How to Make the Best Custom Baseball Socks April 30 2022, 0 Comments

Making the Best Custom Baseball Socks

When we set out to make the best custom baseball socks here at SocksRock, we had a few things in mind. We knew that we wanted to focus on comfort, support, and durability. Starting with those three, we worked long and hard to build what we think is the perfect customizable sock for just about every sport there is. Our love for baseball, however, knows no bounds. We started with custom baseball socks to show off spirit, teamwork, and athleticism. Little did we know that adult and youth baseball socks would carry us so far. Find out how we make the best custom baseball socks in the business and how our commitment to quality is good for you too. 

Level of Comfort

To make the best custom socks, we prioritize your comfort. To help keep your feet comfortable during long practices and even longer competitions, we designed high-performance socks and high comfort. Custom baseball socks can be comfortable and stylish. Tight heel and toe construction keep your feet snugly in place without any discomfort, while color combos flash team pride. 

Support for Your Feet

To make the best custom socks, we focus on performance. High-performance socks aren’t meant to last only for the first inning and then sit in the dugout. Socks Rock socks have zoned comfort and cushioning that will last the whole game long. Our baseball socks also have arch and ankle compression to make muscle recovery easier tomorrow.

Durability of the Sock

To make the best custom socks durable, our socks start by being quality-made. Our tight-knitted socks are produced in the USA. To meet the rigorous requirements of youth players to adult players, we make our socks with all kinds of sports players in mind. Youth baseball socks have to keep little feet clean and odor-free while being machine washable. Adult socks have similar requirements but with attention to flexibility and no loose elastics. But even if you’re not into sports (yet), you will still benefit from our performance-based designs.

Finding the Right Size 

Finding the perfect socks for your team is an incredible moment. Realizing that not everyone can have them because there isn’t enough or the right sizing can be a big letdown. To make the best custom socks, we offer a wide range of sizes. We offer sizes from extra small, including youth sizes up to extra larges. Offering a broad spectrum of sizes ensures that we can meet the needs of diverse teams, so no one is left out. 


To make the best custom socks, we know that feet have to be stink-free and stay dry. Our baseball socks are made from a breathable blend of synthetic materials to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and injury-free. Pro-DRI technology insulates and manages moisture. To control bacteria, antimicrobials are infused in knitting. 


To make the best custom socks, we continue to improve our options. When we started our sock-making journey, we knew that making socks wouldn’t be enough service to the sports world. Here at Socks Rock, we knew that we had to offer customizable options to create the best and most high-performance sportswear that teams wanted and needed. Stylish fashion socks can be customized with logos just the same as baseball socks or lacrosse socks. No matter if it’s on the field or in the office, customizing your socks is one of the best ways to rep your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are your custom baseball socks made out of?

Most of our customizable socks are made from moisture-wicking, lightweight materials. The stirrups are made from stretchy nylon, while the custom socks are a blend of Polypropylene, nylon, elastic, and Lycra spandex. To ensure that the materials suit your needs, they are listed for review on every order form when customizing your order.

How do I know what size baseball socks my child will need?

You can choose the sock size by selecting which shoe size she/he wears. Our sizing ranges from extra small to extra large, and corresponding shoe sizes are also listed. Because each sock is freshly made, it may seem large at first. After you wash your socks for the first time, they will fit the way you expect.

Do you offer youth baseball socks or just adult sizes?

We also offer youth sizes. We have youth sizes extra small from 8Y to 12Y and small 12Y to 5. Please refer to the full measurements chart and the individual item you are customizing to ensure that the size you need is available. Contact us for more details.

How long have you been making custom socks?

Not long enough! We have been in business since 2003 and look forward to making quality socks for all sports for many years to come.

How many different sports do you make socks for?

You can search for socks on our site by sport. Socks Rock also creates stirrups, that can be customized too. Here are the sports categories available:
  • Baseball Socks
  • Fastpitch/Softball Socks
  • NEW Hockey Socks
  • Basketball Socks
  • Football Socks
  • Lacrosse Socks
  • Soccer Socks
  • Volleyball Socks
  • Wrestling Socks
  • Golf Socks
  • Track & Field Socks