The Debate of High Socks vs. Stirrup Socks May 02 2018, 0 Comments

Considering all of the fashion debates that have been going on in the world of baseball, over the years, the matter of high socks and stirrups has been going on for far too long. Here’s an account of the aspects that the debate comprises of:


High Socks and Stirrups vs. Low Cuffs

When you speak of high socks vs. low cuffs, it is nothing short of a fact that it is one of the most heated debates in the world of baseball. Traditionalists argue for the socks or the 12 inch cut baseball stirrups to be pulled up high, but some of the modern fans think that it contributes to an outdated look. What they argue is that the baggy pants should be pulled over to the shoes.

If you think about it, however, putting the 12 inches cut baseball stirrups up will not only make the players look more fashionable, owing to how it will allow unique colors to gleam in the afternoon, but it will make the game of baseball more trendy as well.


Stirrup Socks vs. High Socks

Players who choose to roll up the cuffs of their pants need to decide whether they will be putting on single-color tube socks or the 7 inches baseball stirrups. The solid block of color, which the high socks grant, is certainly classy, with the simplicity that the design comes with.

However, when it comes to maintaining tradition and the sanctity of the amazing sport of baseball, there are few things that are more important than the baseball stirrups. Regardless of how classy the color of your high socks might be, the truth is that it will not be able to match the allure of a low-cut stirrup sock, providing a peek at the sanitary sock underneath. This makes for not only a more professional look for the players but also ensures that they look at their absolute best, at least to the traditionalists in love with the roots of the game.

When you take it all into perspective, the fact that stirrups are the preferred choice in baseball even today should not come as a surprise. Bearing that in mind, SOCKS ROCK has made sure that it has got all that you are looking for. From the 12 inch cut baseball stirrup to the 7 inch cut baseball stirrup, at SOCKS ROCK you can expect to find everything that you need!