How to Print Images on Socks May 20 2021, 0 Comments

The Best Way To Print Images On Socks

Wearing socks that display printed designs can contribute to a team uniform or promote a brand. If you are weighing the pros and cons of trying to print your own socks or ordering custom printed socks, here are several important considerations for the design process. 

Use a Sock Pattern

Whether you want to print your own socks or order custom socks, working from a pattern can save a lot of time and hassle. While it may seem like basing personalized socks off of patterns limits your options, these designs are very helpful for ensuring that printed designs appear as intended on socks.

Sock designs that are intended for printing typically allow for either full or half customization. The length and foot of full printed socks both display logos, images or high-definition designs, while half-customized socks display a design on the length and have a plain colored foot.

Design Custom Printed Socks

Dye sublimation makes it possible for socks that are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn or blended materials to display high-resolution images. The materials of the socks you choose will have a direct effect on the clarity of the design and how long a design will continue to be recognizable on socks.

Ordering professionally printed socks is the best way to guarantee that socks are made of the best material for any printing method. Experts are also aware of textile printing best practices, which can reduce the amount of effort and time required to design and produce customized socks. The equipment used to print socks, from ink to printers, are professional-grade rather than consumer-grade and the difference in quality is apparent in every pair.

Approve a Digital Mockup

When you submit a logo or image that you want to have printed on custom face socks to a service that provides customization, you should receive a digital mockup of the design in a short amount of time. You will be able to approve the way that a design will appear on socks within days.

One of the best benefits of professional printing is that the design shown in a mockup or proof is guaranteed to be identical to finished socks. In general, having socks printed is easier, less messy and more reliable in terms of the quality of the finished product than DIY printed socks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order socks with printed designs?

Select your favorite sock pattern from options for half- or full-printed designs. Some custom printed designs have options to add a logo, logo pattern or image on the half or full length of every pair of socks in a custom order. Socks that have half-printed designs come with black feet.

What are important features for printed socks?

Printed socks should be made of a material that stands up to the dye sublimation process, machine washing and repeated wear. Some sock patterns for printing are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn. A printing service should also provide a digital mockup of printed sock designs before preparing your order.

Can I get socks of multiple sizes printed?

A custom order of printed socks can contain socks of more than one size. Meet the minimum order quantity for each style, which is typically 12 pairs per size. The minimum order quantity for most styles is one or two dozen socks in a choice of one or two sizes.

How do I care for printed socks?

Preserve the appearance of printed socks by turning socks inside out before washing to prevent fuzz and pilling. Do not bleach dye sublimated socks. These socks can be air dried or dried on a low heat setting to extend the life of the design of each pair over many wears.

Why should I order printed socks in bulk?

Ordering customized socks in bulk lowers the costs associated with printing a design on every pair of socks in an order. The cost per pair of bulk printed socks tends to be less than getting a smaller number of socks printed or obtaining materials to print your own sock designs.

Show off your team spirit or sense of style by ordering custom printed socks in bulk. Dye sublimation done with specialized equipment on high-performance socks produces professional-quality results and the finished product outperforms DIY printed socks.