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Camo Hats

Whether you love the natural outdoors or just love the style, Socksrock has the Camo Hat for you. Five styles are pro stitched in rugged light buckram with busted flat seams for smooth embroidery. The Brushed Cotton style, with brushed cotton back panels, has a low all sport profile, True Timber™ Conceal print front, and Velcro closure. Reverse that style with the Cotton Duck/Camo, with Conceal brushed cotton back panels and visor trim, and a choice of black, buck, or sage colored front panels and visor.

There’s also the high visibility Blaze Orange cap with Conceal camo visor. In a look for the 21st Century we offer Digital Camo caps, in desert, military green, snow, and an orange pattern. And check out the Distressed Camo style, with military green or snow digital patterns and lime green, orange, pink or yellow stitching and visor-reveal; or a True Timber™ print pattern with stitching and visor-reveal in the above color in addition to black, white, dark green, or brown. Both styles come with Velcro backstrap.

For a wider selection of print patterns, the Structured Camo cap has seven different camo patterns including Break-Up Country™ by Mossy Oak™, featuring larger enhanced terrain elements suitable for anywhere in the country, as well as several of the familiar True Timber™. This includes Conceal Brown or Green, Flooded Timber, their XD3, MC2 and the colorful MC2/Orange patterns. For a very relaxed style in Conceal Brown, we have the Unstructured Camo cap, pro stitched but with unstructured front panels, and a brass buckle closure.

Comfortable curved visors, 3-part cotton sweatbands, and one size fits most Velcro or buckle closures, durable flat busted seams for the rugged outdoors all combine to give you what you need to blend into the world of nature with Socksrock's varied selection of camouflage caps.

Custom Camo Hats

Camo hats were once worn only by hunters and military members, those who needed to blend in with their surroundings. Today, they are worn by men, women and children from all walks of life and for all kinds of reasons. Some wear them for hunting, some in honor of the military, while others wear custom camo hats as a fashion statement. Whatever your reason, SocksRock offers a range of styles to meet your needs.

Choose Your Favorite Look

Choose your custom camo hat from among several different styles, one with unstructured front panels for a lower profile. Here’s a glance at your options:

  • Distressed: Digital patterns or camo in a variety of colors with torn material at brim
  • Blaze Orange: Orange hat with camo brim for hunting
  • Digital: Camo in military green, desert, orange or snow
  • Structured: Full-color camo in seven different patterns or two-tone prints
  • Cotton/Duck: Full-color camo with black, buck or sage front panel and brim
  • Brushed Cotton: Camo in black and white on front panels and brim, with other panels in black
  • Unstructured: Camo in brown with unstructured front panels

The digital camo hat and some digital versions of the distressed hat feature a super-magnified camo pattern that shows as large pixelation-print for a modern appeal. Whatever your choice, you will receive a hat that features a sturdy cotton sweatband, comfy curved visor and one size buckle or Velcro closure.

Customizing Your Hats

It’s easy to order custom hunting hats with our on-screen interface that walks you through each step. You can add custom images or lettering and custom colors to the sides, back and front, uploading your company or team logo through the ordering screen. Once you’ve finalized your order, we’ll send you a design mockup for approval within one business day. Whether you’re ordering custom camo hats for the family and friends, team members, co-workers or company promotional gifts, SocksRock offers premium quality and a low minimum.