Custom Baseball Socks Make your Team Look Good April 30 2020, 0 Comments

A Homerun When Outfitting Your Team

It’s easy to forget how important getting the right sock is when assembling your team uniform. No matter the sport thought must be given to a well-designed sock that combines comfort, cushion, and support for the player. But there must be some thought to how the sock looks, especially for baseball with its unique stirrup sock. Socks Rock has baseball socks that come in 40 different colors with up to three color combinations depending on your choice of stripe design. You get plenty to match to your team uniform.

Choosing Your Sock Design

When selecting your team’s baseball socks, your first thought will probably be should you go with the traditional stirrup sock or a single layer sock. Fortunately, Socks Rock offers custom stirrup socks for your uniform needs. A four-ply solid color thick stirrup can be embroidered with your team logo on the front, back, or outside ankles. Your choice of cut in 4”/5”, 7”, or 9”, and three sizes: small, medium, and large. Or you can select solid, one, two, or three stripe combinations; over two dozen possible.

With the 2-in-1 stirrup sock design, the stirrup is knit into the sock eliminating the sanitary undersock. A wide variety of striping is offered when you design your custom baseball socks, with two or three stripe combinations on either solid or stirrup styles. And of course, Socks Rock offers sports socks of a more modern style with many varieties that can incorporate your team logo and even text, with lengths ranging from ankle to knee-high. 

Don’t forget Socks Rock baseball socks have moisture-wicking technology to keep your players’ feet dry, and antimicrobials to control odor. A smooth toe seam provides comfort, and compression zones support the ankle and heel.  Looks aren’t everything, and Socks Rock builds socks that protect your players’ feet as well!

Let Socks Rock help you design the best, and best looking, sock for your team uniform today.