Trendy design ideas for custom socks and ties October 14 2021, 0 Comments

custom socks
Some of the latest fashion trends involve bright colors and eye-catching patterns. You can design custom socks that partake of these popular features with a service that makes it possible to customize a wide variety of base sock patterns. Find out about how to design fashion-forward socks and ties for a business, team or personal wear.
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Print Logos and Images On Socks and Ties

Logos are always in style, particularly if the design of a symbol has recently been refreshed. Any logo can receive a fresh presentation on socks or ties. Embroidered logos are raised above from the sock. This more traditional style has been superseded by the ability to print high-resolution logos on socks with dye sublimation. Printed logos can display images, patterns or logos on socks at higher resolutions than is possible with woven socks. Ties can also benefit from higher resolution printing methods. It is important to wash socks inside out and allow to air dry and give ties proper care to maintain the appearance of printed designs.

custom socks

Branding Custom Design Socks

Brand ordering agents should factor in trends when deciding on custom accessory designs. While socks and ties may need to prominently feature the signature shades of a brand in order to be recognizable, it is possible to acknowledge trends in other ways with the pattern you choose. Marketing professionals may want to explore all of the options available for embroidering or printing sock and tie designs with primary and accent colors, logos and text. The length of the sock is also significant. A brand may strive for accessories that are recognizably branded at a glance or socks and ties that invite a closer look and direct more prolonged attention toward a design.

On-Trend Colors for Custom Socks and Ties

custom socks
Some of the trendiest colors this year include vibrant yellow, bright neon green, bold magenta and ripe orange. You can design fashion or sports socks that incorporate any of these colors as the primary base color or colorful accents. Marketing professionals for brands and purchasing agents for teams might switch up the color scheme of socks and rely solely on logos or texts to identify a design. It may also be possible to feature readily identifiable brand or team colors in the context of contemporary designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order trendy socks with custom designs?

Select your favorite base custom sock design. Most styles allow customers to customize the color choices for different portions of each sock and offer options for displaying logos, stripes or text. Printed socks can allow for high-resolution patterned designs. Choose from full- or half-printed socks that have solid black feet.

What are the options to customize ties?

It may be possible to choose tie colors or select different types of designs. Just like socks, ties can display custom colors, patterns, logos and text. Check to see the design methods used to create personalized ties and order minimums. Ties are often more visible than socks in professional settings.

What is the best way to make personalized socks?

Browse a large selection of base customizable designs for socks. Select your favorite design and see which lengths, color choices and other customization options are available. You can design socks that will be created with embroidery or dye-sublimated printing based on how you would like the finished product to look.

Can I choose from pre-designed socks and ties?

Pre-designed options are available for both fashion and sports socks. These sock styles tend to have lower order minimums per size of sock than are required for custom-designed socks. It can still be cost-effective to order socks in bulk, particularly when you are placing a sock order for multiple wearers.

Why do customized accessories stand out?

Most people are accustomed to view socks as a practical accessory. Custom-designed socks can provide comfort while showing off recognizable color combinations, logos or readable text. When you customize socks, you have control over how bold or bright the design will appear and the visibility of socks based on length.

You can take any approach to designing custom socks. Designs that represent a business or team can be both trendy and timeless. You might also be interested in ordering limited-edition socks with designs and colors that are trending right now.