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About Build Your Own

What does Build Your Own really mean?


Glad you asked. After all, you can do it with new cars, new shoes and even frozen yogurt, so why not with socks and hats? That's exactly what we set out to do with SocksRock. Depending on the style of the sock or hat, you can Build Your Own color combinations. This is great when:

  • You are trying to match school, team or organization colors
  • You need a specific color combination not available anywhere else
  • You just want something unique!

When you get to a Build Your Own page on our site, you will see a series of drop down boxes like the image below shows. Give the page a few seconds (1-3 seconds usually) and each time you select a color, your unique product is being redrawn right there on the page. You don't need to click refresh or anything, it will just automagically redraw after a few seconds.


When you have finished Building Your Own product, simply add to the cart and all of your choices. will be captured.


Because you are creating something no one else has, it takes us a little longer to make a Build Your Own product. Make sure you check out the delivery times on each product page for the specific style of product you are building!