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Ordering in bulk is the best way to save on premium socks. When you purchase bulk socks, you can get any quantity of socks in batches of six or twelve socks per size. Check to see the minimum order quantity and size distribution options for any style of socks.

Bulk Sock Orders

From fashion socks and general athletic socks to socks designed for specific sports, you have the option to order any socks in bulk. Some socks are sold in sets of twelve, such as sanitary sock liners. Other styles of custom socks are available with a minimum order quantity of six or 12 socks per size.

Custom Socks Bulk

Socks bought in bulk don't have to be boring. Design custom socks that have your choice of printed designs, logos or color choices. Browse a selection of custom sock options. Many crew length and knee-high socks are available with a custom half-printed design on the most visible part of the socks or full-custom printed socks.

Save On Bulk Socks

Sourcing larger quantities of high-quality socks is easier when you buy in bulk. The price per pair is often lower than comparable socks that are sold separately. Even if you plan to order custom socks, the price for larger quantities of socks will typically be more affordable in a bulk order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to buy socks in bulk?

Buying socks in bulk can be an affordable way to get high-quality athletic or sport-specific socks. Customize the color, design and size options for any style and place an order for any quantity of socks. It usually takes two to three weeks to create a bulk order of custom socks.

Is there a minimum order amount for socks?

The minimum quantity of socks for an order is either six or 12 pairs. Some socks are available in a choice of sizes while others are sold in sets of socks of the same size. Select a sock style to see which custom options are available and place an order.

Which custom sock options are available?

Most socks offer several choices of color details, including bottom and primary and secondary detail colors. The available options for designs vary based on the type of socks you want to customize. Check out options for custom embroidered, printed and logo socks and choose your preferred sock height and material.

Can I order socks in multiple sizes?

Some styles of socks allow the option for a size breakdown within an order. The minimum order may be either six or 12 pairs with a minimum requirement for pairs of socks per size. Other socks are only available in a single size for a set of six or 12.

How do I order socks for a team?

Pick a sock design of the right length and material for any sport. No show, ankle, crew and over-calf socks are available, as are baseball socks, sanitaries, stirrups and pro weight knit ice hockey socks. Customize the design of any style and select sizes for an order of bulk socks.