Using Socks to Make an Impact: Marketing That Doesn’t Sock March 03 2022, 0 Comments

custom socks

Impactful marketing often occurs in unexpected ways. Many professionals tend to overlook the popularity of custom socks. Whether staff or supporters wear socks in the boardroom, at work events or on a casual basis, socks that visibly display brand colors, logos or relevant text can resonate with potential customers, clients or business contacts.

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Promote a Brand or Team With Customized Socks

Socks with custom designs are among the best ways to increase the visibility of a brand or team. A business does not need to have any relationship to footwear to benefit from making custom-designed socks. Designs featuring recognizable colors or logos can attract attention anywhere. 

Matching socks are conventionally used to promote teams. Team members wear matching socks during competitions to identify and create visible cohesion among players. Athletic footwear, including socks, also has a longstanding association with fans of many sports. 

Custom Socks as Giveaways or Merchandise

custom socks

It is possible to design socks for use as promotional items or to sell as merchandise. The way socks fit into a promotional plan may determine the type, design or total quantity of socks across sizes. Many custom-designed socks have an order minimum of 12 socks per size, while some designs have a minimum order of 24 pairs. 

When ordering socks to give away, it can be beneficial to order footwear in a medium or large size to fit most adult wearers. Brands and teams interested in selling merchandise may want to order a variety of sock sizes ranging from small to extra-large to fit every potential customer. 

Make Socks That Represent Your Brand

The primary purpose of custom-designed socks is to draw attention to the theme of the footwear. You may prefer to customize fashion or performance socks depending on whether you are making footwear for a business or sports team. Many sock patterns are available to choose from, with options for custom colors, logos, text and other personalized details.

In addition to the sock styles, it is also possible to choose between materials such as 100% stretch nylon and a polypropylene blend. The design on socks may be embroidered or printed. Business or team representatives should consider the most important features of socks for the intended type of wear and the desired price point per pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order socks for use in marketing?

Look for the right style of socks for any business. Based on your preferences, you can design custom fashion socks or sports socks. Factor in your demographic when you plan to use socks for promotional purposes and select the sizes most likely to fit people who will wear the socks.

Why are custom logo socks effective for marketing?

Many people wear socks on a regular basis. Depending on the outfit or uniform, socks may also be visible when worn. Socks that are colorful and display logos are text are more likely to draw attention than some other accessories because movement can make any custom design even more eye-catching.

What are some ways for businesses to use socks?

Businesses can use socks to promote a brand or sell socks as merchandise. Teams that design socks in representative colors or a logo may be able to tap into a market for socks among fans and supporters. Brands can increase visibility by giving away socks along with other promotional items.

How can teams make identifiable socks?

Teams tend to focus on designing socks that prominently feature representative colors. Depending on the sport, it may be helpful to factor in long-distance visibility on the field. A logo or printed text at the toe or brim of socks can also make footwear more identifiable, especially at less distance.

What are the best ways to make branded socks?

The best way to create socks that represent a brand starts with selecting your preferred sock type and base pattern. See which length and color options are available for a sock design and material. It is also a good idea to check the minimum order per size of custom-designed socks.

Making custom socks can be a creative and impactful marketing method. Business owners and marketing professionals should consider brand demographics to order sufficient quantities of socks in sizes that will fit the customer base for more word-of-mouth recommendations and visibility.