Socks Rock Allows You to Build Your Own Stirrup and Socks October 12 2017, 0 Comments

Baseball stirrups and socks are one of the most important accessories that players need during their game. One common issue that  players used to complain about was that there wasn’t a lot of variety available in the market. Sock Rock recognized the importance of customized stirrups and came up with the option to build your own stirrup and socks. 

Build Your Own Baseball Stirrups 

If you take a look back through history, you will see the evolution of baseball socks over the course of time. Stirrups are not only a fashion accessory but are also needed to keep the sanitary socks in place, to keep the players comfortable and maximize their performance during the game.  

Finding Your Length  

Since the baseball stirrups are available in a number of different cuts and styles, it is important that you pick one according to your liking. Here are some of the lengths that Sock Rock offers: 

  • 5-Inch Cut - If you want a traditional look, this is what you should be aiming for as it will show a little bit of the sock.  
  • 7-Inch Cut - If you want to show your stirrups, get the 7-inch cut as that will show your calves as well as the sanitary socks.  
  • 9- Inch cut - The 9-inch cut exposes the socks all the way up to the shin and looks great on people that opt for customized socks.  


Socks Rock offers premium quality stirrups and socks at a great price. Their products are made with 100% nylon, which means that they are light in weight, durable, as well as abrasion resistant. Since they have a tube construction, the socks offer maximum protection to the players. If you want a great fit, you can opt for stirrups that are made with 95% polyester and 5% elastic. 

Build Your Own Socks 

Socks offered by Socks Rock are an absolute necessity for all sportsmen as they protect the feet from injuries and scratches and keep the players comfortable so that they give their full attention to the game. 


It is very easy to place an order with Socks Rock. Visit the website, browse through the wide range of socks available, pick the style you like the best, place an order, and then wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.  

Socks Made With the Latest Technology  

  • Our socks are made with Antimicrobial Technology and are infused with Alphasan antimicrobials that keeps away foot odor.  
  • ProDRI Technology helps in keeping feet dry and prevents foot injuries.  
  • Optimum Compression and Comfort Technology provides maximum comfort and support to the player and prevents foot fatigue.