Why did knee-high socks become so iconic? October 08 2019, 0 Comments

How long have knee high socks been around?

If you include foot wraps, knee high socks have been around since the ancient Romans and their wraps worn under sandals in colder climes. “Hose” worn with kilts and wool socks worn with lederhosen (in the 20th century anyway, original lederhosen socks were in two parts) are also famous fashion images, not to mention the hose worn by the Founding Fathers in all those paintings.

But probably the most iconic images of knee high socks come from the 1960s during the age of the miniskirt. If kids weren’t wearing gogo boots with their miniskirts, then chances were good they were wearing knee high socks. One carryover from that time is the schoolgirl uniform, notable in modern Japan, as well as the traditional Catholic school uniform (which is now dated). But knee high socks weren’t just for fashion.

Protect the legs

Many sports uniforms use knee highs for their athletic socks. Volleyball, soccer, and football, in particular, have high socks to guard against slides across the court or turf. Knee high socks are useful for supporting shin guards in soccer especially. Good quality athletic socks will offer cushioning, moisture-wicking fabrics, as well as compression stitching for arch and ankle support.

Why Stop There?

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