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SocksRock uses fancy technology
to make the magic happen.
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How does it work? 

HatsRock, powered by SocksRock, allows you the freedom to design your team hats the way you want.

  1. Select your colors for the Crown, Visor, Eyelets, Button and Piping.
  2. Add your logo, team name or team initials to the front, side and in some cases, back of the hat.
  3. Wait a few seconds, and voila! You'll see your creation live in front your eyes before you make the purchase!


Help me choose the right hat

      • I want the Flat Visor style: check out 9D4, 9D3, or 9D7P
      • I want the traditional Curved Visor style: check out 978S, 998F, 901F, or 498F.
      • I want a wool hat like the Major Leaguers have: check out 901F
      • I want a hat that breathes and doesn't show sweat lines: check out 9D4, 9D39D7P978S978F, or 998F

Happy hat making! For more information about the manufacturer, click here. Note: Custom hats take 3 weeks to build and ship. Minimum 12 per custom hat order.