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Can you really be part of a sports team without a uniform? After all, a uniform helps to establish a sense of unity and teamwork. The right uniform should represent your mascot or organization in the appropriate colors. Finding the perfect sports attire is easier than ever with Socks Rock. The brand that brought you custom socks now offers custom uniforms that reflect team spirit and a can-do attitude for the big game.

Diamond-Ready Custom Baseball Uniforms

With proper custom baseball uniforms, your team is ready to take the field. From the first pitch to the last swing, you and your teammates will look the part. You’ve trusted us to deliver socks, stirrups, and hats. You can complete the look with a baseball uniform that reflects your team’s spirit and sportsmanship. Our baseball gear is complete, giving your sports organization a complete and professional look from head to toe.

Customize Uniform Accessories for a Personal Touch

What’s a proper baseball uniform without accessories? With Socks Rock socks and hats, you can  customize uniform accessories that complete your look. While we can’t guarantee that our uniforms will improve gameplay, we reckon it’s hard not to put forth your best efforts when you look the part.

All About Custom Uniforms

Ordering custom uniforms online should be a hassle-free experience. At Socks Rock, we do what we can to make sure you’re an informed buyer. Our uniform options feature high-quality images that provide front, rear, and side views of a particular style. We even include sleeveless baseball jersey tops. Swap out T-shirts of different colors to complement your appearance, infield, and outfield!

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options are available for ordering baseball uniforms?

We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay for your custom uniforms using PayPal. Now we also allow installment paying using ViaBill. You can see your payment options near the “checkout” button on the shopping cart after you’ve clicked through from a particular uniform.

What are my options for customization?

At this time, you can only customize the colors, the team name, the player number and the text on the back of the jersey. Each uniform landing page provides multiple views of each design. Whether you're wanting an existing design or a customized uniform.

Why are there sleeveless baseball uniforms?

At Socks Rock, we believe that true custom baseball uniforms should also include options when it comes to the look and silhouette. Our sleeveless baseball uniforms can be layered with a solid T-shirt in a color or style that is complementary.

Do I have to make separate orders for each player?

No. Once you’ve selected the team numbers and the primary and secondary colors on a landing page, you can add individual player information. Click on the “add a player” button and provide relevant information until you’ve ordered enough custom uniforms for the whole team, then click “add to cart.”

How can I stay up to date on new products from Socks Rock?

Find out the latest on custom uniforms and other products from Socks Rock by joining our email newsletter. Provide your email and get the latest news as well as a heads up on promotions. You can also follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.