Learning to Wear Baseball Stirrups April 11 2018, 1 Comment


Baseball stirrups are socks that are worn by baseball players. In the 1990s, players began to wear their pants down to the ankles and that game birth to a new trend that gained popularity all over the world. One of the reasons why stirrup socks are such an important part of the uniform is that they give the players a distinctive look. Back in the days, a high sock was needed because the players used to wear knickers. The stirrups became a team identity symbol as they used to display a team’s stripes, logos, as well as colors.

Stirrup socks are basically worn on top of long socks that are known as sanitaries that are white. Back when the trend started, it was thought that colored socks caused blood poisoning, so an additional sock was introduced to stop that. Over the course of years, the stirrup loop got a bit longer and started to expose the white undersock that gave the look, which you get to see again. These days, some of the players prefer to wear full pants, so the stirrups are not that common now. This makes the players wonder how one is supposed to wear baseball stirrup socks. If you are new to baseball and don’t know how to wear stirrups, you have come to the right place because the article will teach you just that. Read on.

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How to Wear Stirrup Socks

  • The first thing that you need to do is see the length of pant. The reason is that if your baseball pants are cuffed at the ankles, there is no use to wear the stirrups, because only one or two inches of it will be exposed. Stirrups are more suitable for people who wear pants that are cuffed at the knees. If you want to opt for a traditional look, you can wear the pants on your upper shin.
  • Once you are done with that, wear a pair of white socks over the calf because that way you won’t be showing any skin. Make sure that the socks are new so that they are elastic in nature and won’t sag.
  • The next step is to wear the stirrups over the socks. They are colored and cover the lower leg with a skinny loop that goes around the foot. Make sure that the loop is aligned. Two things determine how high you will wear your stirrups and they are: the length of your pants, and your personal preference. Some of the players only want the narrow part of the loop to be visible between the shoes and cuffs, whereas others want the sleeves to show as well. Whichever way you opt for, the stirrups should be pulled under the pants.
  • The last step is to check if the stirrups are gripping your limb because if it’s not, then that can be a safety issue and can cause a player to trip and fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order stirrups?

Choose your favorite baseball stirrups. Select color options for each part of the sock in addition to the main stirrup color. Cut lengths may vary across baseball stirrup styles, but are often four and seven inches. Stirrups come in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes with a 12-pair minimum order.

What are sanitary socks?

Sanitaries are plain socks worn under stirrups. When players first determined how to wear stirrups, prolonged skin contact with colored dye was believed to cause health complications. Today, sanitaries come in many colors. Wearing socks with a full foot can make wearing stirrups, which fit under the foot, more comfortable.

How do I put on sanitaries and baseball stirrups?

Trying stirrups on is the best way to learn how to wear baseball stirrups. Roll pants up to the knees and put on sanitaries like socks. Check the front and back of the design and put on stirrups over sanitaries. Size sanitaries and stirrups to stay in place without sagging.

What makes stirrups stay up?

Stirrups have a tube construction with a strap under the foot and elastic at the top. A wearer’s choice of knickers or pants and the use of sanitaries may also affect the quality of the fit. It is important to order the right stirrup size for the most comfortable wear.

How should I wash and dry stirrups?

Baseball stirrups and socks can be machine-washed without bleach. Turning footwear inside out prior to laundering can prevent sanitaries and stirrups from forming fuzz or pilling. For the longest life, lay pairs of stirrups and socks flat and allow to air dry or machine dry inside out on low heat.