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Knit Ice Hockey Socks

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With fast turnaround times and low minimums, it's easy to see why Socksrock is the most popular socks, stirrups, and team appeal store online. All of our products are performance-grade and created for professional use, right here in the USA. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us the flexibility to customize every part of a sock.

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Hockey Socks

Hockey uniforms and gear can help protect players on the ice and are designed with player requirements in mind. Uniforms consist of several pieces, all of which should coordinate perfectly for a cohesive team appearance. Custom hockey socks are an important piece of the uniform and should provide comfort, performance, and durability as well as the right colors and styles to match the uniform. Socks Rock offers hockey socks in colors that coordinate fully with any team uniform in the National Hockey League. Products are dyed using a sublimation process that results in bright colors and crisp images that can withstand the test of time. Custom hockey socks are offered in designs to match teams’ home and away colors, which provides you with the options you need to achieve the right look.

As with any piece of hockey gear, it is important that your socks fit properly in order to provide the best performance while also being comfortable. Personalized hockey socks are available in several sizes, ranging from mite to adult so that any player can find their perfect size. The fit should be appropriate; socks that are too tight may impede movement or be difficult to wear and socks that are too loose may not stay upright. The fabric consists of a cotton and polyester blend that feels soft and forgiving against the skin.

Socks can help manage sweat while you are playing hard and can help protect your legs from hazards of play such as sticks, boards and other players on the ice. Your gear needs to work as hard as you do and Socks Rock custom sublimated hockey socks are designed to be durable and resilient. Socks are easy to care for and can be machine washed. If you are in the market for custom hockey socks, check out Socks Rock’s catalog of products today to find the right style and team colors to meet your needs.