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One of the best ways to promote awareness is to ensure that you can flaunt the message on loudly and proudly for all to see. Socks Rock offers custom awareness socks that you can order to hand out at your events or elsewhere to spread the word. One of our most popular designs is the Pink Ribbon breast cancer awareness socks.

Why Buy Custom Awareness Socks from Socks Rock?

Socks Rock has been providing customized socks for over 40 years. During the decades, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the needs of both regular and athletic users. And we have perfected the design to provide both aesthetics and functionality. Because our custom awareness socks are comfortable to wear and the message is prominent, users are happy to wear them regularly.

  • We are rated #1 for service and price: Our pricing is competitive, and our service is impeccable.
  • Our socks are made in USA: We don’t outsource any aspect of the creation of custom awareness socks, and don’t intend to so in the future, either.
  • Comprehensive customization available: You can choose the colors that relates to your cause. E.g. pink for Pink Ribbon breast cancer awareness socks. You can also personalize the design and text to incorporate the message you want to deliver.
  • Various lengths and sizes available: We offer various lengths and sizes so you have unending choices as per the recipients’ needs.
  • Long-lasting & durable: Our custom awareness socks are not seasonal socks that stay for a couple of washes before incorporating holes. We have used durable materials and extra reinforcements on toes and heels to prevent holes and wear and tear.

Need custom awareness socks for your cause? Order from Socks Rock today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of cancer awareness socks can I order?

There are two big choices you need to make when ordering these socks: length and size. Depending on your product choice, you can select the length of your socks. You can pick from knee-high, crew, quarter and ankle. For the size of your socks, you can choose from XS to XL.

What kinds of designs are available for cancer awareness socks?

The main feature of cancer awareness socks is the signature cancer awareness ribbon. The Aware Crew Socks are a great choice, with the ribbon available in different colors. You can also customize Awareness Ribbon socks, so you can really make them your own design.

Can my organization submit a purchase order for custom sports socks?

Yes, it is easy to buy your custom socks with a purchase order from Socks Rock. When you select and customize the socks of your choice and add them to your cart, check out with the "Pay by Check" option. We will require approval from your accounts payable department.

What colors are available for my custom socks?

Socks Rock has over 30 different color options for custom socks. For a full list of the colors available, see this guide. There you will find descriptions of each color, which we suggest reading since colors as they appear on your computer display may differ from the actual product.

How will I know what my custom sports socks will look like?

When you order custom sports socks from Socks Rock, we will provide you with a free design mockup of your socks within one business day. You can use this mockup to get a better idea of what your socks will look like with all your customizations.