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Two-In-One / 2-n-1 Stirrup Sock IN-STOCK (R)


Product Description:

2-n-1 softball or baseball heel-toe (full)  sock with a knit-in stirrup and fully cushioned foot. This sock comes with white body and your choice of stirrup-stripe color. 

*This item is in-stock and should ship same or next day.

**Pink is available upon request!

Sock Design:

  • Fully Cushioned Foot
  • Double Welt Top
  • Smooth Toe Seam


  • 58% Cotton
  • 25% Acrylic
  • 11% Nylon
  • 9% Elastic

Care Instructions:

  • SOCKS ROCK products are best preserved when machine washed and dried on low heat.
  • Launder inside out to prevent pilling and fuzzing.

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