Are Knee High Socks Cute With Short Shorts? September 26 2019, 0 Comments

Why Short Shorts and Tall Socks?

Women’s volleyball uniforms are known for their short shorts. It can be practical to wear knee high socks with those shorts, to protect the lower leg from dives and give the knee pads something to grip. Volleyball socks range in height from ankle to knee high. A good tall sock can stay up with all the leg work involved in playing the game. Play style is a major factor in a team choosing a sock type.

How Do They Look?

Oddly enough, knee high socks with short shorts can add length to the appearance of the leg. This will have the effect of making the player look taller overall. With some of the leg showing in the thighs, an athletic look is still maintained. All this combines for a good look. And good volleyball socks with knee pads will give the legs and feet the support and protection they need on the court.

Don’t Forget To Customize!

Off course one benefit of knee high socks is when you customize your socks you will have plenty of surface to work with. Volleyball is no different from any other sport when it comes to Socksrock providing custom socks. Knitted socks and even heat sublimated printed socks are available in all lengths ranging from ankle to knee high. Your team’s volleyball socks will stand out with a full printed image running from shoe to knee pad! Don’t forget your team logo, mascot, motto as well as name can all be knit into your team’s Socksrock order.

Everyone wants to look good when they hit the court, and Socksrock will help your team do that, all while combining the practicality of a pair of quality designed, well built socks for your players’ feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Knee High Socks Still Fashionable?

Yes, these socks are stylish and versatile, which is why they’ve been a mainstay for generations. For everything from completing athletic uniforms to simply finding a pair of socks long enough to fill your favorite boots, knee socks can be your go-to choice for style and comfort, on and off the court.

How Long Should Volleyball Socks Be?

Socks paired with volleyball uniforms come in styles ranging from ankle to knee length. Whichever length you choose, make the decision based on both form and function.  Shorter styles make legs look shapelier and accentuate a toned athletic physique, while longer socks better protect the skin during those low digs to prevent a point.

What Sizes Do Womens Knee High Socks Come In?

The last thing female athletes need to be doing during a match is stopping to pull up ill-fitting socks. That’s why Socks Rock offers five sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large to properly outfit your entire team. These American-made products are manufactured with quality materials for the most consistent fit and performance.

Are Knee High Socks Customizable?

Customization is simple and convenient. With so many ways to make these socks unique with your logo or team name, you can cover your team’s feet in style, making everyone look awesome while they perform their greatest feats.

How Durable Are These Socks?

Socks Rock products are designed and manufactured by people who know what athletes expect from their apparel, and that’s why these socks are constructed using only the best materials. These knee high socks are not just for looking good; they’re meant for peak performance every time — just like people who wear them.

Explore the range of customizable athletic socks at Socks Rock.