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Why should you opt to build your own custom stirrup? Most of our clients opt to build their own custom stirrup because they want to match their socks’ colors to their team’s colors. Even though you do not have to necessarily customize your own stirrups, as it not a requirement of the team, organization, or school you are playing softball or baseball for, you should consider building your own custom stirrups for baseball and softball anyways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Customize Your Own Stirrups?

Just as you customize your outfit when going out by matching and contrasting different colors, you can do the same with your sports uniform. You can order custom softball stirrups from Socks Rock by letting us know your exact specifications and preferences. When you wear stirrups that match your sports uniform, you create unity.

Why Should You Visit Socks Rock to Order Personalized Socks?

At Socks Rock, you will come across an array of color combinations that you may not find anywhere else. When you order custom baseball stirrups, you ensure that you look different from everyone else on the field, especially when it comes down to the stirrups you are wearing. In fact, your entire team can customize their stirrups. You can order in bulk and we will make sure to deliver all of the customized stirrups just in time for your next game. We guarantee that you and your team will look and feel amazing in our stirrups, designed exactly the way you want.

What is so Special about Socks Rock’s Stirrups?

We do not only use superior quality yarns and fabric to manufacture stirrups, but we also use high-tech and advanced technology to create our one-of-a-kind socks and stirrups. We manufacture our products using acrylic, polyester, merino wool, elastic, cotton, spandex, nylon, and polypropylene. The materials we use regulate temperature, manage moisture, and offer speedy wick drying action to decrease blisters and hot spots. In addition to this, we use antimicrobial, blister control, climate control, compression, and ProDRI technology. Give your feet the comfort it needs when on the field by ordering custom stirrup. You are on your feet most of the time when out in the field and you need to provide them with high quality stirrups that can stand the test of time and last you several years. Our stirrups are exactly the coverage your feet needs when out and about in the softball or baseball field.

Our Use Friendly Process to Order Custom Baseball Stirrups and Softball Stirrups

We strive to offer our customers a hassle-free and simple process to order pink stirrups for baseball or something other color that matches the colors of their team, school, or organization. The first step to creating your own custom stirrups for baseball and softball is to pick a pattern. When it comes to selecting patterns, you receive an unlimited number of choices. You can select FeatherEdge, Ranger, Triple Stripe, Cardinals Stirrups, Embroidered Stirrups with Logo, Northwestern Stirrup, and more!

In addition to all of that, we also offer a wide range of styles and colors along with different cuts. You can select from a five-inch cut, seven-inch cut, and a nine-inch cut. The cut you decide to get depends on your personal choice. If you opt for a five-inch cut, your socks will be slightly visible from underneath the stirrup. If you opt for the seven-inch cut, your sanitary socks will be visible up to your calves. If you opt for a nine-inch cut, your sanitary socks will be visible halfway up to your shins. With the nine-inch cut, you should wear socks that complement the stirrup. Our custom stirrups for baseball and softball are reasonably priced, lightweight, quick drying, soft, washable, and made from 100 percent nylon. If you want to stand out on the field when playing baseball or softball, you need to dress your feet in Socks Rock’s high quality socks and stirrups.