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How to Fold Long Socks

Socks designed for sports serve a unique function for your athletic pursuits, and you want to take good care of them. Learn how to fold your long socks four different ways with the methods below for neat drawers and no more stray socks.

Fold Over the Cuffs

Folding over the cuffs is a straightforward technique that prevents your socks from losing shape or getting stretched out. Begin by placing them on a flat surface. Then follow these steps:

  1. Set one sock on top of the other, lining them up by matching the heels, toes and cuffs.
  2. Smooth out any bumpy spots.
  3. Grab the cuffs of the socks and fold them to your desired length. Typically, people fold them in half with this method.

Fold Cuffs Over the Neat Way

If you prefer a tidy and organized sock drawer, this method is for you. It makes a flat, square fold that is ideal if you use drawer dividers or have shallow drawers. The steps include:

  1. Align your socks evenly on a flat surface.
  2. Place them in front of you vertically, so the toes point toward you.
  3. Smooth the material to prevent wrinkles and bumps.
  4. Fold the cuffs over to one-third of the socks' length.
  5. Fold the toes one-third of the way to meet up with the cuffs.
  6. Overlap the cuffs and toes slightly.
  7. Gently open the cuff elastic and tuck the toes inside.

Roll Up Your Long Socks Military Style

This technique is excellent for folding athletic socks when you travel. It saves space and fits nicely in your bag. It also keeps your socks together, so you don't lose one along the way. Follow these steps:

  1. Line up your socks on top of one another.
  2. Straighten and smooth them with your hand.
  3. Starting at the toes, roll the socks up tightly.
  4. Continue rolling until you reach the cuffs.
  5. Open the outer cuff slightly with your finger and pull it around the rolled-up socks.
  6. Tuck everything inside to create a tight ball.

Cross Your Socks

This folding method works best with knee-high or crew socks. It results in a square fold that does not stretch out the cuffs. To fold this way:

  1. Straighten your socks with your hands.
  2. Cross them on top of one another, making an X shape.
  3. Fold the toe of the bottom sock over the other one.
  4. Fold the cuff of the bottom sock on top of that.
  5. Now, fold the toe of the unfolded sock to the middle.
  6. Fold the cuff over that, and you have a neat square.

Taking care of your socks is a crucial part of preparing for your sport or activity. By practicing these techniques, you can have organized sock drawers and no more trouble finding socks that match. Get the best athletic and custom socks for your sport at Socks Rock today


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an athletic sock?

An athletic sock's design offers added features for increased activity. When you play a sport, you have unique sock needs. Everyday socks get wet with sweat quickly, lose their shape, fall and bunch up in your shoe. Athletic socks move moisture away from your feet, stay up and reduce friction.

Why do athletes wear long socks?

Long sports socks have many benefits for athletes. These socks remain steady, stabilize your ankle and do not bunch up or fall with activity. They typically have some compression qualities that help:
  • Prevent cramps
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lessen excessive muscle movement
  • Improve blood flow
  • Regulate muscle temperature
  • Minimize swelling
  • Augment performance

What should you look for when buying athletic socks?

  • Comfort - Your socks should fit properly and provide support.
  • Cushioning - Extra padding protects your high-impact zones and prevents blisters.
  • Synthetic materials - These materials offer moisture management, odor control and insulation.
  • Antimicrobial properties - This feature keeps your feet healthy and reduces odor by preventing bacteria growth.

Do you need to wear running socks?

There are many reasons runners wear athletic socks. Running socks provide a better fit with extra padding for comfort and arch support. The design prevents blisters, minimizes friction and often has some level of compression to aid in circulation. Non-abrasive materials keep your feet healthy and dry with moisture-wicking properties.

Why do NBA players wear double socks?

You may see basketball players wearing two pairs of socks. However, if you buy quality long athletic socks, you typically do not need to do this. Socks specially designed for playing sports provide:
  • Cushioned zones for comfort
  • Added support for your feet
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Grip to stay up during play