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Baseball Stirrup - Ranger (PATTERN E) SHIPS FAST!

$8.99 to $9.99 per pair
(Minimum order is 6 pair)

Product Description:

*This item is usually in-stock; however, they can take up to seven to ten business days (7-10) to knit.

These only come in LARGE with a 7" cut. This pattern comes in the one color theme shown. There is a minimum of six (6) pair, and cannot be mixed/matched with any other product.

*Because there is no foot on this product, we recommend ordering the following sizes, rather than using a shoe/sock size chart for our full-footed socks:

Ages 16+, or Jr. Varsity and Varsity: Large (Stirrup measures approx. 19", laying flat)


  • Our lightweight 100% nylon stretch yarn provides exceptional moisture-wicking, compression, and cushioning throughout our socks.

Optional Sanitary Sock Design & Materials:

  • Tube Construction
  • Double Welt Top
  • Smooth Toe Seam
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Elastic

Care Instructions:

SOCKSROCK products are best preserved when machine washed and dried on low heat. Do not use bleach. Launder inside out to prevent pilling and fuzzing. If possible, lay flat to dry to maximize the life of your socks.

Customer Reviews:


Ages 6-11 years: Small (Stirrup measures approx. 14"/15", laying flat)

Ages 12-15 years: Medium (Stirrup measures approx. 17", laying flat)

Ages 16+, or Jr. Varsity and Varsity: Large (Stirrup measures approx. 19", laying flat)

X-LARGE, Available for an additional $1.00: Adults (21"long)

6 minimum quantity required per size
Shipping Costs:

  • UPS Ground: $20
  • UPS 2 day Express: $50
  • PR, HI, AL: $50 to $70
  • Canada/Mexico: $50
  • International: Varies