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Printing a company or team logo on custom facemasks can be an effective way to increase visibility. Submit a logo for face masks and get a free mockup for approval within one business day. After approval, custom guards should ship within two to five business days. Find out more about the options available for custom-printed and pre-designed polyester face masks.

Pre-Designed Guards

Shop a selection of facemasks printed with athletic or patriotic designs. Some masks have a central design feature while other feature printed patterns across most of the front of the mask with a white border. These non-medical grade guards are intended for everyday protection. Most pre-designed guards have a minimum order quantity of six masks.

Custom Facemasks

Design a custom mask with a business or team logo. Submit a logo for a mockup and get custom masks in about a week. Logos are printed on polyester masks and can stand up to washing and repeated wear. Custom guards have a minimum order quantity of twelve masks and only come in an adult size.

Mask Materials and Care

Custom and pre-designed masks are both made of a soft polyester micromesh blend and have elastic ear bands. Some pre-designed masks are available in two sizes for adults and children. These masks are machine washable and can be reused. Custom and preset designs are printed onto the fronts of masks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order customized masks?

Upload a business or team logo to customize polyester face guards. Logos are printed on machine washable and reusable masks that are made of a polyester micromesh blend with elastic straps. The minimum order amount for custom guards is 12, and custom guards are only available in an adult size.

What custom mask design options are available?

A custom logo is the only way to customize mask designs. The only bottom color for masks is white. Customized masks are only available in adult sizes. It is not possible to customize the mask color or material, but a logo can add a personal touch to any face guard.

What are the most popular mask designs?

Customized masks can display the logo of a company or team. Popular preset designs include printed patterns that are associated with sports, such as baseballs and bats. You can also find full-color printed masks with athletic designs. Another popular option are white masks that are printed with inspiring stylized text.

Are customized masks reusable?

Custom-designed masks are reusable and can be machine washed. These masks are made of a polyester blend and come in an adult size. Cloth face guards are suitable for everyday, non-medical wear. Other masks with preset designs that are made of the same material can also be washed and reused. 

What materials are used to make face masks?

The portion of a face guard that covers a wearer’s face is made of a soft blend of polyester micromesh. The ear bands on custom facemasks and preset mask designs are made of elastic. These materials do not provide medical-grade protection, but are suitable for everyday wear and easy care.