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Socks are an important part of every soccer team’s kit. If you are purchasing them for your team, why would you choose something generic? At Socks Rock, our custom soccer socks can be customized for any team or brand. Read on to learn how you can get high-quality socks with unique and eye-catching designs.

Customization Options

When you choose our soccer socks, you have several customization options to choose from. We offer over 18 base designs featuring unique shapes and designs. For example, you may choose our fiery Blaze socks or our geometric Atlantia socks. You can select any combination of colors to match your team or brand’s color. We have over 35 color choices.

Additionally, you can text and/or a logo to your socks. We knit these onto the custom soccer socks. So, you can be confident they will be high-quality and durable. We can knit any logo or image to help you make a statement.

Comfortable and Unique Soccer Socks

We offer only the best soccer socks made from strong, premium materials. You will be thrilled with the quality of the socks. They are comfortable to wear and robust enough to withstand the rigors of multiple seasons of intense play. Whether you are ordering them as a sponsor, parent or coach, rest assured that Socks Rock socks will reflect well on your team and/or brand.

Furthermore, with our custom designs, these socks will always be unique. Don’t settle for boring, single-color bulk soccer socks. Instead, get unique, fun and eye-catching custom stocks that you and your team can be proud of.

How To Order

Are you ready for some top-quality custom soccer socks? To order, submit an order form to socks rock and choose your style, size, colors and any text or images. We will contact you with a design mockup for your approval before proceeding. We offer sizes from extra-small to extra-large. Order yours today.

When you have the choice to customize your own soccer socks, why would you choose mass-produced socks? Socks Rock offer custom soccer socks that you can design as per your specific needs. Our most popular range is the numbered soccer socks. You can choose and customize from a wide range of templates, or specify your own. All our socks are manufactured proudly in the USA.

Why Buy Custom Soccer Socks from Socks Rock?

Socks Rock can offer you the customization freedom and you get the results in high quality materials. Decades of designing accessories for athletes has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This is why the socks we provide offer comfort and style. And that, too, at affordable rates! Wait, there is more:

  • We are rated #1 for our pricing and services: We offer customer-oriented services and provide full support. Our pricing, for the features we offer, is extremely affordable.
  • All our socks are made locally: We design and manufacture all our socks in the USA, empowering the locals.
  • Good fit: You don’t want your socks slipping off in a bundle of wrinkles at your heels while you’re playing. Our socks incorporate strong bands that keep them in place.
  • Multiple customization options: Colors, design, text, logo, numbers, placements—you can customize all on our site.
  • Breathable, anti-microbial custom soccer socks: Our socks use the yarn and technology that allows sufficient airflow. The material also prevents mold and bacteria accumulation and resists odors.
  • Colors that stay: The colors of our socks don’t fade easily.
  • Various lengths and sizes: We offer sizes from small to extra large. We also provide five different lengths in socks: Ankle, Quarter, Crew, Knee-High, and European.

Start customizing your own soccer socks today with Socks Rock!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Soccer Socks?

Used for practices and games, soccer socks are part of every soccer player’s uniform. They are designed for athletic use and are typically made of high-performance materials, such as nylon. There are several different styles to consider, including no-show, ankle, crew, or calf-high socks. Custom soccer socks often feature the team's logo and colors.

What Are the Difference Between Soccer Socks and Baseball Socks?

While both soccer and baseball socks are very similar, soccer socks are often designed to help hold the player's shin guard in place and may be made from thinner materials. Since both sports often take place outside in the warmer months, moisture-management is important and extra protection may be present throughout the ankle, ball of the foot, and the heel.

Are Soccer Socks Thick?

When shopping for adult or youth soccer socks, you will want to pick socks that provide cushioning in the right areas. In general, the socks used for soccer are not very thick; rather, they are thin and stretchy. The materials and the way the socks are made will affect the overall thickness.

Do You Wear Socks Under Soccer Socks?

Some players choose to wear two pairs of socks during games, but it depends on the preference of the individual. Bulk soccer socks designed for league play are most often designed to help hold the player’s shin guards in place. Some people wear an extra pair of socks to wear under the shin guards or to prevent blisters.

Do Soccer Shin Guards Go Over Socks?

Shin guards are an important part of a soccer player’s uniform used to protect injuries from kicks to the shins. While some people choose to wear an additional pair of ankle socks or long socks underneath their guards, soccer socks are designed to be worn over the shin guards to prevent them from moving.