Why do volleyball players wear long socks? July 20 2022, 0 Comments

You've been thinking about joining a volleyball team for a while, but you're curious about the uniforms that players wear. Most teams sport short shorts, colorful shoes, knee pads, and long volleyball socks at each match. Are these uniform items just a fashion statement? While volleyball players do have some control over what they wear, especially for practices, all parts of their uniforms and especially their socks keep them safe as they serve, spike, and volley.

Protection From Court Burn

Wearing long Socks Rock socks isn't a requirement for volleyball matches, but it does protect each player's shins from contact with the gym floor. Players often have to dive to keep the other team from scoring, and without any protection, they rip or bruise the skin on their legs. Knee-length custom volleyball socks provide an extra layer of security when it's time to take a dive.

Security Against Blisters

Extra-long socks from Socks Rock also prevent blisters from forming as volleyball players move around the court. Because they pivot and dive so often, players' socks sink into their shoes if they're only wearing ankle-length socks, making it easier for blisters and hot spots to develop. Knee socks allow players' ankles to stay covered even if their socks start to droop.

Support for Long Matches

Custom socks for volleyball include special support to keep players' feet ready for action even after a long match or tournament. Their soles are thicker so that when players land after a spike or serve, they don't hurt their shins. They also have flatter seams across the toe to make them less likely to need adjusting mid-match.

Ease of Application

Volleyball players wear knee pads for protection when they slam into the ground after a jump or dive. Shin-length socks similar to the ones that soccer players wear are uncomfortable because they stop right where volleyball players' knee pads start. With knee socks, volleyball players can put on their socks and then simply pull their knee pads on top. This method of getting dressed also makes it easier for players to take off their knee pads if they need a break in between matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Players' Socks Made Of?

Knee socks for volleyball are made of a blend of spandex and polyester, a combination that makes them easy to pull on between matches. This mixture also doesn't retain moisture the way that cotton does, keeping players' feet sweat- and blister-free. All Socks Rock products are made from high-quality materials that promote good foot health.

What Styles Are Available?

Volleyball socks don't have to be boring, especially if they're for practice or scrimmages instead of a game. Socks Rock offers knee socks in a variety of colors and patterns, including Mercury, Axiom, Stellaris, and Blaze. For teams that want to add flair to their uniforms, these styles all come with customizable logos.

What Kinds of Volleyball Use Socks?

There are two kinds of volleyball: team and beach. Beach volleyball generally happens outside in a sandpit, so the players don't wear any socks or shoes. On the other hand, team volleyball takes place on a court, usually one that's also used for basketball. All 12 players in a team volleyball match wear long socks.

What Customization Options Are Possible?

For teams who want a little more personalization than the standard Socks Rock styles, customized orders are available. Customers upload their logo and team colors onto the online template and add text on the upper seams, toe seams, backs, and bridges if they choose. For customized orders, teams need to order at least 12 pairs of socks per size.

How Do Sizes Work?

Socks Rock offers five different sizes: extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. This range of sizes works with men's shoe sizes between 5Y and 13 and women's shoe sizes between 4 and 12. For teams that want to ensure the perfect fit, there is also a chart with the exact leg, foot, heel, and ankle measurements for each size.

Whether you've spent your whole life on the volleyball court or you're considering joining a team now, you have lots of questions about the different kinds of knee socks. To start your first order, contact Socks Rock with this online form today.