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Baseball is known as America’s favorite pastime for a reason. It’s a classic sport that offers fun and fitness, and like any other sport, it gives players a workout. This means that it’s important to invest in the best gear for every game. Baseball socks can help you do exactly that by providing the style and support you need while you’re out on the field.
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Feather Edge Stirrup (PATTERN D)

The FeatherEdge Stirrup sock is one of the best youth baseball socks on the market. These baseball stirrup socks are designed with a classic stripe pattern and are available in 4"/5", 7" or 9" cuts. The stirrup design is ideal for comfort, and its smooth seams ensure easy on and off. Choose from over 40 colors to customize the exact combination you want to reflect your kid’s team’s colors or your kid’s favorite color combination.

FeatherEdge Baseball Sock (BPS-D)

Shoppers looking for classic baseball socks will find it in the FeatherEdge baseball sock. This sock features fabric made of 83% polypropylene, making its material strong, flexible, and incredibly durable. Its design is defined by three striped at the top of the calf, shadowed by a thinner stripe, all of which you can customize by choosing from more than 40 colors. You can protect your legs while showing team spirit with these premium quality baseball socks.

Cardinals Baseball Sock (BPS-I)

When performance matters, you need youth baseball socks that deliver more than just looks. The Cardinals baseball sock isn’t just stylish — it’s specially designed to make the game more comfortable for players. With a heel-toe construction, antimicrobial odor and bacteria control, and moisture-resistant insulation, these socks are superior to most on the market. Pair these qualities with its stylish striped design, and you’ll see why the Cardinal sock is a home run.

Ranger Stirrup (PATTERN E)

Baseball stirrup socks are a time honored tradition. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, these socks serve to minimize moisture and improve player comfort. The Ranger stirrup socks do all of this and more. Featuring traditional baseball stripes that are knit directly onto the sock — and over 40 color options to choose from when customizing these stripes — these socks are both fashionable and functional.

Packer Stirrup (PATTERN F)

Are you tired of wearing sanitary socks under your baseball socks? The innovative design of the Packer stirrup sock eliminates this problem completely. With stripes knit directly into the sock, these baseball stirrup socks are designed for the discriminating player. Other features include moisture-fighting insulation, heel-toe construction, and anti-odor lining. Choose from endless color combinations, too, for a totally customized sock!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to wear baseball socks?

Baseball socks are a tradition in the sport, and for good reason! One of the biggest reasons to wear baseball socks is their ability to protect players’ legs from impact as they slide through the dirt, fall, or get hit.

Why do some people wear plain socks under stirrups?

Wearing so-called sanitary socks is yet another time honored tradition of baseball. These plain white socks are worn under baseball stirrups because dyes from colored socks were previously thought to be harmful if worn directly against the skin.

Do baseball socks offer any health benefits?

Apart from the protection they provide, there are not necessarily any inherent health benefits to wearing baseball socks. Some baseball socks, though, feature compression capabilities, which can improve circulation and minimize swelling after exercise.

What kind of material is best for baseball socks?

When you’re shopping for baseball socks, you want a material that is flexible, durable, and comfortable to the wearer. Polypropylene offers all of this and is relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for players seeking a high value baseball sock.

Can bacteria in a player’s sock be harmful?

As players run and sweat, bacteria can be drawn to the moisture and accumulate quickly. This bacteria, if left in contact with skin for too long, has the potential to cause infections. Baseball socks that feature antimicrobials such as Alphasan© minimize such risk.

Baseball Socks for Performance and Style

Baseball socks are an important part of every player’s uniform. You need stylish and functional socks to support you throughout every game. Socks Rock specializes in custom baseball socks for kids and adults alike. Shop online or call  (877) 901-1933 to find the right socks for you.