People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are Smart, Successful, And Revolutionary October 23 2021, 0 Comments

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From athletes to actors, dignitaries to singers, more and more people are seen sporting crazy socks. Crazy personalized socks can be found anywhere from the runway to the White House, but why are so many unique people choosing to wear crazy customized socks? One common thread amongst these silly-sock-wearing socialites is the notion that people who wear crazy custom socks are smart, successful, and revolutionary. Find out which characteristics you share with celebrities who love to wear wild socks.


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Smart folks know they can seem too invested in their studies; wearing crazy customized socks is a way to let others know that they, too, are capable of letting off a little steam. However, the rest of the time, they are busy sharing similar characteristics that make them the dedicated fact-finders they are.
  • Adaptable: Smart folks know when change is needed. The same approach to the same problem over and over won’t change the results. Smart ones can adapt to a shifting situation and still contribute effectively.
  • Curious: Thanks to a healthy level of curiosity, your bright friends are always interested in learning new information. Often, it doesn’t matter the subject but find one they specialize in and watch their eyes light up.
  • Creative: Big ideas and big thinking lead to creative endeavors for intelligent people. Wearing crazy socks is just one outlet of their creative side.


Keep in mind that the measure of success is different for different people. Pick and choose which characteristics speak loudest to you and the way you see the world.
  • Authentic: Successful people can’t waste time on being someone they aren’t. They have businesses to run, charts to top, records to break, and titles to take. Presenting as your authentic self is a sure-fire way to maximize the time you spend on other important matters, like picking out the right crazy personalized socks to get through Monday, amirite?
  • Learners: Successful people learn from their mistakes. Successful folks take feedback and constructive criticism very seriously and use them to guide their decisions.
  • Risk-taker: High profile business meeting with big-dollar investors? It’s time to break out the proposal and your crazy socks. Why? Because successful people aren’t afraid to take calculated risks.


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Room-shakers, change-makers, and claim-stakers! Revolutionaries over time have paved the way for some of the most remarkable changes that the world has known.
  • Ideological: Revolutionaries believe in big, lofty notions that drive their daily work toward a larger purpose.
  • Committed: Revolutionaries are dedicated to getting the job done. Revolutionaries stay the course until they feel like the end has been reached in one way or another.
Passionate: It’s less about just doing the job or finishing a task and more about a heart-felt and steadfast belief in the idea that thoughts and actions can change the dynamic of a situation. Revolutionaries view their work as an extension of their personality. Crazy custom socks work in the same way, using patterns and bold colors to extend their personality.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I want my office to have a crazy sock Friday, but I want it to be still kind of professional. Have any ideas on how I can do that?

Yes! Contact us for a design consultation. We offer personalized socks that include logo printing.

My husband wants to buy all the guys in the family my son’s sports team socks for Christmas Eve. Do you all do that?

Yes! We offer customized socks that can include team names and logos and custom-picked color combos. We think this is a great idea that will make your son feel good too.

I ordered custom socks and just received them in the mail. They seem a little bigger than the size I usually get. Should I be concerned?

No! Our socks aren’t pre-washed, so they may appear to be a little larger until you wash them. Once you do, they’ll look like you would typically expect.

I think my design may be too complicated for the knitted customization. Does Socks Rock have any other options?

Yes! We also offer fully custom printed socks so you can print anything you want.

The last team we played for had uniform socks that weren’t our favorites. What makes your socks different in terms of materials?

Good question! No one likes a weird sock. We understand. Our socks are made from 100% lightweight, moisture-wicking, and nylon stretch yarn that adds compression and cushioning.