Holiday Gifts: Something Warm and Cozy November 04 2020, 0 Comments

Socks have been holiday mainstays for generations. It’s hard to beat the coziness and warmth that the gift of a good pair of socks provides. Gift givers can now design personalized socks with either embroidered or printed designs. Whether you prefer footwear that has knitted or dye-sublimated printed designs, the socks you give as gifts can help recipients stay warm throughout the winter.

Socks Make Perfect Presents

Socks are affordable presents that can last for a long time. Recipients are reminded of the people who have given them footwear each time they slip on a pair of socks. Eye-catching designs may also draw attention and compliments when customized socks are visibly worn.

People will often buy socks when necessary, but may not be as likely to invest in high-quality socks that have custom designs for themselves. Whether you are shopping for presents for one or more individuals on a gift list or a coach or supporter is seeking something special for every member of a team, customized socks are an ideal opportunity to invest in the comfort of recipients around the holidays and throughout the year.

Design Personalized Socks as Gifts

Gift givers have many options to choose from when placing an order for custom socks. Start by choosing a base design and length for socks. Some socks may also offer options for customizing the color, logo or text that appear on the front, back, bridge and toe of socks. Color choices may be available for each portion of a sock. Customize socks in a recipient’s favorite shades or design socks that feature the colors of any brand or team.

In addition to the height and available colors of socks, you will also need to choose whether you would prefer to order a custom knitted or printed design. Embroidered custom sock designs are more conventional. Designs are knitted out of different shades of the same nylon stretch yarn as the rest of the sock. Printed socks are dye sublimated to display clearer, higher resolution images and patterns. Printed socks may also be smoother and less likely to rub or unravel than embroidered designs.

Customize Socks for a Team

Socks in specific colors tend to be part of uniforms worn by teams. For this reason, boosters, coaches and other stakeholders may want to invest in socks for team gifts. A sock order can include any quantity of socks of any size, from extra small all the way up to extra large. Regardless of when the season or off-season of a sport falls, team members can all appreciate the gift of matching socks.

Socks have a well-deserved reputation for being useful presents, but this gift is not typically considered to be exciting. Gifting personalized socks is more likely to delight and surprise recipients. High-quality socks made with long-lasting, custom knitted or dye-sublimated printed designs will look great in a gift box, on the first wear and for months to come. The next holiday season can be an ideal opportunity for gift givers to renew recipients’ supplies of customized warm and cozy socks.