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Because all monitors & screens vary, we strongly suggest you choose your team color by the written color descriptions here (rather than your computer/laptop/phone or the below swatch chart):


VEGAS GOLD: a deep dark khaki almost brownish gold, used by the SF 49'ers, GA Tech, Vanderbilt & Nashville, TN Commodores 
OLD GOLD: a pale light khaki tan, also called Pro Nugget Gold, used by Purdue Boilermaker's & Milwaukee Brewers
DARK GOLD: Not Available
GOLD: a bright dark yellow, used by Pittsburgh Pirates & Oakland A's, also known as Athletic Gold
YELLOW: a pale butter-yellow, rarely ordered, mostly used for kid's and youth socks
BRIGHT YELLOWNot available
NEON YELLOW: A true black-light, intensely bright color; think 'tennis balls'

SEDONA RED: a dark terra-cotta clay red, used by the AZ Diamondbacks. Available only by special request
CARDINAL RED: a deep dark slightly brownish red, used by Stanford & Alabama
MAROON: a dark brownish purple, used by Univ. of Minnesota, AZ State, Mississippi State and Texas A&M
SCARLET: a true 'lipstick' or fire-engine red (the most common red used & ordered), used by the Boston Red Sox & St. Louis Cardinals
FUCHSIA: Not available

ORANGE: a true, bright orange, used by SF Giants, NY Mets and Florida Gators
TENNESSEE ORANGE: used by the Univ. of Tennessee; and, Available only by special request
TEXAS ORANGE: a burnt orange, like pumpkin pie, used by the Univ. of Texas and TX Longhorns
NEON ORANGE: A true black-light, intensely bright color

TEAL: a greener turquoise
TURQUOISE: Not available
MARLIN TEAL: Used by the Florida Marlin's 
LIME: similar to Kelly Green, but lighter, most often used for youth socks or matching logos
KELLY GREEN: bright like shamrocks, also known as Irish Green
DARK GREEN: also called Forest or Hunter Green, worn by Oakland A's
NEON GREEN: A true black-light, intensely bright color
COLUMBIA BLUE: a light/pale baby-blue, also known as Carolina Blue, used by Tennessee Titans
ROYAL BLUE: used by LA Dodgers & KC Royals
DARK ROYAL: Not available
NAVY: a true and very dark navy blue, used by Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers & Minnesota Twins
DARK NAVY: a dark, almost black color, also known as Midnight or College Navy, and is used by the Boston Red Sox. Available only by special request
AIR FORCE BLUE: Available only by special request

Color Chart

Color Chart



A soft synthetic fiber that provides padded comfort and a superior warmth to weight ratio; highly durable, acrylic wicks, retains shape, and is able to hold brighter colors than corresponding natural fibers; added benefits include easy care and minimal shrinkage


A high-performance four-channel polyester well-known for its ability to move moisture away from the skin and speed the evaporation of perspiration; quick-drying wicking action helps to minimize hot spots and blisters while an inherent resistance to fading, shrinkage, and wrinkling enhances resilience


Softness is the primary benefit of nature’s own fiber; moisture-absorbing and heat-resistant, cotton promotes cool, breathable comfort


Rubber or spandex cores covered with durable nylon sheaths provide extreme stretch and recovery


DuPont’s spandex fiber provides four-way stretch and recovery to enhance form fitting-comfort


A natural insulator (i.e. insulates against both cold and warmth like insulation in a house) that boasts all the moisture management, odor-control, and robust qualities classic to conventional wool with an extra level of soft comfort that does not itch; superwash-treated to help maintain shape after repeated washings


Well-known for its versatility, aversion to abrasion, strength, and stretch; as a backing yarn, it provides added stretch and improves durability; quick-drying and easy to wash, nylon socks can be lightweight and sleek or heavyweight and highly elastic


A lightweight moisture-repellent synthetic that is durable, colorfast, and breathable


Superior hydrophobic synthetic boasts optimal temperature regulation and superior moisture management; lightweight (possessing the lowest specific gravity of any synthetic fiber); breathable and able to retain its insulating properties even when wet; as an insulator, polypropylene retains warmth when it’s cold and coolness when it’s warm so it can stand alone or work effectively as a base layer; and, on top of all this, polypro’s abrasion test ratings are off the charts!




Built-in deodorant that effectively battles sock odor, even during periods of heavy perspiration; we achieve this by way of high-grade yarns with embedded antimicrobial agents that act to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, the typical culprits behind unpleasant odor; and, you can count on this protection for the life of the sock


Hot spots and blisters can be debilitating, so we offer a healthy dose of preventative maintenance in and through unique yarns that naturally reduce friction and wick away moisture, high-splice designs that provide extra shielding in problem areas, and/or dependable liners that add a base layer of protection


You are getting the best and softest merino wool we could get our hands on; and, because merino naturally regulates temperature, it protects against cold in the winter and heat in the summer; it can be worn year-round and in all types of weather


Compression zones in the ankle and/or arch of a sock provide a higher level of support, thereby reducing foot fatigue and aiding circulation; these zones also help prevent slippage inside the shoe and insure a proper fit for the life of the sock


Carefully selected pro-grade fabrics known for their hydrophobic, wicking, and moisture management attributes; products with TCK ProDRI retain their insulating qualities, even when wet, and they keep your feet dry; a dry foot retains warmth