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When you order bulk socks, you may encounter a minimum order quantity for each style. Find out why a MOQ may apply to bulk or custom products and learn how to maximize the value of large orders.

Minimum Order Quantities Lock In Value

The costs associated with offering a high-quality product for bulk sale or customization necessitate a MOQ. It is not cost-effective to use premium materials or produce unique designs for smaller quantities.

Ordering in bulk keeps costs down. Select a quantity that matches or exceeds the MOQ for any style.

The MOQ May Vary for Different Styles

Minimum quantities vary between styles. Larger MOQ requirements may apply when you buy socks in bulk that are customized.

Most styles with a MOQ of 24 pairs of socks allow you to choose two sizes to meet the per-size MOQ requirement. Larger orders may include a dozen socks in additional sizes.

Most Orders of Bulk Socks Exceed MOQ

Order more than the MOQ of a product to maximize the value of buying in bulk. Offer custom designs to team members or include promotional items or merchandise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to order socks for sale in bulk?

Pick your favorite style of custom socks and check the design options as well as the MOQ. Many styles have a total MOQ and specify a minimum of one dozen pairs per size. A two dozen pair minimum order may apply with an option for 12 socks in two sizes.

How do I find the MOQ for a style?

On the order page for a pair of socks, check to see the specified minimum order that accompanies the color and other custom design selection options. The MOQ for a particular style may be specified in the product description. You may also want to check for size distribution options.

Is there a MOQ for each sock size?

Most socks require a minimum order of 12 socks in each size specified. For an order of socks in a style with a 12 pair minimum, all socks would be the same size. Orders of 24 or more socks can include a minimum of 12 socks for each size selected.

What are the benefits of a MOQ?

Requiring a minimum order of a certain number of socks makes it possible to keep per-unit prices low. One of the main benefits of buying in bulk is a lower cost per item. Ordering the MOQ or a larger amount of custom socks keeps design and production costs affordable.

How can I use extra socks?

Companies and teams can use socks as promotional giveaways or offer merchandise to customers or fans. Whether you are outfitting an individual or a team, it is important to factor in wear and tear. Each person or player may require more than one pair of socks to last a season.