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While COVID-19 has halted many activities and operations, athletes young and old are still trying to find ways to safely continue playing their favorite sports. For many people, this includes wearing a sports face mask to help prevent the spread of the virus. At Socks Rock, we designed a line of sporty, comfortable masks that can be worn both on and off the field.

Stylish, Ready-to-Ship Designs

If you’re eager to have your new set of face masks as soon as possible, we carry several pre-made masks with unique designs on the front. Whether your sport is soccer, baseball, or football, our trendy masks are the envy of all sports enthusiasts. If you don’t want to create and order a set of custom masks, purchase a standard mask for quick shipping. Our estimated shipping time is one to three business days from the time of the order.

Breathable, Athletic Materials

Unlike regular cotton masks or face guards made from thick, stuffy materials, our sports face mask uses polyester to fully cover the face without making it difficult to breathe. That way you can choose to wear your mask while you play and not have to worry about struggling to catch your breath on a hot day. Additionally, elastic bands easily stretch around the ears and allow for a customizable fit. All of our masks come in adult sizes, so you may need to measure or adjust the mask to fit a child. All of these materials are safe to throw into the washer machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a custom face mask with Socks Rock?

You can order any of our pre-made designs and logo custom masks by simply selecting how many face guards you want and adding them to your cart, but you need to email sales@socksrock.com or message us with Zendesk to give us a full custom face mask order or to order over 100 masks.

Is it safe to wear a mask while playing sports?

For most outdoor sports, it is recommended that athletes wear a mask when arriving and leaving training or competitions, but it is not normally necessary to wear a face mask while playing. Find out your fitness facility’s or sports team’s policies to find out what is required.

Is there a breathable mask?

The best face mask material for sports is polyester since this material is very breathable and moisture-repelling. When ordering from Socks Rock, all of our masks are made from breathable polyester with comfortable elastic ear bands.

How should a sports face mask be properly worn during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To best protect yourself from contracting COVID-19, always wear your face mask completely over both your face and mouth. Your mask should be close-fitting, not leaving too much room open on the sides. Avoid touching the surface of the mask.

Are sports face masks washable?

While there are disposable masks available, our washable sports face mask can save money and waste by allowing you to wear it again and again. It is recommended to wash your mask at least once a day, making sure to take it off if it touches any potentially contaminated surfaces.