What You Need to Know About Baseball Pants March 27 2018, 0 Comments

If you love playing baseball, then you know how important it is to choose appropriate baseball pants. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, the thick material protects the legs and knees when you slide into base. Baseball pants are made to withstand that pressure without tearing, staining or ripping. Baseball belts are made to keep them in place so they don’t slide off. These either have to be bought separately or come pre-built. 
In fact, you may have to buy a baseball belt with the pants you get since most come with large loops to accommodate thicker baseball belts. Some might even come with a belt of their own. 
Since the game’s origins, this part of the uniform has undergone a number of changes to ensure players remained comfortable during play. This includes both baseball pants and socks When you wish to buy a pair, keep the following requirements in mind: 
Sliding or diving into home plate can do a number on your legs. Good baseball pants come with reinforced fabric on the knees and rear to minimize damage. The fabric is thick enough to reduce the impact as well as general wear and tear which makes the pants last longer. 
The Hem
There are 2 types of hems you can choose from i.e. open and closed. The latter is made from a stretchable material so these are good for you if you prefer to maintain a certain length. The popular style falls just below the knees which is possible with this style. The open style sits right on the cleats which makes it perfect for the casual player. You can roll the hem if the pants are too long. 

Types of baseball pants

The following are common types of baseball pants you can get as per your play style: 
Pinstriped–As the name implies, these pants feature a striped design that runs from the waist straight down to the hem. 
Solid – These pants do not have stripes and boast a clean look. These are popular with most players since they can be paired with any colored jersey. 
Piped – These pants have a single stripe running on both sides and is basically a mix of the first two styles. These can also be worn with almost any jersey style and are available in a range of colors. 
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