Tips on Choosing and Swinging a Baseball Bat like a Pro March 23 2018, 0 Comments




The baseball bat should be part of your body. At least that’s what the pros say. Asking little leaguers to do that is asking for the impossible – they are too young to understand and too excited about their baseball team logo socks to care!


All is not lost though. The following are some basic bat swinging techniques that can help them without straining them:


Choose the right bat


Kids are small so it stands to reason that they will need small bats to play with. A good rule of thumb during the selection process is to go with the lightest little league one you can find. The one you choose should follow local league regulations and then work your way up.


If you are doubtful about the bats, do the arm test. Ask one of your young players to hold the bat on extended arms parallel to the ground. The child should be able to hold that stance for a minute if the bat isn’t heavy for them and the right size.


The lighter the bat, the lighter the number and the easier it is to swing. If you choose composite bats, check with your local league and ask if they can be used. Many leagues do not allow it or baseball team logo socks.


Get a good grip

If your batters are right handed, they should grip the bat in a way that their left hand comes below the right one. It should not be too tight though and the knuckles should be aligned on the bat. Holding it a bit higher will give them extra leverage as well.


Switch the hand position for little leaguers who are lefties.


Get into the Rhythm


Before striking the ball, the players need to be in a relaxed state of mind and body. The best sportsmen do this to ensure they perform when it counts and your little leaguers will benefit too. Those baseball team logo socks will help too, but stance is also important.


Once the player gets into the stance, encourage them to maintain slight movements of the hands and legs to maintain momentum. This will prevent them from getting stiff when they swing.


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