What Makes Sports Socks Different From Other Custom Socks? October 07 2021, 0 Comments

Athletic socks and socks designed for specific sports emphasize performance. If you have ever worn a pair of casual or fashion socks during intense physical activity, you have likely experienced discomfort due to bunching, slipping or sweaty socks. Sports socks are designed to prevent these problems, and you can design custom sports socks to have any appearance you desire.  

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Performance Sports Socks

Some of the most essential features of socks designed for active wear include breathability and moisture management. Many custom sock patterns for particular sports or general athletic applications such as training or working out feature ProDRI insulation and infused Alphasan antimicrobials. 

Performance sport socks are also sized and sewn for the most comfortable fit. Choose from small, medium, large or extra-large sock sizes. Each sock features reinforced heel and toe construction with a smooth seam. Sports socks provide compression at the arch of the foot and the ankle and have bands designed to stay up.

Custom Athletic Socks Designs

There are a wide variety of designs available for sports socks. Start by considering the best sock length for the activities in which you participate. Sports such as baseball and hockey tend to use knee-high or longer socks to provide leg protection.

When you customize socks, you may have the option to choose a primary color along with secondary or accent colors featured on toe, heel or foot segments or in stripes and designs. Some sock patterns have space for a logo, text or other stylistic details. Depending on the model of socks you choose, footwear may be embroidered or printed with custom designs.

Custom Sports Socks vs Fashion Socks

It is possible to customize many styles of sports socks as well as fashion or casual socks. In general, sports socks have performance features while fashion socks are simpler designs. Sports socks feature premium materials and smooth, reinforced seams to reduce blister risks and stand up to more rigorous wear.

When you order custom-designed socks, it is important to factor in the habits of intended wearers. If you are sourcing socks for a team and sports fans, sports socks are a natural choice. For promotional socks, fashion socks are a budget-oriented choice while performance-oriented sports socks can help a brand put its best foot forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get custom socks made for sports?

It is easy to order customized athletic socks. Pick your favorite design of socks made for a specific sport or performance socks and check the available customization options. Many sock styles offer color choices and logo or text options. Many styles have an order minimum of 12 pairs per size.

Are sports or fashion socks better for everyday wear?

Your lifestyle will determine whether athletic or fashion socks are the right choice to wear. In general, if you walk and move a lot during the day, you may appreciate the comfortable design of sports socks. These socks fight odor, stay up and wick away moisture even during high-intensity exercise.

What are the best features of sports socks?

Sports socks provide compression and cushioning for comfort as you move and when you stand on your feet. These socks may allow you to customize the colors of the toe, heel, foot, and calf. Sports socks are available in lengths ranging from no-show to ankle, quarter, crew and knee high.

How can I customize sport socks?

Sports socks may offer one or more color customization options. Choose from the available colors of nylon stretch yarn or a polypropylene blend. You can also personalize many athletic socks with logos. Some sock styles have designs or patterns that also allow for color selection for one or more lengths.

Can I wear fashion socks during physical activity?

Fashion socks may not provide the same level of comfort as athletic socks. Some sports uniforms call for socks of a certain length or with particular features. Fashion socks are not designed to the same standards in terms of breathability and comfort, as these socks are intended for casual wear.

Performance socks wick away moisture to keep feet comfortable and dry. Sports socks are made to stay up as you move and provide foot and leg protection during physical activity. It is hard to beat the appearance and performance of custom sports socks.