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Going hard in the paint requires you to be on top of your game at every point. Being on top of your game means being on point with your attire, and your foot gear is no exception. Socks Rock is the first name in premium sports gear, including custom basketball socks to step up your style game, both on and off the court. Whether you’re looking for something for your team or something for yourself, we bring you a wide variety of basketball sock styles with plenty of options to make a look that is unique to you or your organization.

Custom Basketball Socks for Everyone

The typical basketball uniform is quite minimalist in terms of style options, so custom basketball socks are a great way to inject personal style into the overall look. The great thing about these socks is that they’re also designed for high performance. These lightweight socks are made from 100% nylon stretch yarn that support your feet with moisture management, compression and cushioning. They are completely breathable, helping you to stay cool and dry as you make a fast break.

Stepped Up Style With Personalized Basketball Socks

Expressing your sense of style isn’t something that’s off-limits in a game. Even pickup basketball provides an opportunity for you to stunt on others. Elevate the game with personalized basketball socks. From colors to logos to your very own text, we give you options to make a set of socks truly your own. Are you buying for a team? Consider a logo or team mascot names. When you consider that you can also choose the size and the shape of your socks, the options for personalization are endless.

Basketball Socks That Are the Envy of Competitors

When you’re getting ready for the game, it’s important that your look establishes your dominance before the ball is tossed up. Choose basketball socks that not only enhance your style, but also put your opponents on notice. Let Socks Rock give you a style and sport advantage with high-performance custom basketball socks.

Socks Rock offers custom basketball socks that provide comfort and style to players. With us, you can get custom basketball socks with name of individual players on the team. These team basketball socks are great for displaying team colors proudly. We have been providing custom sports solutions to athletes for several decades. This has equipped us with the knowledge of what players require. After trying numerous materials, we have perfected the blends that offer optimum performance.

Why Buy Custom Basketball Socks from Socks Rock?

Socks Rock understands sports inside out. The valuable feedback from our athlete customers through the 40 years of our service has helped us improve and hone our products. We offer design and quality solutions that they need.

  • We are rated #1 for our pricing and services: For our extensive features, our pricing is a bargain! We also offer highly targeted, customer-oriented services.
  • Prolonged moisture and blister control: The materials that we use are able to manage moisture and dry quickly. This reduces the chances of blisters on the feet.
  • Protection against foot odor: The anti-microbial technology in our manufacturing process resists the accumulation of bacteria and mold. Hence preventing odors and infections.
  • Snug fit and optimal comfort: Our custom basketball socks are designed to fit perfectly. They will hold their shape and stay in place during your game. The soft and breathable fabric ensures that your feet stay comfortable.
  • Protection against tear: We equip all our team basketball socks with extra reinforcements on toes and heels. This protects these high-pressure areas from wear and tear.
  • All socks are made in USA: We design and manufacture all custom basketball socks locally.
  • Complete customization: Choose your preferred team colors, logo and text.

Order your custom basketball socks from Socks Rocks today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order for socks and does that include multiple sizes?

For custom basketball socks, the minimum order is 12 pair per size. If you’re ordering socks for multiple players as with a team, you would need to order at least 12 pairs in each size needed. When you’re on the landing page for a particular set of socks, you can provide a size breakdown among the various available sizes: extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.

Can I customize team members’ names in an order?

At this point, we cannot do individual names, initials or team numbers in an order of basketball socks. We recommend using the text customization option for team names, which will be the same on all socks within a particular custom order. The option to add custom text is available for all sock sizes and shapes, including crew, quarter, ankle and knee-high.

What is the expected time for my order?

For an order of custom or personalized basketball socks, we will contact you regarding a free design mockup within one business day. Typically, our custom sock orders take an estimated three weeks to ship after the mockup has been approved. For special orders or orders over 250 pairs, please contact us at sales@socksrock.com to discuss options.

Do these basketball socks run true to size?

All of our custom basketball socks are made fresh which makes them look and fit larger than size. In other words, our socks are not pre-washed like those of other brands. Washing and drying will shrink your basketball socks to the size you expect. Please check our full measurements charts to confirm that you’re ordering the right sizes.

What color options are available for basketball socks?

Our custom basketball socks come with 25 different color options for making a unique looking style. These colors include black, white, Vegas gold, yellow, gold, orange, Texas orange, scarlet, cardinal, maroon, bubblegum pink, purple, sky, royal, navy, Kelly green, teal, forest, silver, graphite, brown, neon yellow, neon green, neon orange and neon pink. Swatches for these colors are available on the landing page for the socks on the lower right part of the screen.