Sock Design Template December 14 2021, 0 Comments

Why A Template?

When ordering custom socks it’s easy to lose something in communication (or miscommunication) of design. Client description may not match industry standard. The manufacturer may just not understand the client’s instructions. A template offers a standard, easy-to-understand method of getting everyone on the same page.

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What Does A Template Do?

A template will provide the manufacturer with front, sides, and back view of the sock, as well as an overall flat view of the design. Color selection, what your logo (if you have one) will look like, where on the sock it will go will all be reproduced. How the sock will look cut for no-show, ankle, crew, or knee high lengths can also be shown. This will lead to the final proof for your approval before manufacturing. Then your custom socks will be delivered

The template will also accommodate the design of custom printed socks.It’s not just knitted designs we’ll be working on. The very latest in custom sock tech will be available.

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By ensuring the order to be accurate as possible from the get-go, the sock template will reduce time (and materials) wasted by order/design errors, getting you your socks faster. Ordering customizable sockshas never been easier, faster, or cheaper. Don’t be intimidated by the process, you’ll be pleased with the results when you get your order. Socks Rock is dedicated to getting YOU the socks YOU designed. Order now!