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Companies and teams can both appreciate the many design options that are available for custom logo socks. High-quality socks with clearly visible logos can be a great way to promote a business or display team affiliation. Find out more about the features of 10 of the top designs that can accommodate knitted or printed logos and learn how to specify where logos appear on socks.

Champion Logo

The Champion Logo Sock (LPCM1) is a performance knee-high sock made of a polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex blend and available in nearly 30 colors. Upload a logo to be knitted on each sock. There is a 24-pair minimum order with at least 12 pairs of each selected size.

Downtown Logo

The Downtown Logo (LDTWN) sock is a stylish design featuring a choice of shades for the bottom and diamond color in addition to the upper dots, foot and lower dots. Upload a logo to be knitted on each premium sock that has arch compression, a cushioned foot, and ProDRI antimicrobial properties.

Plaid Logo

Order plaid custom socks with logo to stand out in any athletic or professional setting. The Plaid Logo (LPLAI) design offers a choice of bottom, heel, toe, wide stripe and thick stripe colors. Order a minimum of two dozen pairs with at least a dozen socks of each specified size.

Frequency Logo

Give off good vibrations with the Frequency Logo (LFRCY) sock. Customize the bottom, foot and heel colors of this crew sock and upload a logo. Specify the logo location in the Instructions Box in the cart. Approve the digital mockup and custom socks should ship within two to three weeks.

Edge Logo

The Edge Logo (LEMPO) sock has an accent top and stripe. Select top, stripe and bottom colors from nearly 30 available shades. These socks can also display a logo. It may take anywhere from three to 10 days to create a digital mockup and two to three weeks to produce these high-performance custom socks.

Neutrino Custom Logo

Add knitted logos and text to the Nuetrino Custom Logo Sock. This 100% nylon stretch yarn sock is available in a choice of up to three colors. Customization options vary based on your choice of ankle, crew, quarter or knee-high length, with options for brim and toe text, front text or logo.

Event Custom Logo


Display a logo with the Event Logo Custom Sock. Choose from ankle, quarter, crew or knee-high socks in up to three color choices out of more than 20 shades of nylon stretch yarn. Knit text or a logo on the front or back of socks. Order at least a dozen socks of each selected size.

Brand Custom Logo Socks


Show off a brand logo or text on the Brand Logo Custom Sock. This performance sock is available in four lengths. Ankle socks offer up to three custom color choices, and longer socks have room for a logo. Logos or text may be printed around the brim of these socks.

Performance Quarter Logo


The Performance Quarter Logo Sock (LUGQ1) is a quarter-length sock that is longer than an ankle sock and shorter than a crew sock. Customize the bottom and heel color of these socks and upload a logo. Performance Quarter socks are made of a blend of polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex.

Diamond Custom With Logo


It is hard to beat Diamond Custom WIth Logo (LDIAM) socks for classy, customizable style. These blended material high-performance crew socks offer a choice of colors for the body and primary diamond pattern and the diamond second color in addition to the accent stripe, outline, heel and toe.

The leading logo sock designs feature premium materials and customization options. Some styles make it possible to select a bottom color and colors for design features. Specify the sizes you need in the breakdown fields on the design page or in the Instructions Box in the cart interface. Be sure to check the minimum quantity per size and total minimum order requirements for each style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize socks with a logo?

Select an image in an approved file format to upload a logo to a sock design. You can provide instructions regarding logo size or placement in the Instruction Box shown on the cart page. Many logo socks have a minimum of 12 socks per size or 24 pairs per order.

What materials do custom socks contain?

Some custom socks are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn. Other socks are made of a blend of polypropylene, nylon, elastic and Spandex. Check to see the materials specified for any sock design. Most custom socks feature embedded antimicrobial technology. Socks may either feature knitted or dye sublimated printed designs.

How are logos presented on custom socks?

Custom socks often feature a logo on the front in positions ranging from above the ankle to below the knee, based on length. Printed socks may display a repeating logo pattern on the custom designed portion of the sock. Logo socks range from ankle-length up to quarter, crew or knee-high.

Can I get custom photo socks?

Printed socks are not limited in terms of resolution and can display a photo. Upload a picture and place an order that meets or exceeds the minimum quantity for a style, which may be 12 pairs per size. Custom socks should ship within two to three weeks of mockup approval.

What is the order minimum for logo socks?

Many logo socks have a minimum of 12 pairs per size. Some logo socks have a minimum order quantity of 24 pairs. When placing a larger order, you may do a size distribution on the initial order page or specify a size breakdown in the Instruction Box in the cart.

It is easy to order custom logo socks when you have a large selection of styles from which to choose. Upload a logo or specify how you want a knitted or printed text to appear on socks. Once you approve a digital mockup, an order of custom socks with logos should ship within two to three weeks.