Best Socks for Sweaty Feet June 22 2020, 0 Comments

While many people deal with sweaty feet, especially after a long, strenuous workout, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to walk around with moist or smelly feet. While genetics are sometimes the cause of excessive feet sweating, your choice of socks also can be part of the problem. The right material can significantly limit how much sweat accumulates on your feet, and there are several features to look for that can help keep your feet fresh even after hours of wear. Read this guide to learn tips on how to battle foot sweat and what types of custom socks to purchase.


Common Causes of Sweaty Feet and Odors

If you’ve been met by an unpleasant smell after taking off your shoes, then you are already aware of the unique, pungent smell that feet are capable of producing. While it’s true that sweat has a role to play in this, it’s actually the combination of sweat with bacteria that causes this smell. In fact, sweat on its own doesn’t have a smell. One common cause of foot odors is athlete’s foot. This condition is caused by foot fungus that grows on the foot and often results from wearing socks and shoes that remain humid for extended periods of time. Additionally, sweaty socks caused by stress are often more odorous than perspiration that forms due to strenuous activity.

Sock Materials To Avoid With Sweaty Feet



When buying socks for athletic purposes or if you experience sweaty feet on a regular basis, there are several types of materials you want to avoid as they can actually increase how much you sweat and make odors worse.


You may be surprised to learn that cotton socks are one of the main culprits of sweaty feet. However, most of the socks you encounter in the store are made from 100% cotton. While this material is very affordable and comfortable for lounging around the house, they are not ideal for athletic purposes. Cotton socks are very absorbent and quickly become damp if your feet sweat. This can lead to lingering odors and cause blisters to form.

Some Synthetic Fabrics

While there are some new types of synthetic fibers designed specifically to help repel sweat, more traditional types of synthetic fabrics do not allow moisture to escape. You’ll want to steer clear of socks made from polyester, nylon, or plastic as these materials can make your feet hotter and will trap sweat in your socks.

Best Anti-Sweat Materials for Custom Socks

The best socks for preventing excess moisture and foul smells should be made out of breathable materials that help wick moisture away and rid of bacteria that cause odors. There are several materials that can help keep your feet fresh and dry even after heavy activity:

Merino Wool

If you’re looking for a natural fiber sock that is packed full of benefits, merino wool naturally wicks moistures away and repels odors. It is also incredibly breathable and soft to the touch. You can wear this material in the summer or the winter, as the wool also provides lightweight insulation in cold weather without causing your feet to sweat. Best of all, this material is very durable and can withstand heavy use outdoors. If you happen to get your feet wet, it dries very quickly and retains its shape.

Copper-Infused Fibers

While you may have never before considered choosing a metal fabric for your feet, fibers infused with copper have great anti-microbial properties. This helps provide protection against bacterial infections and keeps odors at bay. Additionally, this material is often used in compression socks as copper is thought to have anti-inflammatory benefits.


Socks made from bamboo are desired for their incredible softness, and they are also an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, this material is naturally resistant to odor-causing bacteria and is more absorbent than cotton, keeping your feet dry even if they sweat.


While traditional polyester fibers do little to combat foot sweat, Coolmax is a special type of polyester fabric that is both breathable and moisture-wicking. This material was specially designed to prevent odors and keep feet dry, and it can be combined with other materials to increase comfort or warmth.


Another type of synthetic fiber, Olefin is the name given to polypropylene fabric. It is a product made from the gas propylene that has a production process that has a comparably low impact on the environment. It has many notable benefits. For instance, it is hydrophobic and moisture-wicking, keeping both sweat and water away from your feet. It is incredibly durable and easy to clean. Olefin is very comfortable to wear and is not treated by any chemicals, despite it being a synthetic material.

There’s no need to deal with sweaty, smelly feet as long as you purchase socks made from the right materials. Shop custom socks at Socks Rock, which are made from an antimicrobial yarn ideal for athletic use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best socks for me?

Great socks are made of moisture-wicking materials that keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. The right socks will also offer custom designs and colors to match your team or company colors, ensuring that you look your best while also staying comfortable. Look for fabrics such as merino wool, CoolMax and olefin when shopping for the best socks.

Where can I buy custom socks?

SocksRock is an online retailer offering customized socks for any sports team or company. Simply choose your colors and add your logo; SocksRock will take care of the rest! With multiple sizes and styles to choose from as well as premium materials to keep your feet comfortable, SocksRock is the place to go for all of your custom sock needs.

Can you customize socks?

Yes, SocksRock is able to provide customized socks for your team or company. Our socks offer a range of style and color options, and adding your logo is easy. Our products are made from high-quality materials to ensure superior comfort and performance during any activity. You are sure to find the right options when shopping at SocksRock.

Why are my socks always wet?

OurWetness can be caused by sweaty feet in socks that do not provide adequate moisture management. SocksRock products are made from premium materials to ensure cool comfort for your feet all day long. Moisture-wicking materials offered can include bamboo, copper-infused fabrics, merino wool and CoolMax. Check out our lineup to find the right socks for you today!

What are the best socks for sweaty feet?

To avoid sweaty socks, your feet need socks that are up for the challenge with moisture-wicking materials such as CoolMax, merino wool, olefin, bamboo and copper-infused fabrics. Our socks help keep your feet dry and fresh during the toughest activities. Our combination of superior fabrics and custom colors and logos will keep you feeling and looking your best.