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Hats Rock - Custom Hats

We offer an incredible number of customized hats for baseball and softball teams to order. Our customized hats come in different colors and designs, which you can choose based on your team’s color. If you are out celebrating a win, you can change out of your uniform and wear your hat so people around you know the name of the winning team.

Our Customized Hats Service Offers You Full Creative Control to Create the Hat of Your Dreams!

Socks Rock has created a simple and uncomplicated process to design custom caps. The process involves selecting the colors for the visor, crown, eyelets, piping, and button. Some colors options you will come across when designing custom baseball hats, custom embroidered hats, and lacrosse hats are:

• Royal Blue

• Silver and Grey

• Graphite

• Purple

• Pink

• Gold

• Neon Yellow

• Neon Orange

• Cardinal

• White

• And More Exciting Colors







You Get to See Your Design Take Shape before Your Eyes

Do you fret not knowing if the colors you picked for the crown, piping, visor, eyelets, and button will work? You have no way of knowing if the colors will complement one and other until you receive your shipment of custom baseball caps. If they do not work, you are stuck with some very hideous custom baseball hats. Do not make the mistake of now knowing, but visit Socks Rock to create stunning custom embroidered hats.

Select the colors of the individual parts of the custom caps and see it take shape before your eyes. We also offer a color guide, which you can refer to for an accurate representation of the colors we offer on our site for our personalized hats. If the colors of the custom caps you picked work in your favor, place your order without fear of the final result.

Go One Step Further and Add Your Team’s Name, Logo, or Your Initials to the Baseball or Softball Hat

Where would you like your team’s name, logo, or your initials to go? We can place your team’s name, logo, or your initials on the front, side, and back of your hat. If you want a hat inspired by the colors of your favorite baseball or softball team, you can select your favorite team’s color and upload an image of their logo via our site. This allows you to make your hat a creation that is truly yours!

Sock Rocks Can Help You Make the Right Decision

Are you confused on the type of hat you should design? We can help you decide! Our expansive collection of hats include flat visor styles, curved visor styles, wool hats similar to the major league’s hats, and breathable hats that do not display sweat lines. We are here to help! Each member of your team can get a customized hat to wear when playing a baseball or softball game.

The Need to Wear Baseball and Softball Games during a Game

The purpose of baseball and softball hats is to keep the scorching rays of the sun away from your eyes. If the sun gets in the players’ eyes, the outfielders may not be able to catch the ball, the batsman may miss hitting the ball, and the pitchers may be unable to throw a good and effective pitch. Order our customized baseball and softball games today to up your game!

Custom Hats

Ball caps serve two essential functions: 1) They keep the sun out of players’ eyes, and 2) they represent your team’s identity. Baseball hats need no help fulfilling the first function, but without any personalization, your hats are unlikely to fulfill the second. Equip your team with custom baseball hats that epitomize both your team’s identity and its spirit.

Ultimate Comfort, Top Performance

Ballcaps, like shoes or pants, can make or break an athlete’s performance or an everyday wearer’s comfort. Hatsrock prints and embroiders only on premium headwear made of high-performance material. Many of our personalized hats feature moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties that prevent the development of bacteria, odor and sweat stains. Wool caps give the look and feel of old-school baseball caps, which are always in style. We can print a custom hat design on any one of our universal fit, true fit and adjustable caps or visors.

Print and Embroidered Custom Baseball Hats

Customizing your baseball hat is easy! Once you select the style of hat you prefer and in what sizes, you’ll be prompted to select a single base color or a combination of colors. From there, you can choose from hundreds of fonts and even more graphics, or you can upload your existing logo, letters or text. Add players’ numbers to the back or sides for even more personalization.

Personalized Ball Caps for Any Team or Brand

Whether you’re looking for a way to garner team spirit, want to surprise your employees with custom baseball hats for the company-wide softball tournament or want to deck your team out in caps for a cause, Hatsrock is prepared to meet your design needs. Our online shop makes it easy for you to shop for hats based on style, purpose, price and material, while our streamlined design process leaves no room for surprises. Watch your design take shape before your eyes to ensure you’re satisfied with every last inch before you click “order.” Whether you’re in the market for baseball hats, trucker caps or golf visors, look no further than Hatsrock.


How does it work? 

HatsRock, powered by SocksRock, allows you the freedom to design your team hats the way you want.

  1. Select your colors for the Crown, Visor, Eyelets, Button and Piping.
  2. Add your logo, team name or team initials to the front, side and in some cases, back of the hat.
  3. Wait a few seconds, and voila! You'll see your creation live in front your eyes before you make the purchase!


Help me choose the right hat

      • I want the Flat Visor style: check out 9D4, 9D3, or 9D7P
      • I want the traditional Curved Visor style: check out 978S, 998F, 901F, or 498F.
      • I want a wool hat like the Major Leaguers have: check out 901F
      • I want a hat that breathes and doesn't show sweat lines: check out 9D4, 9D39D7P978S978F, or 998F

Happy hat making! For more information about the manufacturer, click here. Note: Custom hats take 3 weeks to build and ship. Minimum 12 per custom hat order.