Where can I buy socks in bulk? April 02 2021, 0 Comments

Buying socks in bulk can be an affordable way to outfit a team or stock up on everyday footwear. Find out where to order large quantities of high-quality bulk socks and get tips to maximize value when ordering custom socks.

Buy Socks In Bulk

Purchasing more than a few pairs of socks at a time is referred to as buying in bulk. You can order six or more pairs of most pre-designed socks in a selected size and color. If you want more than one color or size of sock, you can order another set of six socks.

Minimum order quantities for custom socks tend to be larger, as these socks require the manufacture of unique designs. Some custom socks are available in orders of 12 socks of the same size, or a minimum order of two dozen socks in the same size or two selected sizes. 

Customize Bulk Socks

Bulk orders can be the best way to buy custom socks. Purchasing a design in larger quantities makes it possible to provide a low cost per pair of socks, particularly when you factor in that custom socks are made of premium materials such as 100% nylon stretch yarn or a performance blend of polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex.

Some custom socks sold in bulk offer a choice of lengths ranging from no-show and ankle to quarter, crew, over-calf or knee-high socks. It is also possible to get specialized socks for sports. Depending on the base design, these socks may allow for one or more color choices and knitted or printed logos or text. 

Tips for Bulk Sock Orders

Check the price per sock and calculate the quantity of socks to order. You may find that pre-designed or custom socks sold in batches of six, twelve or 24 pairs are priced more affordably than comparable socks sold by other companies in smaller quantities. 

Every pre-designed or custom sock in a bulk order has the same design. It is not possible to customize pairs of knitted or printed socks with unique details. For this reason, it can be a good idea to order a larger quantity of socks, as this footwear will be suitable for every member of a team who wears one of the specified sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order socks in bulk?

Browse our large selection of fashion, workout and sport-specific socks. Select any style to see length and customization options. Most custom socks have a minimum order of 12 pairs per size, while some styles have a minimum total quantity of 24 pairs, which can include 12 pairs in two sizes.

What is the minimum bulk order of socks?

Minimum sock orders range from six pairs of pre-designed socks up to 12 or 24 pairs of custom socks. Most custom designs require ordering at least 12 pairs of socks per size. Specify a size distribution for larger orders on the design page or the Instructions Box in the cart.

How can I customize socks for sale in bulk?

Select any custom sock design and select from the colors available for each style element. You can also add a knitted or printed logo to many custom sock designs. Buy custom socks in sets of 12 pairs per size, with a minimum order of 12 or 24 pairs of socks.

How can I get socks for a team?

Design a pair of socks to showcase the colors of a team. You can also upload a team logo for knitted or printed socks. Knitted designs have lower resolution, but can display logos or custom text. Printed socks have high resolution and can display images or patterns of repeating logos.

How can ordering socks in bulk save money?

The cost-per-pair for bulk custom socks tends to be lower than custom designs that may be available elsewhere in lower quantities. Ordering in bulk makes it possible to design knitted or printed socks for a more affordable price, and the materials used to make socks are also of higher quality.

Whether you are looking for pre-designed or custom bulk socks, you can save by placing an order for a large quantity of socks here at Socks Rock. Buying in bulk makes high-quality socks or socks that have unique knitted or printed designs more affordable for individuals and teams.