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Little League Baseball gives youth a chance to play their favorite sport, baseball. People as young as four and as old as sixteen play Little League Baseball. The League, divided into several divisions, has its own World Series each year. If you have a little leaguer who plays baseball or if you are soon going to enroll them in the local baseball team, you should order our custom youth baseball stirrups or Softball Socks.

Why Should Order Custom Youth Baseball Stirrups From Us?

By ordering stirrups from us, you get the option to customize your socks. We offer a sock customizer, which you can use to build your own socks. You can select from colors, text, and logos. We offer our customers a user-friendly interface to design custom youth baseball stirrups. When you create custom socks, you are showing off your unique style and team spirit. You can sit down with your child and help them design socks, flaunting their team colors.

If your child is old enough to design their socks, they will know what type of socks, colors, and design they want to create. When you visit our build your own socks page, you will be in for a surprise. We make it easier for you to design your own socks by allowing you to see the changes you make to the socks before you finalize the design. You can select different color combinations to see which one looks best.

Our Socks Are Perfect for College Baseball and Softball Players

Do you play college baseball or softball? Why don’t you flaunt your team spirit by wearing college baseball stirrups or Custom Softball socks representing your team colors? If you played Little League when you were young and now, you play college baseball or softball, you have come a long way since then. You want to wear stirrups that provide your feet protection and comfort from moisture.

We Use Materials Proven to Provide Your Feet with the Ultimate Comfort on the Field

We have designed our stirrups using high quality and durable material, guaranteed to last you for several years. Even though we have used nine different yarns and fibers to create our moisture-proof stirrups, three materials out of the nine are worth noting. The three materials are:

  • Nylon – Versatile, durable, aversion to abrasion, stretchable, washable, and quick-drying action
  • Polyester – Lightweight, moisture-repellent, durable, breathable, and colorfast
  • Polypropylene – Regulates temperature, regulates moisture, lightweight, breathable, and acts as an insulator

The Different Cuts We Have Available

We have three types of cuts available, 4-inch to 7-inch, 9-inch to 12-inch, and 15-inch. As a baseball or softball player, you need to first select a cut and then proceed to place an order for one of our twin city socks. The cut of the stirrups determines how much of the socks underneath the stirrups will be visible. Here the different cuts you can order from Sock Rocks:

  • 4-inch to 7-inch Cut – If you want to wear traditional baseball or softball stirrups, you should order 4-inch to 7-inch twin city socks. In most instances, only a small part of the sanitary socks is visible.
  • 9-inch to 12-inch Cuts – If you want to make your sanitary socks visible about halfway up to your shins, order our twin city 12-inch stirrups or 9-inch stirrups. Twin city 12-inch stirrups will expose more of your shins.
  • 15-inch Cut – If you want to make your sanity socks completely visible, you can choose the 15-inch cut. The top part of your stirrups will remain conceals under your pants.

Will your choose twin city 12-inch stirrups? Are you going to opt for something a little more traditional such as the 4-inch to 7-inch cut or perhaps, go modern and select the 15-inch cut? Whatever cut you have, you can customize it.

We Sell Our Custom Socks Cheap without Compromising Quality!

Even though we sell our custom socks cheap, we maintain the highest quality standards by using superior materials and advanced technology to manufacture our socks and stirrups. If you are buying custom socks from us, you can be rest assured that you are ordering high quality and affordable socks and stirrups.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wear softball pants and socks?

When it comes to your softball pants and socks, put your socks on first. Pull your socks up high, both layers if you’re wearing stirrups. Then put on your pants; your socks should be underneath your pants when the pans are pulled up.

How high do stirrup socks need to be in softball?

Stirrup socks should come up to the bottom of your knee, they will need to be under the pants when you pull your pants up.

How to clean white softball socks?

There are any number of recommended ways to clean white socks. While bleach can be very effective, it is often not recommended because it will weaken the fibers of the socks, reducing the lifespan of your active footwear. Washing soda soaks before washing is a popular method, and lemon juice as well. Some even recommend washing soda, lemon juice AND hydrogen peroxide. Some recommend soaking for a day or two.
After a standard wash (use a laundry mesh bag if possible), air dry your softball socks. If you can air dry in the sun, that will help with whitening.

Do softball socks go over the pants?

Softball socks go under the pants. Your pants should help keep your socks up during play.

Where can I buy custom softball socks?

Socks Rock offers custom softball socks just as it offers baseball socks and other activewear for feet. This includes sanitary underliner socks for the two-layer stirrup socks or two-in-one socks with the stirrups printed right on them. And remember all can be ordered as custom socks.