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Browse a selection of pre-designed face guards that have U.S.A. themed designs. These masks feature American flag motifs, national symbols such as the Statue of Liberty or holiday designs for the Fourth of July. You can also submit a patriotic version of a company or team logo for an order of custom facemasks.

U.S.A. Mask Designs

From the American flag to the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty, you can find a variety of masks that have patriotic designs. Whether you are representing the United States in a competition or just showing your love for country by wearing everyday protection, order six or more masks with printed red, white and blue designs.

Pre-Designed Face Guards

When you order pre-designed masks, you can get a minimum order of six or more masks with the design shown in sample images. Custom mask orders have a higher minimum order quantity and take a few more days to process and ship than pre-designed guards. Each design is printed on a machine washable, reusable mask made of polyester micromesh blend with elastic straps.

Custom Facemasks

Submit a logo for an order of 12 or more custom masks. Within a business day, we’ll get in touch and provide a free design mockup. Custom guards ship within two to five business days after the mockup has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to order U.S.A. themed masks?

Browse a large selection of masks with patriotic designs. Select your favorite design and order masks in sets of six, 12 or more. Some mask designs are available in adult and child sizes while other masks only come in an adult size. These polyester masks are machine washable and reusable.

What are the most popular U.S.A. themed mask designs?

Face guards with patriotic designs often feature flag motifs. From stars and stripes masks to designs representing the flag over the shape of a heart, with the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty or in a Fourth of July design, you can choose from many U.S.A. themed masks.

Which mask features can be customized?

You can design face masks that display a company or team logo. Upload a logo to appear on a white polyester face guard. The bottom color of masks cannot be customized. The logo you choose can be a simple and highly visible way to represent a business or a team.

Which materials are used to make facemasks?

Customizable masks are made of a polyester micromesh blend and have elastic ear bands. These materials are washable, which allows for these masks to be reused. Face guards that are made of polyester are only intended for everyday protection and are not designed to meet safety standards for medical use. 

What is the minimum number of face masks in an order?

Most face masks that have preset designs are sold with a minimum order of six masks. An order minimum of 12 masks is required for custom polyester face guards. Check to see the size and order options available for custom facemasks or your favorite U.S.A. themed face guards.