Trucker Fashion Secrets February 09 2018, 0 Comments

Fashion can be anything. It can be a style, the clothes, the accessories. For truckers, they have recently resurfaced as an iconic fashion figure. Let me tell you a few things about fashion trucker secrets that you should know about:

The Kind of Clothes

When we talk about truckers, the first image that comes into our minds is a man dressed in a casual shirt, jeans and baseball cap. Well, everything is not as simple as it seems. They are also like us- they are also conscious of what they wear. For example, if a trucker is travelling far, you’ll find him wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Mind you, they also get custom trucker hats for themselves, to look more fashionable. Who wouldn’t?

Having Something in Reserve

Truckers’ aren’t always on the road. They also have their days off so they can go somewhere to relax. Also, if their truck breaks down and no one is close enough to rescue them, they’ll need to park it for the night. If this happens, they have two alternatives; either they grab a beer and spend the night in the truck or to go out and have fun somewhere else. This is the reason why it’s recommended for truckers to always have some cool, casual clothing at their disposal, so that they don’t have to go out dressed in their work clothes. No wonder most of the truckers would have a good outfit combination of cool jackets and custom trucker hats.

Model Trucks

Apart from fashionable jeans and custom trucker hats, one of the things that truckers would take seriously are their trucks. Why? The truck is the trucker’s second home. This is the reason why they go to great lengths of ensuring that their trucks are not only comfortable and ergonomic from the inside but should also look damn appealing on the outside. It’s like the truckers are defined based on the looks of their trucks.

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