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Build Your Own Socks

Designed to keep the players’ feet dry and warm on the field, especially during cold or rainy weather, baseball socks are unlike any other sports accessory. The old school baseball stirrup socks are usually longer than typical socks used in different sports and can extend up to the shins to cover the entire leg.
Whether prefer wearing knee-length socks to protect your feet and lower legs from scratches and injuries or you like shorter socks trendier and more comfortable, at Socks Rock, we offer you a wide range of personalized socks, printed in colors and patterns of your choice. Use our custom printing options to make your own socks, boast them on the field, and take your baseball game to another level!

Flaunt Your Team Identity With Style and Elegance

Whether you are a professional baseball player or an individual who plays the game on weekends only to have some fun time with friends, you need a pair of good-quality, comfortable baseball stirrup socks that can protect your feet and let you flaunt your unique style and your team identity. At Socks Rock, we offer you custom printing options so that you can make your own socks in colors and patterns you like. You can use our personalized socks to show your support for your favorite league or use them as a promotional tool at festivals, fundraising drives, and various sports events.

Need Old School Baseball Stirrup Socks? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Socks Rock, we offer you a one-stop-solution for customized baseball stirrup socks. All you need to do is browse through our extensive range of baseball stirrup socks, select a design that you like, and choose the right colors, size, and fit, and we will deliver it to your doorstep in no time! Made using premium-quality materials, our customized old school baseball stirrup socks are perfect as a marketing tool. They make the perfect gift for a baseball enthusiast. The ProDRI technology will manage the moisture level and keep your feet dry. To help you maintain perfect foot hygiene, the socks are infused with Alphasan antimicrobials that retard the growth of bacteria and control odor, so that you can feel confident and bring your ‘A’ game to every season!

Shop Premium-Quality Custom Socks at Wholesale Rates

Socks Rock has maintain a reputation for providing its customers with good-quality baseball stirrup socks in innovative designs and unique colors. What’s more, we offer at products and custom printing services at a fair price, so that you can fulfill your desire for an elegantly individualistic look without overrunning your budget.

Promising You Greater Endurance and Better Performance

If you’re looking for an online solution to design your own socks, Socks Rock can be the right choice because we promise you a seamless shopping experience, quick delivery, and reasonable prices. In addition to this our products offer the following premium features at unbelievably reasonable rates.
  • Antimicrobial Technology — Infused with Alphasan antimicrobials, our baseball socks effectively battle odor, even during periods of heavy perspiration.
  • ProDRI Technology — The socks are made using carefully selected fabrics that wick moisture, keep your feet dry warm in winters and cool in summers, and minimize foot injuries.
  • Optimum Compression and Comfort — The unique construction of our socks provides optimum support and comfort. The arch and ankle compression zones help reduce foot fatigue, helping you perform better on the field.

  • Custom Printed Socks Made Simple — Let Us Design Them For You!

    Whether you are looking to spruce up your baseball attire, support a charitable cause, or show your support for a team, our custom made socks are perfect for all purposes. Design your own socks, complete with your company’s logo, your favorite colors, and more. Unsure about how to get started? Just browse through our extensive range of custom socks designs are you are sure to find the one you’re looking for. Order right away so that you can wear your personalized socks during your next match or hit the field in your own unique way!