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In golf, when you’re walking many miles and standing in the sun, the need for lightweight, comfortable and fun golf socks becomes apparent. Socks Rocks offers custom golf socks for golf lovers that want to stand out and be comfortable when playing. We use soft and durable yarn that holds its shape. This allows our socks to provide you maximum comfort to you throughout the game.

Why Buy Custom Golf Socks from Socks Rock?

Socks Rock has been in the business of manufacturing and selling custom golf club socks for decades. We’re in this for the long run. We understand that customers are looking or comfortable solutions that also help them stand out from the rest—in style. And because each user is different, we give them the freedom to go haywire with customization. And that is not all what we offer.

  • Anti-microbial material: The fabric and technology we use ensures that the socks are able to allow sufficient airflow. They are also able to manage moisture, dry quickly and resist bacteria, mold and odors.
  • Long lasting: Our socks will keep you company on the golf field for a long time. The colors will stay fresh even after multiple washes and you can flaunt your favorite socks whenever you want.
  • Multiple lengths: Some of you may prefer ankle lengths while others may prefer the fit of the European length. We stock 5 different lengths so everyone can take their pick. Choose from Ankle, Quarter, Crew, Knee-High, and European.
  • Extra reinforcements on high-pressure areas: The perfect swing requires a strong stance. And this puts pressure on your heels. All our custom golf socks incorporate extra reinforcements on heels and toes that resist wear and tear.

Browse patterns and get your custom golf socks from Socks Rock today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What features of my custom golf socks can I change when ordering?

Many different features of your socks can be customized when ordering, including color and text. Depending on the design you prefer, different portion of the sock such as the toe and heel can be made different colors. You can also add text to your socks at the brim, at the toe or along the leg.

What sizes of golf socks can I order?

Depending on your preference, you can order golf socks of different lengths. Available are knee high, crew, quarter and ankle length socks. Sizes are available from XS to XL. Check out the size reference guide to compare to your shoe size before ordering.

Can I buy custom socks in bulk?

Yes, you can make large bulk orders of custom socks. Simply type in the number you need before adding to your cart. The minimum order for custom socks is 12 pairs and you can order normally up to 250 pairs of socks. If you need an order greater than 250 pairs, please email sales@socksrock.com.

What colors of custom golf socks are available?

At Socks Rock we offer many different colors for you custom golf socks. You can find a full list here. We suggest referencing the descriptions of colors, since your computer's display may make the color look different than in person. There you can also find information about materials and our technology.

Can I buy custom golf socks with a purchase order?

Yes, Socks Rock makes it easy to buy your socks with a purchase order. Simply add your socks to your cart and select the "Pay by Check" option at checkout. We will require a verified purchase order from your accounts receivable department.