrestling socks in the same size you would normal socks. A sizing chart can help you identify what size socks you should purchase based on your shoe size. For instance, a male with a shoe size of nine to 12 or a women size of 10 to 13 should order large socks.

Why Do Wrestlers Tuck in Their Socks?

Tucking pants into socks is a common style among wrestlers, in addition to tucking sweatshirts into sweatpants. Some people claim this tucked-in style helps keep the heat it, allowing wrestlers to sweat more and lost weight when trying to cut. In recent years, this trend has also become popular among basketball players and fans.