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Softball Socks and Youth Socks available in Stock - Ships Fast!

Have you joined a softball team recently? Most probably, you are excited to make an impression when you hit the softball field. Since you will be the center of attention at the softball game, you need to focus on what you will be wearing. One crucial part of your attire is your socks. You want to be at ease on the field, not fidgety because your feet are sweating profusely due to the socks’ lack of ability to soak up the moisture and leave your feet feeling dry.

Bring Your “A” Game to the Field by Giving Your Feet the Royal Treatment with Socks Rock

Socks Rock’s collection of stirrup baseball socks and stirrup softball socks will amaze you. Our collection of socks includes tube socks with stripes, softball socks youth, old school tube socks, and more! From head to toe, you need to feel at ease. By wearing socks that do not offer you proper protection, you increase your chances of developing blisters.

If those blisters become infected, you may not be able to play the game you love, until your blisters heal and the infection disappears. You want to wear stirrup baseball socks and stirrup softball socks that offer your feet a protective shield from sweat and moisture during the game. If you fail to wear high quality socks and stirrups, your performance on the field may decrease due to the discomfort caused by the stirrups.

Socks Rock Offers High Quality Stirrups Socks for Sale

Socks Rock has a reputation for offering its customers with amazing sales. Right now, we have several different types and styles of stirrup socks for sale. What kinds of softball and baseball stirrups can you purchase from us? We have several different types of socks on sale and in stock. Some of the socks and stirrups you will find on sale include tube socks with stripes, softball socks youth, stirrup baseball socks, crazy softball socks, and purple softball socks.

Our socks and stirrups are available in an assortment of different colors, cuts, and sizes. To manufacture our products, we have used 100% polyester to provide softball players maximum comfort when throwing a pitch or batting.

Why Stop at Just Socks, Have a Look at Our Accessories As Well!

Apart from tube socks with stripes, softball socks youth, and stirrup baseball and softball socks, we offer an incredible number of different accessories. We offer elastic and leather baseball belts. You can choose the type of belt you want to wear based on your personal style choice. Another wonderful option we offer to players is the ability to customize our socks and stirrups with logos and colors. Do not settle for just any stirrup, but settle for stirrup that you can truly make your own.

What Type of Stirrup Will You Choose?

You can choose from different patterns. You can choose a FeatherEdge Pattern “D,” a Triple Stripe Pattern “B,” a Ranger Pattern “E.” No matter what type of pattern you choose, you will be pleased to know that all our socks and stirrups are made using top quality fabric know for their quick drying action and resistance to shrinkage, fading, and wrinkling to increase resilience. With our products, you can forget about developing hot spots and blisters and just focus on winning the game!

Order Socks Rock’s Socks Today!

Start by selecting the type of stirrup you want, pick the different colors you want each stripe on the socks to be, specify the cut and length, and place your order. You can order in bulk or you can order a pair for yourself. Since our inception, we have sold several socks over the years and have received a great response.

We know that when you purchase Socks Rock’s socks and stirrups, you will be satisfied with your purchase. We believe in helping you look stylish on and off the field when you are standing and waiting for your turn to hit the field. Place your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order softball socks in youth sizes?

Extra small and small youth softball socks fit sizes 5Y to 12Y. These sizes also fit men’s sizes up to 4 and women’s sizes up to 5. Socks may appear larger prior to washing. Stretch yarn made of 100% nylon provides a comfortable fit with a cushioned heel and toe.

What are some custom softball socks options?

The colors, patterns and lengths of socks for softball can be customized. Choose from over 35 colors of 100% nylon stretch yarn for stripes, logos and text. Complicated designs can be custom printed on dye-sublimated socks. Stirrups in your choice of color and design are also available for softball players.

How do I wear stirrups?

Stirrups are typically worn with sanitaries. Put this sock layer on first and then insert your toes through the smaller hole of the stirrup. The strap fits under the arch of the foot. The larger back strap fits the heel and ankle. Pull stirrups up to just below knee level.

Should I wear softball socks over pants?

The way socks are worn depends on pants length. Knickers are designed to be worn with high socks. Roll longer pants up to knees to display socks or stirrups. Get a neat fold by lifting pant ends to knees, dropping the waist and rolling each leg from the inside out.

How long are softball socks?

Boys and girls softball socks are available in ankle, quarter, crew and knee high lengths. Custom design options and prices vary depending on sock length. Knee high socks and stirrups are commonly worn as part of softball team uniforms. The length of pants may make a shorter sock style preferable.